Blue Lock Chapter 234 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Isagi Almost Scores a Goal!

By: Umair Nakade Sep 26, 2023
Blue Lock Chapter 234 has been leaked on the internet, offering a thrilling and exceptional experience, as usual. This chapter brings the long-anticipated duo of Hiori and Isagi into the spotlight.
Blue Lock Chapter 234 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Isagi Almost Scores a Goal!

Spoilers and raw scans for Blue Lock Chapter 234 have recently surfaced on the internet, and the content is nothing short of amazing, as always. This chapter finally showcases the dynamic duo of Hiori and Isagi in action, fulfilling a long-awaited moment for fans.

Hiori assumes the role of Isagi's invaluable sidekick, stepping in at precisely the right moments to support him. But she's not alone; Yukimiya also joins their team, contributing to their progress toward the goalpost. The chapter unfolds at a breakneck pace, and it feels like a goal is almost within reach, but...

The artistic quality in this chapter is exceptional, adhering to the signature style of a typical "Blue Lock" installment, replete with breathtaking moments that elicit enthusiastic reactions from readers. As the chapter draws to a close, it leaves us hanging on a suspenseful cliffhanger, setting the stage for an entire week of anticipation. Without further ado, let's dive into the Chapter 234 spoilers of "Blue Lock."

Blue Lock Chapter 234 Spoilers & Raw Scans
Kaiser (Credits: @TruitosArt on Twitter/X)

Blue Lock Chapter 234 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Chapter 234 picks up right where Chapter 233 left off, with Hiori successfully snatching the ball away from Barou. Lorenzo, however, feels a twinge of frustration at this turn of events, as he believes that without Hiori's intervention, they could have wrapped up the match. Isagi, on the other hand, sees Hiori's role as filling a critical gap in their defense.

Isagi's excitement surges, and he urges Hiori to press forward. Hiori skillfully dribbles the ball, eluding Sendo's attempts to stop him. Even when Niko makes a move to steal the ball from Hiori, Hiori stands his ground and shifts his gaze to Isagi, who is positioned just behind Niko. In this moment, Hiori reflects on their shared vision of the goal.

Hiori X Isagi on the Run!

Hiori analyzes Isagi’s every skill and finds out that the core of his skill is definitely his ability to devour his rivals. He thinks Isagi’s desire wouldn’t have been shown if he hadn’t come to Blue Lock and that he is now about to evolve into the world’s best. And he holds the key and can witness the birth of a hero. And to make him achieve that is the ego of Hiori.

Hiori gets passed by two of the Ubers players smoothly without breaking a sweat. After seeing Isagi in the open, Hiori passes the ball to him. Isagi gets excited after receiving the pass from him. He tells Hiroi that he didn’t miss that one.

Isagi Finally gets his Moment to Shine!

However, right after Isagi got the ball, Lorenzo came to steal it away from him. But Isagi had already predicted this would happen. So, he traps the ball and gets past Lorenzo with ease. We then see Hiroi explaining what Isagi just did, “That’s right… The first shot is a faint! The real shot is using his left! It’s a free direct finisher after the changeover.”

However, Isagi’s worries didn’t end there because when he got passed by Lorenzo, Kaiser came running towards him like Flash. Isagi gets a little pissed since he thought Kaiser will come like that. He questions himself if Kaiser read it perfectly that he will dodge Lorenzo and shoot with his left leg.

Kaiser tries to steal Isagi’s goal!

Since the ball was still in the air after Isagi tossed it up to get over Lorenzo, he was confused about how Kaiser would take the ball from the air. However, Isagi doesn’t get distracted by Kaiser and gets ready to shoot the ball, “This hyena bastard… This is my shot.”

Isagi and Kaiser both shoot the ball at the same time, but the ball gets blocked by Aryu and Barou. Barou calls their block King Block. Hiroi gets confused about how Isagi messed it up since his and Isagi’s image was perfect, but Kaiser surpassed it with his unorthodox movement. The chapter ends with the ball still in the air after Barou and Aryu stop it.

Blue Lock Chapter 234 Spoilers Final Thoughts

Overall, the chapter was really good, and it had all the things we look for in Blue Lock. And now the whole game is dependent on Kaiser, Isagi, Barou, and Aryu since these four are the nearest to the ball. As we saw, the ball was in the air when Aryu and Barou stopped it. So, the first one to get the ball will decide the course of the match. Who will it be? You can tell us down below in the comment section.

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