50 Manga Series 2023 - REVIEW Should You Read?

Mar 01, 2023
Listed below are 50 random manga I've read and reviewed whether you should read or not.
50 Manga Series 2023 - REVIEW Should You Read?

A Man's Man

If you want a manhwa that is closer to reality without the power system and monsters. A Man's Man is the manga you should read. I wholeheartedly recommend reading this manhwa. It has a very distinct art style that is somewhere between realistic and general manhwa art. The story in A Man's Man is unlike any other traditional manhwa; it is well written and compelled me to read every single line. The main character is fantastic, and I'd like to say more about him, but it would be spoilery. I believe that A Man's Man can capture the corporate world of South Korea in the 2000s and...

Drama is unquestionably a key theme; the scenario is set as something incredibly emotional and dramatic in chapter one. A Man's Man tells about an older man at the top who is struggling with success... He's too busy, he hasn't made time for the people who matter to him, his wife has decided to leave him, his hand has been forced by others to do wrong things in the past, and a friend was thrown away and committed suicide. Undoubtedly a mature read.

What was supposed to be the best day of his life, at the pinnacle of success, feels empty, and he has no idea where he went wrong. Due to a series of events, he ends up traveling back in time and being given a second chance. Instead of being the CEO, he was 20 years old and a new employee.


Read A Man's Man online free without ads at: https://mangamonster.net/a-mans-man-myolz60k 

Act Like You Love Me!

I recommend reading Act Like You Love Me. It's a manga worth reading. The manga follows Reiko, the daughter of a Yakuza boss. When her father dies, she becomes the gang's leader, but she refuses. Instead, she aspires to be an actor. She struggles with deciding what she wants to do while balancing her life as the leader of her gang.

The payoff was well worth it. Save our little sour patch girl. I'm not sure what the author was thinking when she decided to end Act Like You Love Me in the future, but I'm glad she didn't let me down. It's difficult for me to express how much I enjoyed this manga, but you can get a sense of how I felt by reading this manga essay.

I really like how Doyun's line is phrased in the Korean version. In the most recent Chapters, after the guy says "lies" (거짓말) he essentially says "the boyfriend that's like a lie is right here" (거짓말같이 남친), which was hilarious. Because the meaning can also be interpreted as "the unbelievable/unreal BF is right here."

Read Act Like You Love Me! at: https://mangamonster.net/act-like-you-love-me-mqr8wgk0

Best Teacher Baek

Suryong Baek, once the Blood Cult's best instructor, is killed, only to awaken in the body of someone who teaches martial arts at a small rural academy. His new body is weak, but he knows how to repair it, and this isn't the first time he's been trapped in a body that can't access its inner power. Curing his body, on the other hand, requires money, and Suryong decides that becoming the best instructor at a top academy is the best way to do so. Suryong will have to use everything he has to become a teaching superstar because he will be up against stiff competition.

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/best-teacher-baek-mq86np9z

Ghost King

What if the world was divided into people with martial arts powers and people without? Taeyeon Kang was one of the lucky few born with such powers. He enrolls in Murim Police University, a special school for those with powers to stand on the side of justice… but he has a secret of his own. He’s here to uncover the truth behind his father’s disappearance as well as seek protection from the Evil Murim Faction which is after his family’s secret book of martial arts techniques. At the same time, the legendary Ghost King makes his grand return, years after his mysterious disappearance. Just who is this masked anti-hero? 

When it comes to the art and the fighting choreography, it is 10/10. However, the story feels a bit rushed but besides Ghost King is a really good manwha to read.

Read Ghost King at: https://mangamonster.net/ghost-king-mq86ng5z

Kill the Dragon

Kill the Dragon really creates interesting characters, they live and exists without the mc and have some real depth. The mc is cool and the story unfolds as the mc becomes stronger. The art fits perfectly too.

It has a good plot but the mc's charchter progress makes no sense whatsoever, as we grow older we get mentally and physologically stronger but the mc who has been a war orphan since childhood had been always praised for his high level of mentality and physological mind/understanding. Unfortunetly as the mc grew older the opposite happened and he gre mroe and more weaker mentally and physologically which makes no sense whatsoever. Also author trying to humantize the charchters and trying to justify that no matter what murder is wrong has been just outright stupid. 

Other from that, the idea is straightforward and essentially revolves around the good of humanity, murder being wrong, etc. The main plot hasn't moved forwards much thus far and has mostly been consisted of training arcs or unrelated side quests. However, this makes the work pretty dull and monotonous, especially because the protagonist is no longer badass because his dispassionate side has vanished, he commits several blunders, and he is shielded from consequences by the storyline.

Read Kill the Dragon at: https://mangamonster.net/kill-the-dragon-mq1w16l3 

King of the East

The story of King of the East this webtoon is really good. It is quite dark and there are some comedic scenes here and there. Main character starts off as a wimp. He is also not that much powerful but he is going through character progression phase. Side characters are also written very well. The world building is well made. Art is a little bit on the simple side of things but it will grow up on you in no time. Give this a try if you want a proper fantasy adventure with a little bit of a dark story. 

Read King of the East at: https://mangamonster.net/king-of-the-east-mqp4z6x4

Leveling Up My Husband to the Max

The story of Leveling Up My Husband to the Max focuses on the female lead, who was married off to a duke in a volatile land. She was neglected by him and his retainers and abused by the maids. After a war occurs, she was unjustly slain for being pregnant with his child. Angered by how her life turned out, she reincarnates and challenges the world around her just so she can avoid the end that she once faced.

It's hard to say that this is a good manga at this point in time because I've seen this trope and style done in multiple mangas already. Reincarnation, revenge, the neglectful male lead falling in love with the wife he once pushed away. Nothing so far stands out and they haven't shown anything new in what they've done.

