• Attack on Titan took risks in storytelling and themes, making it a global phenomenon.
  • The anime adaptation provided a more satisfying ending than the manga.
  • The deaths of key characters, such as Carla Jaeger and Sasha Braus, were heartbreaking and traumatic.

Attack on Titan is finally over after a glorious run, and fans can't help but feel melancholic after this amazing anime drew to a close. The show took many risks in a medium that was content with relying on tropes, with the storytelling and themes of the series being second to none. It's easy to see why the series became a global phenomenon, which is why the reception to the manga's ending was so disappointing in the eyes of many.

However, the anime adaptation decided to flesh out the conclusion and structure it in a way that made the ending more satisfying than ever before. The cycle of violence was captured beautifully in this amazing show that hooked fans till the very end, with many of the characters featured in this tale suffering gruesome and uncalled-for deaths that were completely unceremonious.

5 Carla Jaeger

Died In Season 1, Episode 1: To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1

  • Killed by: Dina Fritz (Titan Form)

Eren's mother is one of the kindest souls in Attack on Titan, and it's a shame that her calming presence is only experienced in a single episode. After the Armored and Colossal Titans break down the wall protecting Shiganshina, Titans barge into the settlement and lay waste to anything and anyone around them, with Carla being an unfortunate victim.

Anime fans should be glad that the show didn't cover the exact details of how Eren's mother was devoured in the manga. Dina Fritz's Titan picks up her body and twists it to break most of her bones before devouring her in a single, horrifying gulp that traumatizes Eren and drives him to join the Survey Corps to defeat these hulking monstrosities once and for all.

4 Sasha Braus

Died In Season 4, Episode 8: Assassin's Bullet

  • Killed by: Gabi Braun

After Eren's assault on Liberio ends up being successful, most of the Survey Corps believe that the fight is over after using their zeppelins to escape. However, they have no idea that an enraged Gabi has infiltrated the airship, using a rifle to shoot the first person in front of her before she's captured. Unfortunately, the target of this shot is Sasha, a beloved character that fans grew to love because of her charming nature.

This death shocks the core members of the Survey Corps, with Conny going so far as to accuse Eren of laughing at her demise. It's hard to see Sasha bleeding out in pain before passing away, with the short of Armin and Mikasa shedding tears at her demise being quite hard to watch.

3 Faye Jaeger

Died In Season 3, Episode 20: That Day

  • Killed by: Marleyan Soldiers And Their Dogs

The way the Marleyans treated Eldians like dirt was truly heinous. The sins of the past were being placed on the shoulders of the present, which wasn't fair in any way. Grisha saw this injustice firsthand when he decided to leave the internment camp with his sister to see the sights outside of their dreary home, but things took a turn for the worse when a pair of Marleyan officers caught the duo.

This led to Grisha being led back to his home while his sister Faye was used for the entertainment of the Marleyan officers. They sat back and laughed at her plight as she was hunted down and eaten alive by their hounds, which traumatized Grisha for good and led to him joining the rebellion against these horrific humans who treated the Eldians like fodder for their amusement.

2 Dot Pyxis

Died In Season 4, Episode 22: Thaw

  • Killed by: Armin Arlelt

The wise commander Dot Pyxis made a great first impression after he lauded the salute of Armin Arlert and decided to give Eren a chance to prove himself by using his Titan powers to aid humanity's struggle against the hulking behemoths that simply wouldn't stop terrorizing the people of Paradis Island. However, despite all the good he did to help the residents of The Wall enjoy a good life, fate had something twisted and cruel in store for him.

After ingesting wine that was laced with Zeke's spinal fluid, the commander was turned into a Titan against his will. This pitted him against the very comrades he'd sworn to protect, and all Armin could do was pay his respects to the commander before taking him out with a well-placed Thunder Spear.

1 Hannes

Died In Season 2, Episode 12: Scream

  • Killed by: Dina Fritz (Titan Form)

Hannes was wracked with guilt after he failed to save Carla from Dina Fritz's Titan, choosing to run away and save the lives of Eren and Mikasa instead. So, when the two children he'd saved end up being threatened by this accursed Titan once again, Hannes summoned all his courage in a bid to try and make up for his past wrongdoings.

Unfortunately, this heroic tale of redemption doesn't have a happy ending. Hannes tried to fight against the Titan with all his might but ended up being grabbed and eaten unceremoniously in a truly gruesome death. This enrages Eren, who punches Dina Fritz's Titan in a fit of rage and unwittingly unlocks the Power of the Coordinate, saving him and his allies in the nick of time.