Attack on Titan Episode 77 - Loyalty and Demons

By: Tamara Lazic Sep 04, 2022
Attack on Titan episode 77, titled Sneak Attack showcased a quick-paced continuation of the War for Paradis arc.
Attack on Titan Episode 77 - Loyalty and Demons

Attack on Titan episode 77, titled Sneak Attack showcased a quick-paced continuation of the War for Paradis arc, but also served as a build-up for what is to come next. Despite all the action, reunions, and confessions, the episode still felt a bit slow right up until the very end and I’m sure it left many of us wanting more.

Attack on Titan Episode 77 – More CGI, Decent Action, Amazing OST

The action scenes in the 77th episode of Attack on Titan were not the best this anime has offered but had quite a few impressive moments. The CGI was clunky in places, the stairs Mikasa and Armin took must have been miles underground, and there are a few moments in the episode that just look off. Still, the fights were well animated with enough movement to keep everyone’s attention. The whole Beast Titan sequence was well animated, and the smaller details didn’t affect the overall experience too much.

The music in this episode was spot on, even though most of it was “Ashes on the Fire” remix it was combined perfectly with the fighting scenes and complemented the fight between Eren and Reiner. As a side note, Yuki Kaji’s only line in the episode was Eren screaming, which is oddly reminiscent of the old times.

Attack on Titan Episode 77

Friends and Loyalty

As Eren’s friends debate on whether to save him, it becomes obvious that Armin is the only one who probably has an idea of what Eren is up to. Armin’s fake crying with Yelena never looked too convincing, and it’s becoming evident that he is not sold on the idea of peacefully euthanizing Eldians nor Eren’s conviction to do so. He uses this as an argument to convince Connie, Jean, and Mikasa.

It’s incredible how much Jean has matured since the first season. Ready to put his life on the line for Eren once again, he admits that even though he never liked him he always looked up to him in a way. In stark contrast, Mikasa can’t get over the words Eren said to her and even leaves her scarf behind, in a way saying goodbye to who she used to be.

Attack on Titan Episode 77 mikasa

Meanwhile, Yelena is observing the destruction and rejoicing after Zeke finally appears on the walls of Shinganshina. The woman is dangerous, there is no doubt about that. The scariest thing about her is that she is ready to go far, very far, without an ounce of sympathy. The bits of her backstory implied she just wants revenge on Marley, but the blind loyalty to Zeke (and Eren by extension) is terrifying and makes me wonder just how much will be too much for her.

attack on titan episode 77 yelena face

Zeke, appearing as a traitor to his people once again, puts high hopes into Eren. But just how much will Eren be of use to him? If Armin is right, and he usually is, Eren has his own plans and he won’t hesitate to betray Zeke.

Kindness and Demons

Falco is finally reunited with his brother and Gabi, thanks to Nile Dawk’s kindness. The soldier, Erwin’s friend, seems at peace with death and sends Falco off while stating that “this is no place for children”. It’s honestly ironic how the biggest threat to humanity is an island whose inhabitants have more respect for life than most countries over the sea ever will.

One of the most interesting characters introduced in the first half of the final season was definitely Gabi. She is Eren’s counterpart in a way, angry, immature, bloodthirsty, and a little bit dense. She may be one of the most hated characters in the fandom, but she is also one of the most interesting ones. Seeing her grow throughout these 18 episodes has been frustrating, but this episode also made it feel rewarding. The cognitive dissonance she has been experiencing ever since arriving on Paradis was painful to watch. Sasha’s death, as sad as it was, was nothing compared to what came after, as Gabi ended up living with Sasha’s family. Seeing her break down and admit that there were no demons on the island and that they were “just human” all along was one of the most emotional scenes in the entirety of Attack on Titan. For Gabi, seeing her old self in Kaya was what hurt the most, even more than Sasha’s mother worrying about her safety. If she survives the war, she will be forever haunted by her mistakes. And it is truly fitting that they hid in a room with bird cages – opened and empty.

attack on titan episode 77 gabi

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The next episode is titled Two Brothers and set to air on Sunday, January 23.
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