Within the first 10 chapters, I can already see a potential source of conflict for the characters and it's not something I enjoy. Miscommunication. They don't listen to each other and they make assumptions about what the other person is feeling, without considering what they're saying to refute a statement. I hated that. I hate that they don't give the other person the benefit of the doubt or try to convey what they're thinking / feeling in a clear way that the other person can understand.

So far, not worth recommending at this point in time. But it's not bad - just take into consideration what I've said in terms of their characters. 

Read Leveling Up My Husband to the Max at: https://mangamonster.net/leveling-up-my-husband-to-the-max-my5p68p2

Mythic Item Obtained

Ok this is one of the best newer manga I have read lately it just pulls the reader in and although the story isn't unique to what all the others have it's still has enough to not be considered a copy and to keep you fully interested and the art is also really good def recommend can't wait for more chapters!!

Read Mythic Item Obtained at: https://mangamonster.net/mythic-item-obtained-mq86nxnv

Rosen Garten Saga

I've read over 300 manga and have seen even more anime and this might genuinely be my favorite.

First of all, if you really can't stand any form of degenerate or sexual comedy, this manga won't be for you. For everyone else I'd recommend to at least give this highly underrated manga a try until chapter 5+ (the first 2 chapters have the harshest jokes + it just gets better as it goes on).

Concept: Featuring characters from various mostly european legends with personalities and abilities based around various kinks/fetishes. It begins with a journey/adventure, has wacky preliminaries and a big tournament. Humor comes from the over the top absurdity, bizarreness, degeneracy combined with way too good art, fights, creative cast, chemistry between characters and story.

Art (10): The artstyle and the drawings are absolutely fantastic and feature many creative, detailed but easy to follow action sequences that easily top some very well known action manga imo and rival the likes of One punchman (the manga).

Characters (10): Currently (Chapter 29) there are about 30 major, named characters. All of which have an amazing, unique design and personality and could easily fill a top favorite characters list for me. It's the only manga where I actually remember every single character by name and have no problems distinguishing them. Characters have plenty of chemistry, funny interactions,  depth, reaction faces etc.

Story (8): Being hopefully far from over the story ranks the lowest as we still have plenty of mysteries and questions to solve. So far it's been engaging and interesting but nothing too special. It more so sets the scene for the characters to steal the show. Nonetheless there have been some nicely set up intriguing questions and foreshadowing.

Every chapter will surprise you anew, yes it can get even more bizarre and amazing. 

Read Rosen Garten Saga at: https://mangamonster.net/rosen-garten-saga-myvp88wr

So You're Raising a Warrior

It's one of the best Medieval style manhwas that I read in my whole life. It really reminds me of many manhwa and Anime that I have seen and it's really interesting and Funny. Story, Art and Characters are amazingly made so I would say that this one is a Masterpiece.

A hero and his party bravely venture forth to defeat evil and meet Ell, the Lieutenant-General of the demon army who looks more like charizard from pokemon. Ell's sole life goal is to be killed by the hero so he can have a comfortable afterlife, but his unfortunate adversary is actually just a weakling who gets killed in one hit! One by one the adventurers fall, leaving their pregnant mage, Lafi, the only survivor. Lafi is in need of a new father for her child, and since Ell's dream of being slain by the original hero has gone up in smoke, he decides he'll just have to raise a better one himself. A demon who knows nothing about parenting, a shrewd but inexperienced mother, and Dino, the cutest baby hero ever... what adventures await this odd little family?

This is one of the best comedic manhwas that take place in a medival fantasy world. The art is cute fit for this type of manhwa. The comedy is top notch. The characters are all funny and likeable..

Read So You're Raising a Warrior at: https://mangamonster.net/so-youre-raising-a-warrior-m72knjgx

Surviving Romance

I'd massively reccomend reading this blind; it has a bunch of twists and huge plot moments and they're SO much better if you're going into the story with no information at all. I thought it would start off super generic, and it sort of seemed like it did, but that made the massive twist so much more impactful.

Beyond that I got nothing much to say. The characters are REALLY good. Not just good for a manwha but REALLY just amazingly well written. The story is somehow both funny and will make you cry, it's nice seeing the MC get her spirit back as she slowly survives this world she's stuck in; and especially when you find out WHY she's there. I really like when stories actually explain that too, a lot of isekai are like "I fell into this world bc of the mythical power of the semi truck." and that's it, but in this one the fact that she's fallen into this novel world and why and how it happened are core plot points (not gonna say more, bc potential spoilers.)

I REALLY don't wanna spoil anything. If you've read it, you know why; if you haven't then you should. This is one of like three manwha/webcomics that I still think about a long time after finishing it's first season; and that's out of like HUNDREDS of things that I've read, so give it a look.

Read Surviving Romance at: https://mangamonster.net/surviving-romance-m70x1pov

Take Me, I'm Yours


I cant get over the evil guys, they are displayed so baadly. Its like a child in kindergarden wrote the baddies.... 

Art is okay, story is interesting at the beginning, but there is not much of revenge or reconnaissance. 
The romance mhm... I don't know but lot of cliches as always. I dont like that kind of "fated love blah blah" ... mostly its just an excuse for badly written plot (this time it feels like that too)

If you want to try, read Take Me, I'm Yours at: https://mangamonster.net/take-me-im-yours-my630x8n

The Last Golden Child

The main character's advantage is healing powers, seems like there's going to be adventure, a focus on willpower and facing great odds, physical battles, training and getting stronger. There's unlikely to be any focus on romance, although there is a cute male character so far, the characters and art style are great, there's an actual plot, besides getting stronger... what's not to like? The main character does have what I've seen people call a cruel and over the top master, but I think she's not all that bad, just strict and mean-seeming.

