Hamefura Season 2 Episode 7: Top 9 Weirdest Dreams

By: Ken Pueyo Sep 12, 2022
Hamefura Season 2 Episode 7 is already airing and it showed the dreams and wishes of our favorite characters. For this episode review, let's do it a bit
Hamefura Season 2 Episode 7: Top 9 Weirdest Dreams

Hamefura Season 2 Episode 7 is already airing and it showed the dreams and wishes of our favorite characters. For this episode review, let’s do it a bit differently. Instead of summarizing the episode and put my thoughts into it, I’ll rank everyone’s dreams and desires. Moreover, I will sort them based on how weird their wishes are. So without further ado, here are the top 8 weirdest dreams of the characters from the series:

9. Raphael’s Ideal Work Environment

At the start of the episode, Raphael explained that the employees from his department have been sleeplessly working hard. So it’s no question why he dreamed of an ideal environment where everyone gets their work done and at the same time gets plenty of rest. It just shows that Raphael truly cares for his co-workers.

8. Lazy Katarina

If Katarina would dream of anything, of course, it will have something to do with food and being lazy. Surprisingly though, her dream isn’t that unusual. Being in bed all day, doing nothing with chips and sweets right beside us is everyone’s desire at some point in our lives.

7. Geordo of the High Seas

A person with high status can sometimes be quite stressed. Especially, when you belong to the highest social status. Geordo’s dream is to be free from that high-profile life. Katarina is also part of his dreams and he wants to travel around the world with her.

6. Alan Spreads His Wings

This is the part of the list where dreams become weird. Just like his brother Geordo’s dream of freedom, Alan also wants to be free. He dreams to soar the sky and see the world from above. He wants to sing beautiful melodies and kiss the one he loves. Oh, did I mention that he’s a bird in his dreams all this time?

5. Nicol Nicol Nyan

Continuing the dreams of becoming an animal, Nicol also wishes to become one. At first, he wasn’t sure what animal it would be but for some reason, he wished to become a cat. Despite being a cat, he maintains his charming expressions. How I wish we could hear more of Matsuoka (Nicol’s VA) being a cat because his nyan is the best line in the entire series.

4. Sofia the First Fairy

As expected for Sofia to become something magical. As a writer herself, she has a wild imagination, and her being a fairy is nothing surprising. What’s weird is that she appears in front of Katarina as a fairy out of nowhere. They even share the same pillow together while they sleep at night.

Sofia Ascart Fairy

3. Into the Waiting Arms of Prince Mary

We all know how Mary loves Katarina. Even Mary’s voice actress adores Katarina’s voice actress so much. Therefore, Mary dreaming of Katarina falling into her arms is not unexpected. Her dream was weird because of how specific it was about how Katarina fell for her and it has something to do with Geordo. Perhaps, Mary’s dream after all is to make Geordo jealous because this is how she felt from him. This may be the result of Geordo’s moves on Katarina from the previous episodes.

Mary and Katarina

2. Buffed Maria

Probably the most shocking and completely unexpected dream of all. Maria dreams to be bulging with muscles. Although her reason for being buffed is not to beat up Katarina’s harem and claim Katarina for her own (that would be pretty cool), it is, however, to make a lot of sweets. How sweet and innocent her intentions may be, you clearly don’t want to mess with Maria in her dreams. She also reminds me of Anime Corner’s very own buffed Lune.

1. My Next Life as a Villain: All Routes Lead to Doom! X

So far we have seen the expected and unexpected dreams. We have witnessed some of the characters turn into animals. Others just showed what they truly feel and who they really are from their dreams. But, can you imagine that all the characters that had their dreams unveiled have their gender-swapped? Well, you can stop imagining now because Keith’s dream is exactly like that. Your waifus became husbandos and your husbandos became waifus. Clearly, there’s no dream weirder and funnier than that.

My Next Life as a Villain

Which dream was your favorite? You can watch Hamefura Season 2 Episode 7 in Crunchyroll to get to know more about the dreams of the characters.

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