• In chapter 3 of the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga, Boruto effortlessly defeats Code, showcasing his new powerful abilities.
  • One of Boruto's notable new skills is the Uzuhiko Rasengan, an upgraded version of the standard Rasengan that harnesses the energy of the Earth for amplified strength.
  • Speculations suggest that Boruto may have learned Sage Mode and mastered space-time jutsu, based on his connection with toads and his ability to teleport like Sasuke Uchiha. Official confirmation is still pending.

Boruto Uzumaki, the highly skilled son of the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, is widely recognized as a ninja prodigy. In the manga "Boruto: Two Blue Vortex," following a significant time-skip, Boruto returns to Konohagakure with an array of newfound abilities, some of which are prominently showcased by Boruto himself, while others are subtly hinted at.

Chapter 3 of the recently released "Boruto: Two Blue Vortex" manga presents an epic face-off between Boruto and Code. In this encounter, Boruto exhibits clear dominance over Code and effortlessly secures victory, highlighting the remarkable growth of his strength and skills. Boruto's newfound abilities are showcased as he effortlessly defeats the formidable opponent Code without breaking a sweat.

This impressive display of power has led many fans to speculate that Boruto may have even surpassed his father, Naruto, in terms of abilities and skills. The manga series continues to offer exciting insights into Boruto's development and the unfolding narrative, leaving fans eager to see how his journey progresses.

Boruto's New Power-Ups


In Chapter 3 of Boruto Two Blue Vortex, Boruto Uzumaki flexed his new and distinct skillset against Code, along with improved Taijutsu and Sword skills, Boruto brings several other formidable abilities in his arsenal, one noteworthy and exceptional skill from Boruto's arsenal is Uzuhiko Rasengan. A remarkable new ability that is said to be an upgraded version and far stronger than standard Rasengan. This enhanced Rasengan harnesses the energy of the Earth and its rotational force resulting in amplified strength. In contrast, to standard Rasengans it continues to inflict relentless damage upon impact owing to the Earth's boundless reservoir of power.

Along with the new Uzuhiko Rasengan, Boruto also possesses other variants of Rasengan, including standard Rasengan and Vanishing Rasengan. The key distinction and what sets Uzuhiko Rasengan apart from other Rasengans is its ability to tap into planetary chakra, whereas the other Rasengans rely on the user's chakra. This hints at Boruto's possible mastery over Sage Mode, an idea based on the series' theory that suggests, that handling natural energy in this way requires Sage Jutsu's knowledge. While it's not officially confirmed that Boruto can use Sage Mode, Uzuhiko Rasengan's nature-energy connection suggests he might have learned it.


The theory that suggests that Boruto has learned sage mode is not only bound to the fact that he can use natural energy to induce Uzuhiko Rasengan. When Boruto arrives in the Konoha he has a toad hiding in his clothing, which suggests somehow he has ties to Mount Myoboku and Kashin Koji. This raises the possibility that he learned Sage Mode from Kashin Koji or Fukasaku in Mount Myoboku, just like Naruto. Despite having the snake summoning, Boruto's connection with toads strongly supports this theory that he has other purposes with toads than just summoning, such as learning sage jutsu at Mount Myoboko.

In addition to the Uzuhiko Rasengan and Sage Mode, speculations suggest that Boruto may possess a third hidden ability, as subtly hinted at during his battle against Code. Code was shockingly surprised by the way Boruto skillfully avoided Code's attacks, moving in a way similar to Sasuke Uchiha's teleportation technique. In the closing moments of chapter 3, Boruto uses a specific hand sign to signal his intention to teleport after locating the Ten-Tails, and at the end of chapter 1, the way he suddenly appeared in Konoha and stomped Code’s face, leaves no doubt that he has mastered space-time jutsu, a testament to his Jogan's abilities.

No matter how strongly these ideas and theories suggest that Boruto possesses these powers we can only consider them as speculations until they are officially confirmed. However, the actions and theories all seem to indicate that Boruto has indeed obtained these abilities. The resemblance, between Boruto's journey and Naruto's experiences during the Pain arc is quite noticeable. In that arc, Naruto returned with increased power thanks to Sage Mode. Fans are eagerly looking forward to chapter 4 of the series hoping to gain insight, into Boruto's potential abilities. As the story unfolds it will become evident whether these ideas are assumptions or if they truly hold substance.

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