Read The Last Golden Child at: https://mangamonster.net/the-last-golden-child-m74rlwjw

The Most Ordinary Girl

Have you ever wished you were special? Se-gye Lee certainly doesn’t! She wants nothing more than to be ordinary, but her extraordinary strength keeps landing her in hot water, like the time she accidentally knocked down the wall separating her home from her neighbor’s. Her good-looking neighbor, Juwon, is surprisingly nice about it, but he has secrets of his own. Then Yeong, who granted Se-gye her powers, comes back into her life. Se-gye asks him to make her normal again, but why does it seem like her life’s about to become much less ordinary?

Read The Most Ordinary Girl at: https://mangamonster.net/the-most-ordinary-girl-m7w6ndmo

The Runway

Art: Not bad but I have an issue with men faces, they are all the same and I still confuse two characters because they have the same hair color...

Story & Characters: we have three hotties, that's not bad hey hey ! the main male lead is the standard tsundere who will fall in love, of course. I still find him very toxic and mixed up with yandere stereotype. I really do not ship him with FL even if I have some weakness towards tsundere men. FL is not bad, a little bland and helpless to my taste.

The plot is common (one stand night with a stranger who is your new boss !haha) some hint of yaoi was nice. I do not especialy recommand this manhwa, but if you have nothing to do, why not for killing time purpose (I mean WC time)

Read The Runway at: https://mangamonster.net/the-runway-myvp8k1r

Threads of Love

Sarang Park has only one mission in life: to save her cousin, Pyeonggang, from a life-threatening illness. The only way to do so is to find Pyeonggang’s “Ondal” -- the person Pyeonggang has been fated to be with since her previous life. But on her journey to connect her cousin with her other half, Sarang just might get tangled up in a romance of her own.

Read Threads of Love at: https://mangamonster.net/threads-of-love-m7d60268

Ultra-Alternate Character

Our MC is just a normal bullied high school student, playing his normal HYPER VRMMORPG, Being your normal high ranked Korean player. But one day as he quits the game there is a bug. As he exits his body turns into his game character. There is an awful side effect. He must battle the monsters from the game, but in the real world. On the plus side the MC and the monster are invisible, and he gets to use his in-game skills.

It seems generic, but, I have never seen this spin of the classic Korean power fantasies, so I quite like it for now. We will see where the story goes with this, and I hope you give It a try.

The art goes well with the story, but it’s generic for a Manhwa.The backstory seems generic as well, considering the dead parents and a working older sister, but usually, the MC is older. I like his pushy older sister as a character, but the MC seems to be the usual MC on which anyone can project themselves onto so that’s a minus.

Overall, it’s good, but not fantastic, so try it up until chapter 10 and then decide.


Read Ultra-Alternate Character at: https://mangamonster.net/ultra-alternate-character-myxnzjdg


There simply isn't anything like this series. It is beyond a masterpiece. There is no doubt in my mind that Unordinary will become if it isn't already, a staple of literature. The complexity of this series is beyond comprehension, and is woven together so beautifully. The list of things it does right is endless, the art is stunning, the protagonist is not only genuisly crafted, but stays true to human phycology, something that I have never, and I mean never, seen perfected to such a degree. You get to see the main character as he deals with and chalenges his own flaws, which perfectly prepare him and the reader to become able to see the plot to its conclusion. Even though the story is not complete as of writing this review, the groundwork has already started to be laid for Unordinary to one day come to a conclusion of unimagional proportions. The side characters are also just as well developed. I say this with zero exageration, everything that happens within Unordinary happens for a reason. That reason might be a grain of sand, but enough sand eventually turns into a beach. So please, please read this series, but be warned, the emotions run deep, the good ones, and the bad ones.

The last thing I want to adress has major spoilers, however due to the fact that it is the most disliked point by readers I need to explain this: John has sever PTSD, and he has never truelly had any sort of counculing or chance to make peace with his past. When John goes through his antihero phace of the story, this is due to a relapse caused by Arlo forcefully having reopened traumatic memories for him. It takes a very long time for this to get resolved, which is also realistic because his trauma is truely that deep. I say all of this in full confidence, after having witnessed such relapses from my partner who also suffers from PTSD, to the point that I am comforting them though such relapses multiple times every week (In this specific instance I am refering to John's repeated flashback/dreamlike trance he frequently has). Having witnessed my own SO go through the proccess of coming to terms with their past, John's journey is completley justified as well as necisary, and yes it is long, trauma that deep takes a long time to learn how to live with, and even if you one day do learn to do so, it is still possible for a similar bad experience to reverse all the progress that one has accomplished, which is exactly what happens to John.

Read unOrdinary at: https://mangamonster.net/unordinary-m7no5j16

Weak Hero

Much like the other reviews, I cannot begin to say how insanely good this Manwha/Webtoon is, and if things go well with Crunchyroll during their test runs on Tower of God, God Of High School, and Noblesse, I can see a future anime adaptation for Weak Hero.

This is everything you want, in a cold, exciting, action read. The scenes are brutal, the emotions are real, things are so grounded in reality, you can almost imagine them happening right in front of your eyes.

Story: 9/10

At no point does the story of Weak Hero fall short (for the most part.) Even when we take cuts into peoples pasts, or turtle in between 'arcs' you still get a nice strong fill of emotion, action, and set up. The story is RICH, you have angst, sorrow, happiness, excitement, you name it, it can deliver it. There are times where you will feel sad, this Manwha delivers are rich amount of real life tragedies that affect us all, and it really drives home how traumatizing some of it is. It doesn't shirk away from scary topics like suicide, bullying, gang-affiliation and the fear that comes with it. It's more than just an action book, its a full-blown story with its own world and development.

