• The Shinobi Gauntlet revolutionized ninja warfare by allowing users to cast powerful jutsu without using their own chakra.
  • Developed by Katsuke of the Leaf's Research Team, this scientific ninja tool aimed to generate profits for the Hidden Leaf.
  • Controversial due to its potential to hinder natural ninja growth, the Shinobi Gauntlet was eventually banned by Naruto.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has introduced a myriad of innovations to the Naruto universe, turning the once-mythical shinobi world into a modern hub of technology and progress. With almost every other element of Naruto taking on a modern touch, ninja tools were naturally incorporated into this framework as well, giving birth to the concept of scientific ninja tools. Among these high-tech weapons is a tool called the Shinobi Gauntlet, a device capable of revolutionizing ninja warfare.

Granting the power to use ninjutsu without kneading a shred of chakra, the Shinobi Gauntlet is a controversial tool that can grant unprecedented power to its wielder. While the Shinobi Gauntlet was eventually put to rest, its introduction was able to cause a stir within Boruto's narrative, leaving a lasting impact.

What Is the Shinobi Gauntlet?


First Appearance

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Episode 47, "The Figure I Want to Be"

Debut Date

February 28, 2018

As a condenser-type scientific ninja tool, the Shinobi Gauntlet is capable of storing and releasing ninjutsu without requiring the wearer to use even a fraction of their own chakra. With this tool, even non-ninja individuals can cast ninjutsu, as using the weapon merely requires a single one-hand seal. With a chakra condenser set in place, the tool has its own source of chakra, meaning the wielder can activate chakra-intensive techniques without draining any of their own.

Developed by Katsuke of the Leaf’s Research Team, the purpose of the Shinobi Gauntlet was to ensure it becomes available to the public, in turn generating profits for the Hidden Leaf Village. However, the Shinobi Gauntlet’s purpose goes far beyond merely turning a quick profit, as the tool could potentially aid ninjas in risky missions, and even remove the need for training to learn new techniques.

The Workings of the Tool


As a Scientific Ninja Tool, the Shinobi Gauntlet is backed by intricate processes and countless innovations. For the user, however, the tool presents a rather simplified method of usage. Scroll Cartridges that have various techniques are loaded inside the tool, and they are released after the user makes a specific hand sign for each cartridge. The specific hand sign triggers the system within the tool that reads the scroll, thereby releasing the stored technique.

Each nature transformation has a specific hand seal, and the wearer has to simply learn these hand signs to use the tool. Moreover, the chakra required for firing the jutsu is stored within the Shinobi Gauntlet itself, as it uses a chakra condenser to fuel the chakra requirements for each specific technique. With the chakra condenser set in place, the tool requires zero chakra from the wearer, which essentially allows even non-shinobi users to cast powerful jutsu.

Scroll Cartridges: The Key to the Gauntlet


While the Shinobi Gauntlet is powered by a chakra condenser, its actual key element is a Scroll Cartridge, a tiny scroll that contains all sorts of sealed techniques. These cartridges are initially regular sized scrolls, but after absorbing a technique, they shrink and take on the form of a miniature bullet.

The tool loads these very Scroll Cartridges into its chakra condenser, which then fires the sealed jutsu in the aimed direction. These cartridges are used in several scientific ninja tools, but for the Shinobi Gauntlet, these tiny scrolls are the primary element behind its workings. However, the Gauntlet has limited storage space, meaning these cartridges have to be loaded manually after the previous ones run out.

What Happened to the Shinobi Gauntlet?


The Shinobi Gauntlet was introduced around the Chunin Exams arc, with Katasuke seeking the Hokage’s approval for the ninja tool to be used during the exams. However, Naruto was quick to dismiss the weapon’s usage as the unfair advantage went against the very premise of the exams. The weapon still ended up in Boruto’s hands after Katasuke was placed under a genjutsu by Ao.

Boruto’s vehement use of the scientific ninja tool during the exams led to Naruto’s growing suspicions, which were proven true after he caught Boruto red-handed. Since the tool hindered the natural growth and training of a ninja, the Shinobi Gauntlet was banned altogether. With Katasuke defying Naruto’s orders and Boruto cheating during the Chunin Exams, the unfortunate fate of the Shinobi Gauntlet was rather clear after this string of events.

The Controversy Surrounding the Ninja Tool


In a time when the shinobi arts were already in decline, introducing a tool that deemed learning ninjutsu useless would have simply exacerbated this downfall, resulting in newer generations becoming even more complacent. The Gauntlet does just this, as it would negate the existence of ninjutsu and the ninja arts altogether.

Taking the easy way out on a test to measure their skills will only end up shortchanging them.

The controversy surrounding the tool and Naruto’s reaction to its usage was certainly valid, as such an unfair tool would simply produce subpar shinobi that are reliant on modern innovations instead of their own innate strength. While the tool still has several applications that could benefit the shinobi world, its existence in the current state of the world would have done more harm than good.

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