• Himawari's hidden powers finally revealed in Boruto TBV chapter 9 - a game-changer for her character development.
  • Himawari harbors a mini version of Kurama inside of her, making her a Jinchuriki with unique abilities.
  • Exciting future ahead for Himawari as she gains access to Kurama's powers and can now hold her own in battles.

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 9 has made some massive revelations, and of course, the vast majority of the fans expected secrets about Himawari's powers to be revealed this month. That is exactly what Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 9 has done, and finally, fans have an answer as to what power lies dormant within Himawari, and what her future is going to be like from here onwards.

It is safe to say that things are looking incredibly exciting for this particular character, and that she has a massive future ahead of her if she manages to truly tap into the power that she is blessed with.

The Hints About Himawari's Hidden Powers

Daemon Implied That Himawari Has Hidden Powers


Himawari Uzumaki did not play much of a role in the Boruto series at the very beginning. The story was largely focused on Boruto Uzumaki, Kawaki, and other ninjas in Team 7. At times, the likes of Naruto and Sasuke would get involved, and of course, the main villains, that is, those of the Kara, were seen being involved in the story every now and then in the first half of the story. The likes of Himawari were hardly ever part of the plot. That is not to say that Himawari was not seen in the story at the beginning. She was certainly there when Naruto took on Delta, and some other moments in the Uzumaki household also featured her. However, as a ninja, she was non-existent in the first part of Boruto. As such, fans did not expect her to become relevant in Two Blue Vortex, however, much to the surprise of the fans, the exact opposite happened. Himawari is at the receiving end of a lot of focus, and this is a very welcomed change, and fans are absolutely loving her receiving all the attention that she is getting.

What was that intensity...I felt from her just now? - Daemon

While her rise to power has come all of a sudden in Two Blue Vortex, the setup has been there since the first half of Boruto. At the very end, Daemon once tested her skill and saw that she had something fierce within her. Daemon even scoffed at Boruto's skill, but was surprised by what Himawari was truly capable of. This was the fans's very first hint at Himawari's true power, and ever since this interaction between these two characters took place, fans knew that Himawari would go on to become very special as Boruto continued. That is exactly what has happened now, and she is getting more and more intriguing with each passing chapter.

Himawari's Tailed Beast Powers

Himawari Has The Powers Of A Tailed Beast Inside Her


Himawari Uzumaki was confirmed to have the powers of a Tailed Beast in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 8. This was thanks to the duo of Jura and Hidari, both of whom went to Konoha in search of Naruto Uzumaki. They entered the village, thanks to the Claw Grimes, and they did incredibly well to fend off anyone trying to stop them. Given the level of strength of these two individuals, it was impossible for anyone to stand in their way, and even the likes of Kawaki could not put up much of a fight. According to Hidari, the goal was to seek Naruto Uzumaki out. Jura wanted to question Naruto about the many things that he had started to learn, and at the same time, his instinct told him to consume Naruto. This was going to be a very interesting development in the story, and it saw Jura trying to go to Konoha, and seek out this particular individual.

Of course, Jura could not track down Naruto Uzumaki easily. To do that, he had to locate his Tailed Beast chakra, which he fully believed that he had. However, to the fans, this came as a surprise, because they knew that Naruto did not have Tailed Beast chakra anymore. Kurama had died in the battle against the Isshiki, and this meant whatever Jura was tracking was not within Naruto. Furthermore, Naruto Uzumaki himself was not in Konoha either. Fans know that he's sealed by Kawaki and lies in an entirely different dimension at this point in time. Naruto absolutely couldn't appear in front of Jura, and that, once again, went to show that something was wrong with the Shinju's senses.

Which one is he? This is odd. What in the world is going on here?

However, at the same time, the Shinju were absolutely certain that they were tracing Naruto's chakra. This is because they are themselves products of a Tailed Beast, and Kurama is a tailed Beast as well. Jura and Hidari could both track down Kurama's chakra and it led them to do none other than Himawari Uzumaki.

Small Kurama Emerges Inside Himawari

Himawari Harbors A Mini Kurama Inside Of Her

In Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 9, Hidari and Jura finally got confirmation of the power within Himawari. Even though they tried to consume her with Wood Release, they failed at doing so. Later down the line, Himawari escaped and finally realized that she had special powers inside her. It has now been confirmed that Himawari has Kurama inside of her and this makes her a Jinchuriki. This isn't the same Kurama that the fans saw inside of Naruto. Instead, it is a mini version of Kurama, which is much different from the one that Naruto had inside of him. This version of Kurama is much smaller, and likely not as strong either. It is unknown if this Tailed Beast is even named Kurama, to begin with. However, it is the very same nine-tailed fox that was within Naruto Uzumaki. As to how this Tailed Beast is now alive, fans do not know. What can be said, however, is that Tailed Beasts do not truly die. They are a mass of chakra and even if killed, they reappear at a later point in time, as has been confirmed in the original Naruto series.

It is also possible for Kurama to split himself, and he has done that on many occasions already. For someone to have a very high level of chakra control and knowledge of how it operates, passing on some of his very own chakra to Himawari, which would later manifest itself as a miniature version of him, is totally possible too. Fans will surely find out more about Himawari and her powers in the upcoming Boruto chapters. For now, what fans know for sure is that Himawari has Kurama inside of her and she can finally sense her own powers.

This means huge things for her character, and she can now fight against strong individuals, and hold her own against some of the strongest people in the Boruto series. Furthermore, given that the Tailed Beast isn't hostile towards her, she can likely access abilities such as chakra modes instantaneously. From here onwards, things are looking incredibly bright for her, and fans can only hope that the series does this character justice.

Boruto is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of Boruto, Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 9, is set to be April 18, 2024.