Art: 8/10

As it's a Webtoon/Manwha you'll get your simple art, simple panel to panel, sometimes only speech bubbles. However where this Manwha excels is in the fight department. Sure it delivers on peoples emotional reactions, and dramatic scenes. But when it comes to Gray and his style of fighting, oh man, will it send shivers down your spine and hook you into it. Gray is not a clean fighter, and the ideas that pop out of the Authors head are captivating. I promise you one thing, if you read it, you'll imagine an animated version of it. Each moment really captivates the emotions and actions that are happening.

Characters: 9/10

It's hard to talk about the other subjects without touching down on how phenomenal each character is. They all have a unique character trait, no one protagonist is the same as the other, and they draw well upon one another, like a well tuned machine, or a puzzle. You get great character depth, astounding development, and you can really get down and understand what each one is thinking.

Enjoyment: 10/10

I don't give this rating out often, but I found my niche love. Every time I see someone stare into the eyes of 'White Mamba' after they know who he is, the drawn work of art really lets me see the fear they have.
Whenever you go to the next chapter, you can see the evolution of art style, drawing, ad character development. You jump on the journey of a growing Artist/Story Teller, and their work is a smash hit. I can't stress how much I recommend this.

Overall: 9/10

Read it, if you like action mixed in with dramatic story telling. Enough said.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9

Read Weak Hero at here

One Punch-Man

One Punch Man has the perfect balance between powerful planet bursting action scenes and a chilled main character that doesn't seem to bother about anything going on. One Punch Man series was made into a movie. The animation of the first season is top notch the way the images display the impact and speed of the fights is just mind blowing and a must watch for every animation lover. Also there's this great humor and perfect timing that makes One Punch Man almost a parody for so many other Anime/Manga. When Son Goku's gotta train his butt off to defeat his enemies Saitama is already over this point. He just needs one punch to blow away whatever's standing in his way. This idea is just brilliant to me and works surprisingly well. Read this show you won't regret it.

Read One Punch-Man free and no ads at: https://mangamonster.net/one-punch-manone-punch-man-myv3n86q

Fumetsu no Anata e (To Your Eternity)

This is oldworld storytelling. And it is an epic tale!

The story is both inventive and emotionally impactful. The story is so interesting that I feel it would be worth it to find out where the story draws it inspiration from. If you allow it the story can be very deep and allegorical. It reminds me of tribal stories of how the world began.

What really stands out about the plot is that it involves tons of growth, which is where many othe anime fall short. You get to see the main character evolve from a simple being into a complex, layered... (yet to be revealed). There are themes about how memory works, what makes good character, loss, kinship.

The one grip I would have is the awkward insertion of the enemy force. But I looking forward to watching the remaining episodes to see if it all comes together.

All in all. I love it.

Read To Your Eternity at: https://mangamonster.net/fumetsu-no-anata-eto-your-eternity-mqpwm8wy

Heavenly Demon Reborn!

It's a great read. It starts measly with revenge motives (the art is catastrophic in the beginning, but when you get used to it, it slowly, but steadily does become better).

This manhua brightly shines among the best cultivation-like manhua. Do not stop with the art at the begining it becomes way better after some scans and is almost perfect. But this is not the only quality the plot is interesting nor too quick neither too slow the rythm is perfect and the revenge wich is the leading theme, do not blind the main character. Indeed the main character is smart and an hard worker. The more you read this work of art the more you want to know and the more stress seing the last scan arriving meaning at least a week waiting for a new update. But each period of waiting is worth considering the quality of the plot and the art. 

It's actually a real nice read, wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but it keeps your attention and is getting better as you go which is real important!

Read Heavenly Demon Reborn! at: https://mangamonster.net/chronicles-of-heavenly-demon-mqm86lnp

My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending

This manga is refreshing.

It's about Kazuki who finds himself inside the world of a game as the young villain "Harold Stokes". Now as Harold, what he says is translated into insults and criticism. Even worse, he's supposed to die later on. So he's doing what he can to prevent it.

I only started to like the manga near chapter 10 but I don't think it will take that much time for you and if it does, try to give it some time. (Also, I read chapter 23.5 after chapter 24 since it's a lot easier to understand like that; so 23 -> 24 -> 23.5)

It's a good story, with good enough drawing and character development that is interesting as well. Harold acts as an anti-hero in fact since his parents can be suspicious of him at any moment but he's still a bit realistic I would say. Same for other characters that I only started to like after chapter 10.

Also as the title suggests, there are still death flags later on (like in any manga of this genre actually..) but they are not used as a means to have more chapters. Let me explain: Usually, when something different from the "original plot/game" happens, everything goes for the best but the mc stays disillusioned and keeps thinking he's in trouble. Here, his way of thinking is still logical, he is neither dull enough to think everything is normal nor so smart he knows that something is strange when there was nothing pointing to it; And we can sometimes see his limits actually.

Read My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending at: https://mangamonster.net/my-death-flags-show-no-sign-of-ending-myl8l38d


RE:Monster is a fantasy RPG manga that centers on Goblinrou as the main protagonist,
a human reincarnated as a goblin. He has to learn the harsh life of being a monster and evolving to bigger hights as he gains that valuable exp.

Story: 8

The story in itself is a bit mainstream like most rpg genra these days, one that would be closest to this one would be the mangsa "The Gamer" for the RPG element and "Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu" for the reincarnation part. But in in its base it still a story of a growing monster.
It has mature elementes with killing and suggestive themes. So it is a shounen manga tipping over to seinen.

Art: 8

Pretty good art, not much else to say about :3.

Character: 9

The MC himself has a interesting backstory, which hes reincarnated self benefits from.
He bends over the tactical/calculating personality, typicaly keeping his cool and only does stuff if necessary. The rest of his flock start a bit monotone, but begin to get more personality after a while.

