• Sasuke Uchiha's loss of power in Boruto has been a gradual process, starting with Momoshiki's surprise attack where both Naruto and Sasuke proved weaker than him.
  • After sacrificing Kurama and losing his Rinnegan, Sasuke's role became limited, but he played a crucial part in rescuing Boruto and training him to grow stronger.
  • Although Sasuke is currently missing in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, fans should expect his return soon, as he is too important of a character to be killed off-screen, and his absence may be due to incapacitation rather than death.

Sasuke Uchiha holds a pivotal role in the expansive Naruto and Boruto universe, endearing himself to fans over the years just as Naruto Uzumaki has. The series' creator has explicitly stated that Sasuke's importance rivals that of Naruto's, highlighting their interconnected journeys, often likened to the concept of yin and yang within the narrative.

It's no wonder that Sasuke has garnered a devoted fan following, and his continued significance in Boruto is evident. However, an intriguing development arises in Boruto Part 2, where Sasuke is conspicuously absent. With Boruto: Two Blue Vortex having recently commenced, three months have passed without any appearance from Sasuke. Speculation is rife, with fans noticing ominous signs surrounding his character, raising the possibility that Sasuke may have met an unfortunate fate in the Boruto series.

Sasuke Uchiha's Loss Of Power


Sasuke Uchiha's gradual decline in power within the Boruto series was a process that unfolded over time, rather than occurring suddenly. At the outset of Boruto, Sasuke was perceived to be on par with Naruto Uzumaki in terms of strength. In fact, some fans even considered him to be stronger, attributing it to Naruto's prolonged inactivity as he held the Hokage office, while Sasuke continued to face formidable foes and pursue members of the Otsutsuki clan in the outside world. Although this was largely speculation, it was evident that Naruto and Sasuke were evenly matched at the story's inception.

However, a significant turning point occurred when Momoshiki made his appearance, revealing that both Naruto and Sasuke were outmatched by this immensely powerful adversary. This surprise shook fans as Momoshiki's arrival signaled the emergence of even more formidable enemies in the future, casting a shadow over the former heroes of the series. Remarkably, Naruto and Sasuke managed to defeat Momoshiki, but this victory marked the beginning of a downward spiral.

With the introduction of Jigen in the narrative, it became clear that both Shinobi were surpassed by this new foe. Furthermore, when Jigen's true form, Isshiki, surfaced, it was evident that, even when they combined their powers, Naruto and Sasuke could not measure up. To confront Isshiki, Naruto had to make a painful sacrifice by parting with Kurama, gaining abilities that far exceeded anything Sasuke had ever possessed. In contrast, Sasuke suffered significant setbacks when his Rinnegan was forcibly taken from him, leaving him considerably weakened. This move by the Boruto writers was aimed at providing the next generation of characters with a platform to shine, a decision that did not sit well with all Boruto fans.

Sasuke And Boruto's Training During The Timeskip


Sasuke's role in the Boruto series became notably limited following the loss of his Rinnegan. While Naruto remained involved in certain battles, Sasuke's active participation in the story diminished. It wasn't until the story's climax that he resurfaced to prevent Kawaki from harming Boruto, finally regaining relevance. However, shortly after this encounter, Kawaki harnessed the power of Omnipotence with Ada's assistance, enabling him to switch lives with Boruto Uzumaki. In a surprising turn of events, Sasuke turned against Boruto, and his intent to harm him was thwarted by Sarada, who shed light on the truth of the situation.

Sasuke subsequently rescued Boruto and departed from the village to embark on training and further growth. This marked the conclusion of Boruto Part 1, with both Sasuke and Boruto set on the path to become even stronger and return to the narrative in a more formidable manner.

Following this, Boruto announced a hiatus, and it was later disclosed that Part 1 had officially concluded. The story continued in the form of a new manga titled "Boruto: Two Blue Vortex." Fans eagerly awaited the start of this new chapter, anticipating the return of their beloved characters. To their surprise, Sasuke's absence was conspicuous, with only Boruto making a reappearance in the narrative.

Boruto's Return After The Timeskip


"Boruto: Two Blue Vortex" wasted no time in launching into its action-packed story arcs. Right from the very first chapter, it was evident that the author aimed to ignite the narrative with intensity. The author orchestrated an assault on Konoha by Code and his Grimes, with a simultaneous attempt to eliminate Shinobi one by one until Boruto emerged. Boruto Uzumaki swiftly entered the scene and managed to effortlessly thwart Code's plans.

At this juncture, fans were confident that Sasuke would soon make his appearance. However, they were taken by surprise when the conflict in Konoha concluded, and Sasuke remained conspicuously absent. Boruto handled the situation independently, and what perplexed fans the most was the complete absence of any mention of Sasuke. The only glimpse of Sasuke was his attire worn by Boruto Uzumaki, sparking even more curiosity about the events that transpired between the two during the timeskip.

Is Sasuke Dead In Boruto?


The question of whether Sasuke is alive or deceased in Boruto currently preoccupies fans. However, there are compelling reasons to believe that Sasuke is very much alive in the Boruto series. His character holds immense importance and is central to any sequel in the Naruto universe, much like Naruto Uzumaki himself. While Sasuke didn't initially appear in Konoha at the start of the story, fans can anticipate his return in due course. It's worth noting that while Sasuke may be incapacitated, his sudden and unannounced death seems highly unlikely in the context of the Boruto series.

The narrative has already revealed that Sasuke engaged in a battle against Code during the timeskip. Code had been pursuing both Boruto and Sasuke, and a confrontation between them was inevitable. Similar to Code losing an eye, Sasuke might have suffered a significant loss as well. However, outright killing him without any explanation is improbable in Boruto.

Wherever Sasuke currently resides, the evidence points towards his continued existence and well-being, making it reasonable to expect his imminent return. Fans have observed Kashin Koji assuming a vital role in "Boruto: Two Blue Vortex." His affiliation with Boruto Uzumaki suggests that Sasuke could be working with him, further implying Sasuke's imminent reappearance, much like Koji's role. Fans need only exercise patience as they await the resurgence of this legendary Uchiha, witnessing his development over the three-year timeskip in Boruto.

Fans can access Boruto through the Manga Monster platform, which offers official and free access to the series on the Shonen Jump website. The release date for the upcoming chapter, "Boruto Part 2 Chapter 4," is scheduled for November 20, 2023.