Blue Lock Chapter 239 on BREAK: Reason for Delay, New Release Date, Where to Read, and More

Nov 01, 2023
Blue Lock Chapter 239 is currently on a break, and here is the information we have regarding the delay and the upcoming release.
Blue Lock Chapter 239 on BREAK: Reason for Delay, New Release Date, Where to Read, and More

The release of Blue Lock Chapter 239 will be temporarily postponed this week. A recent update from Weekly Shonen Magazine has officially confirmed that the new chapter will not be released on its scheduled date. Furthermore, the cause behind this delay has been explained. Additionally, the release date for the next chapter has been announced. Here's everything we know about the upcoming chapter of Blue Lock so far!

Reason for the Delay

An illustration in the Weekly Shonen Magazine unveiled that the manga artist is currently unwell and unable to create a new chapter for this week. Due to health-related issues, Blue Lock Chapter 239 is taking a temporary hiatus. However, there is a new release date in place for the subsequent chapter, so fans need not be concerned.

Blue Lock Chapter 239: Release Date and Where to Read

The release date for the upcoming chapter has been shifted by a week. As per Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine announcement, Blue Lock Chapter 239 is now set to be featured in the 49th issue of the magazine on November 8, 2023. We will provide further updates as they become available. Fans can read Blue Lock in English translation on Manga Monster.

Blue Lock Chapter 239: Recap of the Previous Chapter

The preceding chapter of Blue Lock was titled 'Dreamers.' It began with the players' attempts to score against Uber's goal in order to make the final save. Hiori was gaining speed, and Niko realized he wouldn't be able to stop him at this point. Aryu noticed that Isagi was not at his best but had faith that he would take the pass when required. Suddenly, Kaiser made a move to attempt scoring a goal himself.

However, the team realized that Hiori intended to take the shot on his own. Borou's words left Hiori questioning his role without Isagi on the team. To everyone's surprise, Hiori unexpectedly passed the ball to Isagi, who scored the winning goal against the Ubers.

The upcoming storyline will involve celebrating the victory and analyzing the match. As the last chapter indicated, the title of the next chapter will be 'Creation.' It will be intriguing to see what unfolds next. Keep an eye on Pinkvilla for your daily dose of anime and pop culture news.

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