Enjoyment: 9

I really enjoyed reading this manga and can not wait til the next chapter comes out.
Since it is hard to find manga with monster protagonists. Those who like monstergirls might enjoy this just for the monstergirls aswell. :3

Overall: 8.5

Overall a must read for those who want to taste something else then your average human protagonist, and love fantasy/ RPG mangas.

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/re-monster-mq1688rr

Real no Heroine wa Irimasen!

I enjoyed this even despite it's flaws.

One of the biggest problems is that the MC isn't all that great. Are first impression of him is of him debating whether or not he should save some girl from rape. He only ever saves the girl because they spotted him last second. Might have not been the authors intention and had completely overlooked what this looks like. But it's not that great right from the start.

I enjoy the girl character in this. I think her character model is nice and attractive in itself and i'd like if the story had more of her. I don't like how she doesn't seem that strong even though she is a feared delinquent. I don't think i ever saw her put up a fight and as a result almost leads to her being raped again.

Just a week or two ago i finished an anime. This anime and this show i feel has some similarities. The show i'm talking about is " The World God Only Knows" I get the feeling that the MC is meant to be inspired by the MC in TWGOK. They have similar hobbies. For example. Them both being addicted to games and both not having a care about the real world while liking 2D girls more then real girls. If you have watched that show and you read this then you will probably understand why it doesn't feel right.

Last thing of issue is the overuse of rape. Like we are all of a sudden told that the girl MC may have been raped after being slipped sleeping pills. This is so out of left field for a story with such a comedic aura. If i remember there are 4 different times rape comes up in this story with only 21 chapters as of today with the 21 just coming out hours ago. There's even more talk of rape if you count the Male MC almost getting raped by a guy.

I do enjoy this though even with those faults that may seem big. I wish we got to see more of the Girl MC be herself and not try to be what the boy's ideal girl would be like. I think she looks really nice when she doesn't have her hair in Twintails ( Get's flashbacks to that Anime) She looks nice with her hair down and in a pony tail. She does look nice how she is too.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/real-no-heroine-wa-irimasen-m72knn80

The Lone Necromancer

I don't like the way our MC is always full of confidence and act as though everything, including fights are according to his pre-determined plan. Every time he fights, he voices out his inner dialogues and communicates to his enemies as though it is just a friendly spar. It could just end with a single action but no, the MC prolongs it. Every time he fights with his life on the line, its a smile and talking here and there and there is not much seriousness to it that I skipped most of it just to get it done with.

I feel like all characters are void of emotions. Like a mask, I feel like I cannot understand what the characters are going through behind their generic facial expressions. The environment doesn't feel apocalypytic for the reason that our main characters are just treating the world like a game as teenagers would. 

As of chapter 40, there is not much necro summons diversity. In addition to this, the theme of the fires that provide artistic work to these skeletons is the color blue, and for every battle there is blue here and blue there and our characters posing. It just gets dull with this and the fighting style mentioned in point one and two.

The story is just generic. People are 'awakened' and are drunk with power, both antagonists and protagonists, except the protagonist has extreme luck factor and posing screen time. 

He's a newborn necromancer who has just picked the class on a whim and now suddenly the system calls him ' the ruler of death' as though he reached the pinnacle of power. How much more edgy does it get? The only thing he can do is provide a cute-action intended AI to his 'arise' corpses and have them work like farmers with swords and blue fire eyes. 

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/solo-necromancy-myzwk68r

Go! Go! Loser Ranger!

I haven't seen any reviews of this manga yet and I think it desperately deserves one. Here goes: as of right now, Ranger Reject seems like a more mature indie hit in the vein of Fire Punch. The premise is a fairly clever twist on super sentai -- I'd liken it to The Boys, if you've seen that. While it's a bit too early to make a final verdict, I'm still recommending this. A few more thoughts below.

The art is really well-done, though it's not particularly memorable in its own right. One gripe I have is that it's kind of hard to tell to tell the different rangers apart in black and white paneling. The helmets are unique, but don't do enough to distinguish the rangers from one another. That said, it's still better than 90% of the stuff I've been reading lately -- crisp and well-composed.

Bang on, and refreshing in that surprisingly western Fujimoto fashion. I've been impressed by Haruba Negi's ability to characterize so many characters in such quick strokes. The moral dilemma of reform vs. revolution has been handled excellently so far, and I'm genuinely invested in the protagonist. The humor is great, too. It's the kind of black comedy that manga usually fails to get right.

Final verdict:
This is my pick for "hipster manga of 2021", and I'd easily rate this as the best current release I'm reading, alongside Dai Dark and Jujutsu Kaisen. Keep your eyes on this manga if nothing else -- I wouldn't be surprised to see this blow up over time. Go read it!
Reviewer’s Rating: 9

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/ranger-reject-myl8lrxj

Isekai no Meikyuu Toshi de Chiyu Mahoutsukai Yattemasu

I'm only 2 chapters in but that's more than enough to get a super quick review done for this. This is a cookie cutter isekai in every sense of the genre. It has a cookie cutter protagonist (college-aged pervy guy), with a cookie cutter goal (to create a harem) with cookie cutter heroines with cookie cutter tropes (tsunderes galore and the pervy female among others) and a cookie cutter adventure plot (visiting the labyrinth). Nothing stands out, everything is just "meh" and that won't change. It almost seems like the author tried to deliberately hit every isekai stereotype in the book. Ruruka is the best girl by far and the only character I like. She's the only one who's semi-interesting and isn't pure cookie cutter.

I won't drop it yet, as cookie cutter isekai isn't outright bad in my opinion, just mediocre, but don't begin reading this expecting anything different than what other basic isekai offer.

