Black Clover Chapter 357 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Apr 13, 2023
Black Clover Chapter 357 is centered around Green Mantis’ Captain Jack and we see how he got his scar on his left eye, what he thinks of Yami, and his regrets, and his one last attack that even cut the angel in the sky. Read more about this in the below sections.
Black Clover Chapter 357 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

We saw Lucius and Yuno about to fight in the previous chapter. Lucius told Yuno that he recognizes Yuno's strength, but it is insufficient to stop him. The other combatants were similarly depressed, claiming that no amount of sorcery could overcome those legless angels. Enn stated that he recognizes their powerlessness, but that they must battle to safeguard the residents of the Clover Kingdom.

Sol concurred, stating that they must engage in combat and assault her golem regardless of what transpires. Sol used a fairly strong strike with this one. This is the strength of Bell and Ynuo's love, she added when she reappeared. Yuno's latest move strengthens comrades while weakening nearby opponents. Following that, Yuno cast "Star x Wind Spirit Magic: Neverland" on Lucius.

The magical knights could now fight those angels. They're all in a good mood owing to Yuno, and they're yelling, "Fight! Fight!" Klaus acknowledged Yuno and stated that he has the potential to become the Wizard King. Lucius stated that Yuno's magic was developed to oppose him before referring to Yuno as his competitor. Yuno said that he is not his rival and used the Spirit of Zepphyr to fight Lucius.

Black Clover 357 Release Date

According to Viz Media's official publication schedule, Black Clover Chapter 357 will be released in the forthcoming Weekly shonen leap issue on Sunday, April 16th, 2023. Spoilers and raw scans have already been revealed, and you can read them down below.

Black Clover Chapter 357 Release Date 16th April 2023
Black Clover Chapter 357 Raw Scans Release 12th April 2023

Black Clover Chapter 357 Raw scans

Black Clover Chapter 357 raw scans are out and the chapter mostly shows how Jack regrets some things he was not able to do and how he feels ashamed as Yami comes to save him and his one last attack.


Black Clover Chapter 357 Spoilers

  • The chapter starts with Lucius easily stopping Yuno’s attack.
  • He says that since he has taken Lucifero in, he gained some serious physical power and an attack of this type will not work on him.
  • He continues that this extreme magic will not last that long.
  • Lucius says this is a bad idea and it will add to his suffering.
  • Jack is thinking if he is going to die.
  • In a flashback, a fight is going on and Yami asks Jack what is he doing.
  • He thinks that if Yami would have been serious he could have taken his left eye.
  • In flashback, Morgen comes and told Yami that they have a mission and he should get along with others.
  • Yami said that he is not the one who started the fight.
  • Jack says Light, the strongest attribute of all time, and the unknown darkness. Both are mystical and elusive magic.
  • Jack remarks it as interesting and thinks that one day he would slice them up.
  • In the present, Yami is tending toward him and Jack is feeling ashamed.
  • Morgen shouts that he will send him to heaven.
  • Jack’s life is lashing before his eyes and he thinks he is destroying things for a long time, he will do it again one last time.
  • Then we had a great attack by Jack.
  • Jack then asks Yami how his last great attack was.
  • Yami says it was a big deal and Jack collapses but before collapsing he says that his only regret is that he wanted to slice Yami up.
  • Morgen says that it pains him but that will be alright soon as he will be reborn and they all will be happy together.
  • The chapter ends with Morris decaying Mereoleona’s arm.

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