Yuko's school slaughter is continued in Chainsaw Man's most recent chapter. Denji is nearby, so this presents an opportunity for him to step in as Chainsaw Man, and in typical Denji form, he arrives just as Yuko is ready to murder a female student. While the identity of the new character from Chapter 108 is still unknown, Denji's identity disclosure raises another issue. Denji joining the war as Chainsaw Man presents more issues than it does answers given the existing circumstances.

Yuko keeps trashing the school in Chapter 109 in the name of "justice." After slaying two Devil Hunters, she discovers a wounded Asa on the ground, and Yuko accuses a fellow student who is lurking in the corner of being responsible. Denji appears just as she is ready to kill the woman. He makes the impression that he doesn't want to share his true identity. But for Denji, this is the ideal opportunity to use his distinctive arsenal. Denji begins by cutting his opponent to the left and right, overpowering her. When Yuko tries to read Denji's mind, she is shocked to discover that all he is thinking about is how he may expose his identity in an unobtrusive way.


Denji Versus Yoru & Asa -- Or Not

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In this case, Denji transforming into Chainsaw Man at school poses some future issues. He stops Yuko from causing more damage, but appearing in front of Yoru spells trouble for him. From what readers have seen so far, Yoru's power is far from what it once was, however, Asa's sword proves to be quite formidable. If Yoru decides to fight Denji, Asa may not have a choice but to assist. Yoru has many weapons and traps lying around the school, as Yuko mentioned in Chapter 107. Additionally, if Yuko's death isn't explicitly confirmed yet, knowing Denji's identity can be an advantage. It wouldn't be unlikely for her to share this information with Asa. Although technically, Denji already told Asa that he's Chainsaw Man.

Based on the chapter's final page, the next chapter may explore a battle between the two young Devil Hybrids. Since Denji knows Asa, there's a possibility of the battle going in a different direction. Seeing "Asa" might catch him off guard, giving Yoru the upper hand. Alternatively, Asa could be surprised if Denji reveals his human self since she thought it was ridiculous for him to actually be Chainsaw Man. The two might even begin arguing in the middle of the confrontation. Another possible scenario is that they don't even get to fight at all because Denji is too distracted by Yoru/Asa being exposed.


Denji May Have Big Problems In The Future

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Additionally, Yoshida might show up to control the situation considering Chainsaw Man appeared in school. It will be troublesome for Yoshida if Denji's identity is leaked. In Chapter 104, he tells Denji that he won't hesitate to use force to stop him from revealing his secret. While the organization Yoshida works for remains unknown, it seems grave repercussions await him and Denji if the latter spills the beans. But unlike Yoshida, Denji has no qualms about broadcasting his identity.

A public reveal would be trouble for everyone around Denji except himself. He had no problem telling Asa, especially if it meant hyping up his reputation as Chainsaw Man. If Denji is exposed, he won't be able to enjoy his peaceful life anymore -- as Yoshida warned him before. It would be easier for enemies to hunt him down. Although, Denji wants his secret revealed for the sake of getting girls. If it happens, then Denji will be basking in his newfound popularity. But manga readers know that happiness is always temporary and fleeting in a story like Chainsaw Man -- yet they have no choice but to simply root for Denji's well-being.