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/isekai-no-meikyuu-toshi-de-chiyu-mahoutsukai-yattemasu-mqp4z41l

Jyashin-chan Dropkick

The story does remind me of "Gabriel Dropout" I liked Gabriel Dropout. It was fun but I didn't like how the MC in that turned into a slob and rude being when she used to be an Honor student.

I like the characters and find their Voice Acting, Designs and Personalities all good and interesting.

Jashin Is a good character. I like her personality and design. I find it weird that for some reason she doesn't appear to have boobs. I also thought that Snake-Women should have big boobs. It just is what I've always seen from those characters. I do like that she didn't use to have some sweet and charming personality but became a slob and rude like what Happened in " Gabriel Dropout"

Medusa is probably my favorite or up there. I always like personalities like hers and I love her character design the most of all the characters. I do like the small amount of Yuri themed tensions between Jashin and Medusa.

Yurine surprised me in the fact that I didn't find her to be annoying. I can easily see her personality to be obnoxious and her always beating Up Jashin could get bad if it wasn't done well. I also have had bad experiences with people wearing eye patches ( I.e Chuunibyou, I didn't like that show) So I'm happy that I actually like her.

Pekora I like. I do feel bad for her though. By the end of the show, I'm wanting her to have found her Halo and return to heaven. Maybe have her get a task of returning to Earth and "Watching" The group. I also love the idea that God is up there in heaven watching a Tv laughing while all the stuff in the show happens.

The cowgirl ( I can't remember her name) Might be interesting. But we've gotten so little of her that it's hard to even judge her character at this point.

The animation is also pretty good and has its own appeal to it.

Overall this is a fun show and as of now, It's my favorite show of the season. Might have to do with me not being fully caught up on my shows and not being able to watch much of them/
Reviewer’s Rating: 8

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/jyashin-chan-dropkick-m70zlz6m

Shadows House

For anyone who's watched TPNL (S1 only), Shadows House is eerily similar but distinct. If I'm being completely honest, this is the most underrated show this season and that's a fact.

Story: 8/10
Just like TPNL, Shadows House creates a happy, cheerful atmosphere/setting that has much darker and mysterious things brewing beneath it. I couldn't help myself and binged the manga, so all I can say is the story is everything TPNL could have been and more; it's truly a well-crafted, thorough story with no plot holes or reliance on plot armour to save the day.

Ironically enough, I think a lot of people in the digital era (and especially the insecure folks on platforms like MAL) could learn a lot about the shadow/doll dynamic explore in the series. Just a thought :)

Art: 8/10
The art and animation are quite nice, background scenery especially is very well done.

Sound: 8/10
Voice acting is very well done, especially for shadows and their distinct personalities (like Kate's seriousness). OP and ED are pretty good too.

Character: 8/10
If I'm being honest, I don't really like Emilia. Maybe that's just because her clumsiness pisses me off... but that being said, the characters in Shadows House are very well designed. The biggest point for solid character design is how you can tell shadows apart from one another and how they have distinct personalities despite being a literal shadow.

Enjoyment: 8/10
Shadows House is a good watch. You're left with lots of questions and pondering what's really going on at this eerie mansion. But just like any good series would, these plot points are carefully and properly unravelled and introduced, making for a beautifully crafted series. When all is said and done, this will have been one of my favourite series this season no doubt.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/shadows-house-mqg6mm29

Maou Gun Saikyou no Majutsushi wa Ningen datta

Not a great novel, but not a bad novel either. The problem is that it is ruin by the author repeatedly saying "because he is human, he should do this" or "because he is Japanese, he should do that", making it as his execuse for his action. It really weakens the main character in general.


For example, the author keeps writing "because he is human, he doesn't like killing, or seeing his subordinate dies". This is poor writing and weaken his personality. The author could just write that he himself dislike killing, but since this is war, he would at least keep the casualty to a minimum by getting rid of the hostile enemies.


This happen throughout the novels. It's like he's a puppet and perform a scripted action base on his race and past life nationality.

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/maou-gun-saikyou-no-majutsushi-wa-ningen-datta-m736584n

Ore no Ie ga Maryoku Spot datta Ken

It has fanservice. It is not over the top, it is not nudity all over the place, not but it is definitely written with fanservice in mind, there are half-undressed women, etc. The chapters are very short. The visuals, however, are quite good. Detailed characters, nice and well drawn.Highly stereotypical character behaviors. No darkness, the series are very calm. The author might have a thing for people soiling themselves. This happens more than once, and it is unclear if the author is into it, or has some sort of fetish.

This title sort of resembles Isekai Nonbiri Nouka, and depicts mostly everyday life of an overpowered main ...

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/ore-no-ie-ga-maryoku-spot-datta-ken-my5p66d0

Dark Gathering

I'm so sad to see that there aren't many people who know about this manga but this review will be for those who happen to stumble across this page and are wondering if they should pick up. Answer: YOU TOTALLY SHOULD

Dark Gathering might be one of my favorite hidden gems I've found in a while. If you are looking for an action occult manga like jujutsu kaisen and still have the sour/disappointing taste of phantom seer in your mouth I HIGHLY rec. starting this manga. The fun twist is that non of the main characters actually have 'super powers' its all done within the rules of this world and nothing is ever pulled out of the ass which just makes it so much more enjoyable. No power of friendship, no random power ups, the occult side stuff is actually horrifying at times (especially the main characters main curse/fear which is actually terrifying) it real shows that this is a true HORRER manga.

