Before Chainsaw Man's most recent break, Chapter 119's cliffhanger hinted to an altercation between Denji's War Devil-hosting date, Asa, and Nayuta, the young Control Devil reincarnate that Denji is raising. It's enough to state that the tension was rising significantly.

The Chainsaw Man manga's chapter 120 finally gives Nayuta a genuine introduction by describing her new bond with Denji and the special powers of the Control Devil. Like Makima before her, Nayuta is equally possessive of her guardian, and the young devil is already defending Denji from the schemes of another horseman.


The New Control Devil's Capabilities Are Teased by Chainsaw Man 120

Chainsaw Man 120: Denji Just Dodged a Major Bullet - But He Doesn’t Even Realize It_0

Before Asa arrived at Nayuta and Denji’s shared apartment for their planned date, the latter laid down some ground rules. The most important was to not make out with him in front of Nayuta, and Asa agreed because she had no intention of doing so anyway. Yoru had other plans, though; midway through the date, she unexpectedly pounced on Denji, attempting to distract him with a kiss so she could finally create the "Denji Spinal Cord Sword" and turn the Chainsaw Man protagonist into an unbeatable weapon. Unfortunately for the War Devil, Nayuta returned home at that very moment -- and wasted no time in meting out punishment.

Yoru's brain was altered by Nayuta to convince the War Demon that she was one of Nayuta's pets before Denji or Yoru could react. Yoru was then chained in Yoru's head. Denji is obviously upset with this development, but Nayuta claims that the reason for her action was just Yoru spitting on her property, which was clearly a reference to Denji. Nayuta's very next action belied how young she still is; she refused to transform Yoru back until Denji prepared her something to eat first, which was a scary display of control over another horseman devil.


The New Command of Chainsaw Man Satan Is Really Watching Over Denji

Chainsaw Man 120: Denji Just Dodged a Major Bullet - But He Doesn’t Even Realize It_1

Even after polishing off her meal, Nayuta still had some conditions that Denji needed to fulfill before turning Yoru/Asa back to normal. The first was another silly request to allow her to eat ice cream every day, which Denji reluctantly agreed to as long as he gets to eat some too. The second was more demanding; Nayuta asked Denji to stay away from Asa forever simply because she didn’t like the girl's scent. Incidentally, Nayuta’s sense of smell is quite reliable, especially when dealing with another horseman devil like Yoru. Makima had relied entirely on her sense of smell to tell people apart, so it’s possible trace memories of her estranged sister could have been passed on to Nayuta.

Nayuta brought up Denji's continued bad luck with women before stating her requests for sending Asa back. It turned out that every lady who had previously exhibited interest in him was just attracted to him because he was the Chainsaw Man and couldn't care less about Denji. As he was doing with Asa, he had previously narrowly escaped death by following his innocent heart, but this time Denji has a voice of reason to correct him.

Yoru and Denji's memories of that afternoon were deleted by Nayuta as part of the agreement for Denji to stay away from Asa, leading them to believe he had skipped their date. She had good reason to be wary of Asa, despite the fact that neither Denji nor Nayuta had any way of knowing for sure. Asa has true affections for Denji, but the War Demon that is in charge of her will use that as an excuse to focus more on him. Yoru intends to use her own Devil skills to transform Denji into a potent weapon by taking advantage of Asa's emotions. In truth, if Nayuta hadn't abruptly ended their date in Chapter 120, Yoru could have been successful.