Ceres Fauna’s Let Me Stay Here is a Bossa Nova Delight

By: Teddy Cambosa Sep 21, 2022
Ceres Fauna, the “Keeper of Nature” VTuber from Hololive English's Council generation, had recently released her first-ever original song titled “Let Me
Ceres Fauna’s Let Me Stay Here is a Bossa Nova Delight
Ceres Fauna Let Me Stay Here

Ceres Fauna, the “Keeper of Nature” VTuber from Hololive English’s Council generation, had recently released her first-ever original song titled “Let Me Stay Here”. The track was written by kidlit, while Shibayan composed and arranged the song’s melody. For those who aren’t aware, Shibayan was behind the music albums of Touhou Music, including the album “Toho Bossa Nova 2”. In that album was the track “Tiny Little Adiantum”, which gained popularity after a meme remix titled “Omae wa Mou” by deadman.

Listening to Fauna’s track on loop can be best summed up to an air of ear delight. Her calm voice mixed with Shibayan’s trademark bossa nova melody really work well together. The song allows the listener to picture themselves on a warm afternoon by the window side, tea on the table, and maybe your pet cats purring around (maybe Fauna’s Snail and Clover?).

I would say that Let Me Stay Here is the perfect start for Fauna’s original discography, as it reflects well her simple and calming nature. If you aren’t aware of Fauna’s aura during her streams, I suggest you visit one of her streams sometime. Her persona is the perfect mix of having motherly love as well as providing fans with calming intimacy. For instance, her ASMR streams are a treat for fans, since it provides them a space to properly relax and just enjoy being serenaded by Fauna’s voice and sweet personality.

That persona is perfectly mirrored in Fauna’s first-ever track. Let Me Stay Here tells a sweet story of an imaginary prince—well, at least imagining the sweet love within a dream. In her after-party stream, she noted that the highlight of the song was the imagination for the prince, and even quipped about imagining her cat Snail being the prince, although it didn’t make the cut.

As simple as the lyrics are, there is quite a thought-provoking meaning to it, a message of allowing our imagination to drift us away. Sometimes, when reality chokes us into paralyzation, we always tend to let our imagination take our minds away. The human mind tends to create a beautiful canvas of our ideal sceneries, and this is much reflective of the meaning of Let Me Stay Here. It’s an invitation for the mind-weary personas of today to at least enjoy their stay in the spaces and fantasies that they have built. It’s an invitation as well from Fauna, as having a motherly nature in her, to return “with nature” after these dreams.

Overall, Ceres Fauna did an excellent job for Let Me Stay Here and a strong start to her original song career. You can also listen to the song on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms.

Featured Image: Screengrab from “Let Me Stay Here” music video

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