Story and Characters: 10 Yo I love our 3/4 main cast of characters, I love how likable and complex they all are. We got our very progression driven main character who is a ghost magnet but has personality problems which surprisingly don't get grating as he is constantly trying to improve making him a lovable, wholesome goof ball just trying to make his way through his horrible life. We got the ghost torturing 20 yr old loli who has a super interesting character design as screams that "I'm an expert don't question me attitude". AND WE HAVE THE BEST CHARCTER of best girl who is just the best (read to find out, but no really I love Eiko's whole character as it gives so much more character to the story as a whole as I feel the duo main ghost people would get stale on their own. Having a character who serves so many roles as the love interest, outside perspective, extremely capaple, etc. is just so impressive.
Art: 9 The art is good, all the ghost designs are extremely creepy and I love how they portray ghost capturing, focusing a lot on the voodoo aspect as well as their physical designs. What helps is that for the 'main' ghosts they love to hint at their designs which makes for a lot of interesting reflection shots, etc.
Enjoyment and Overall: 9 ITS SO GOOD BUT DOESN'T HAVE A LOT OF CHAPTERS BUT I STILL RECCOMEND IT BECUASE ITS SO GOSH DARN FUN, its not perfect and it seems to be going towards a somewhat fast story maybe 50 or so 50pg chapters its feeliing like but its still got good pacing so get on the train boys.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/dark-gathering-m7e0x16n

Dungeon Builder - The Demon King's Labyrinth is a Modern City!

I don't like this MC. The plot is interesting enough but the story is too nice for my taste. MC's goal is making friends and living happy forever. That could have been interesting but having an obviously young MC imply that his comrades are also young and so you'll have a silly story.

MC has to build a dungeon but decides to build a city which is fine but that goal is just plain weird. We assume he got isekai'd since he knows about guns but he somehow don't remember anything else. And I guess he also brought his personality since he doesn't want to have humans fighting monsters. He builds a city, sells high quality stuff at a cheap price and just roam around acting like a landlord. That's basically it. There's nothing more to the story than that. I'm sure there will be some kind of conflict later on but I don't see how he can defend himself with his nature.

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/maou-sama-no-machizukuri-myx4l214

Verndio - Surreal Sword Saga

I was browsing through manga's to read and I saw this manga. The artstyle reminded me of a certain manga called Helck so I checked the author and it seemed like the mangas both originated from the same authors, I had very high expectations from this and I didn't get what I wanted but didnt hate what I got either.

Story: 6.5

The hook of the story got me into the manga just like how Helck did with me too. A Mercenary who was sent out in war as a normal solider saved by a mysterious beastkin girl, I got curious as soon as I read the first chapter which was the prologue. The story has various genres, Slice of life, Action, fantasy, mystery and an ounce of romance(?).

Art: 7

Loved seeing this artstyle again feeling nostalgic from when I first read Helck getting a full rollercoaster of emotions. Never felt disappointed with this artstyle and will never too.

Characters: 8

Kohaku and Cleo the first two protagonists, Kohaku with the calm side and Cleop with the energetic fun side. Loved both the characters chemistry complying to eachother.

Enjoyment: 7

Had a fun ride within the read, disappointed with some of the gags but had a nice fun, soothing and action packed ride while reading 100% would recommend to people who enjoyed Helck.

Overall: 7

I would give it a solid 7 was nice to find another piece of work from Nanao and Nanaki, was mostly looking for just a small manga to read while resting but found myself a nice manga to burn some time with.

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/verndio-surreal-sword-saga-myvp8j0m

Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi wo Suru

Slow paced romance that is definitely worth the read! The slow development adds so much to the story because it all feels natural in the end. Nothing is out of place. Once the romance begins, the story gets even cuter and sexier. Both the ML and fl are opposites with common interests and it's unique to see how they handle their relationship. It's different from other relationships I've read. Both of them make time for each other despite their age gap and schedules. I really enjoy the character development and characters in this story. Definitely one of the best slow burn romances.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/yamada-kun-to-lv999-no-koi-wo-suru-mqp62jg2

After God

This is absolutely one of the best stories I've read so far. Fights are interesting, although not overly abundant, but the philosophy about life and humans, societies and struggles, is over the top good. The most infectious thing in the world is an idea, and idea is portrayed by humans, therefore humans must be eradicated or submitted to (This is mine, not from manga).

Everyone who comes across this manga should read it, it's a masterful storytelling, art design is brilliant and aside from mostly being black and white, when it is portraying the heaviness of the moment it starts mixing in the colors, which gives you an idea that, that moment is important and that holy sh*t moment is coming.

It's only 30 chapters in, and as it would seem it has a long way to go from here, but I do expect it to be new hype manga of the next year. Do give it a read, and you will get hooked! Look in to this mangas eyes and you'll never want to look away again.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9


Awkward Senpai

The series is... diabetic. It's cute. It makes you clench your chest and say "Ahhh, this is so damn cute!". The start of it would immediately get you hooked because of 1. the art style is just gorgeous, and 2. the character interactions are funny and sweet. Typical office setting with some romance (maybe).

As far as character development goes, not so much. There are only about 3-4 notable characters so far but at least it helps with remembering names. The art and details that are focused on each character, especially on Kannawa Azusa, is also superb. Feels similar to Violet Evergarden.

It's quite enjoyable especially for those who seek diabetic romances and go doki doki and for casual readers who want a different genre to tread on.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/awkward-senpai-mq9r1o3g

Happy Harem Making with the Mightiest Orc!

I'd say one of the better harem mangas out there. I don't know what people have with their "rapey stuff". The mc is simply true to his nature and tells girls that he would like to fuck them. He never ever does anything against their wills though and even calls people who would do such a thing scumbags. His goal is to have a harem full of happy wives and (if I read a bit into stuff he said early on - not just the "I want to impregnate beautiful girls part, which I found to be hilarious) have and raise children someday. The girls don't simply get along with each other and don't fall for the dude just because he's the mc. They know he's a weird pervert and put off at first and I'm looking forward to seeing this guy getting dumped for the first time for real. This feels more like something that would actually happen if some weird perv tried to build a harem in a fantasy world. At least it's more likely than 80% of harem genre titles out there where every girl falls for the mc at first sight and doesn't care about the fact that he wants to fuck every other female thing in the universe as well. 

