Boruto: How the Naruto & Sasuke vs Momoshiki fight could have gone differently

Feb 27, 2024
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has introduced a diverse array of characters, as well as some of the most powerful antagonists. With regards to this, the Otsutsukis as a race have been important since the beginning of the series and they also play an important role in the overall plot of the animanga series as well.
Boruto: How the Naruto & Sasuke vs Momoshiki fight could have gone differently


One such character is Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who was introduced early in the Boruto series. He was one of the first to show an interest in Boruto's doujutsu and to hint at its potential as well as the consequences of possessing that eye.

There is no doubt that the Momoshiki vs Sasuke and Naruto fight was one of the best in the series. The animation quality was top-tier and the fight left a lasting impression on the entire fanbase.

One of the most common discussions among fans is discussing alternate outcomes of an important fight. Let’s take a look at possible outcomes that are different from what was shown in the anime.

Boruto: Alternate possibilities of Momoshiki vs Sasuke and Naruto fight

This was one of the best fights in the entire series. Momoshiki, an Otsutsuki member appeared quite confident and was able to overwhelm both Sasuke and Naruto during that fight. He even managed to keep up with them despite their Rinnegan and Six Paths Sage Modes being activated. The teamwork between these two characters was incredible to witness, and it was crucial in dealing damage to someone like Momoshiki, who was far stronger than each of these characters individually. It was deeply gratifying to see Naruto and Sasuke working together to trap him in a Planetary Devastation.

Sasuke using Chibaku Tensei 

Up until this point in the bout, things seemed to be progressing well. However, when Boruto was involved in the fight, fans certainly believed that things could have been different. This isn’t the first time when fans have complained about power scaling, and it is quite inconsistent as mentioned by some of the fans. Fans find it difficult to imagine that Momoshiki was unable to react in time to either avoid or neutralize the Rasengan.

Father and son creating the Rasengan that was used to defeat Momoshiki 

Given that Momoshiki had taken the pills just before engaging in combat with the protagonist, there is no doubt that he was in his best shape during that fight. It seems a little unlikely that the protagonist was able to move fast enough to force Momoshiki to panic by not giving him enough time to react. One might say that he was able to do this with the jougan, but Momoshiki has to be way faster since he was able to keep up with both Naruto and Sasuke.

One thing that could have gone differently was that he could have either dodged the Rasengan or created enough room for himself to negate it. Given that the protagonist merely used Shadow Clone jutsu to distract Momoshiki, it seemed extremely far-fetched that he was able to catch him off guard.

This could have changed the entire fight since both Sasuke and Naruto were injured and didn’t have enough energy to fight him like they did before.



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