Above average harem. Average fantasy. World building is relatively nice for something I thought will be pretty bland and mediocre. I didn't find myself complaining about the art so that's a point as well. MC annoys me a bit but that's taste, I'd prefer him to keep his goals a bit to himself and not tell everyone, even in front of his girls, that he wants to "push them down" but only with consent (lol). 

It's kind of hilarious so I had a few good laughs even though jokes were average at most as well. 

This reminds me of a TLN I read. I forgot the exact wording but tl was talking about this being junk food. We consume it even though we know it's bad. This is slightly better junk food. 

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/shijou-saikyou-orc-san-no-tanoshii-tanetsuke-harem-zukuri-myv3vnx8

Kengan Omega

Like Kengan Ashura? You'll love Omega!

Easy review aside, KO is the sequel to the hit martial arts manga and takes place 2 years after the Kengan Annihilation tournament and follows two new protagonists, Kogu Naroshima and Ryuki Gaoh, a hot headed street fighter, and a mysterious, calm, yet secluded from reality warrior from the "Inside", the same as our previous protagonist, Tokita Ohma, and their journey into the Kengan matches and a mysterious organization destroying it from the inside called, "The Worm."

Kengan's fights and art are as good as ever, impactful action, detailed artwork and martial arts explanations, and the fighting banter is as good as ever. Omega is as strong as it's predecessor and may easily well go beyond it as well.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/kengan-omega-m7w326gn

Kill The Hero


Mc has such a cunning and systematic way of hunting. He has that ultimate goal and you can actually see how he destroys everything down related to it. I can't wait to see what he'll do next. He has such a sexy mind!


Kim Woo Jin was betrayed by the 'Master', Messiah Guild's Hero, that he trusted to save the world. Unfortunately, it was all just fake. After dying and going back again in the past, he has a new goal. He will 'HUNT' down this so called HERO.

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/kill-the-hero-myx4lndw

Shitsugyou Kenja no Nariagari

Honestly this feels like a breath of fresh air for manga it has great comedy and an uncanny situation only thing I'm not to big a fan of is the fan service it would become an amazing anime and can't wait for more chapters although they are kind of at a slippery slope because of how op the MC is but they agnowledge it making it part of the comedy I just hope it doesn't grow stale 

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/shitsugyou-kenja-no-nariagari-m73lzonz

Thank You, Isekai!

Pretty interesting manga - there's a good amount to like here, the expressions are great and there are some really funny/charming moments. That said, I feel like this series has some of the most bizarre tonal whiplash I've experienced from a story in a hot minute. We're seriously going from slice-of-life type humor and shenanigans to people getting dismembered, eaten, and raped in the span of a couple pages like... it's not like including dark elements in an otherwise lighthearted story is an issue in itself, but... it really just feels, to me, like the author might be trying to do a little too much at once. The pace at which some chapters will switch between gruesome imagery and our regularly scheduled goofy face buddy-buddy family-friendly entertainment is just kinda wild.

It's worth noting that this unbalance seemed toned down a little more in the most recent chapters, so, going forward, it may be a different story - it's not as though adult themes and tongue-in-cheek violence weren't present from the very start, and by and large, I felt like the author was able to pull it off in a way that at least kept the story humorous and engaging; it was a generally entertaining read. However, it's just hard to really get all that invested as a result of that ever-present dissonance between what the manga is and what it seems like it keeps trying to be - I felt like both the characters and the world-building suffered a bit as a result. It's hard to be both a dark fantasy and a whimsical, self-aware fantasy at once, and despite some very entertaining and memorable panels, it's hard for me to see this story sticking the landing. I think if they stuck just a little tiny bit more to the silly stuff, it'd be better for it. But to each their own - if you're an isekai fan looking for something a little different, this one just might float your boat.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/thank-you-isekai-m74rlwlo

The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years

I was discouraged to read this after I saw a review giving it a terrible rating. I will say this read isn't for everyone. While some of you may adore tropes or stories like this, others will find the plot frustrating. 

Personally, I liked where the story started and was becoming, that is until a female character came along. I'm just the type who prefers solo mcs and I don't mind a little teaming up here and there but it seems this girl is gonna be relevant to the story. 

The overpowered mc enters a body of a weak man and shows up to the academy the next day like a big shot, showing off some of his superiority. I figure he's never been noticed in a way like this before, but the moment he shows a little bit of strength, power-lust female character starts taking interest in him. She starts clinging onto him and getting flustered at every thing he does. He could motherfucking breathe and her panties would be soaked. She acts like a weak retard because I guess being helpless is sexy? Only in moments of need though, she'll show the powers that she's had. She's also pretty naggy. She reminds me of Lucy from fairytale.

If you like fairytale, and you like Lucy, you'll probably like this story so give it a go.

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/the-great-mage-returns-after-4000-years-m74rlwgo

At the Northern Fort

This novel is a very enjoyable read, so cute and sweet. Seeing the world from the baby fox eyes is really adorable. It is definitely a recommended read for those who want something fluffy to read that is heartwarming. Just having her around brightens up the day for the war hardened soldiers.

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/at-the-northern-fort-m70zldo9

Futago Complex

The characters are pretty cute, both in how they're drawn and in how they interact with each other. I would say that this manga is more good than bad, but it is also more on the shallow time-waster side of things. As such, I don't think this manga will ever be a classic, but I doubt it would be something you'd regret reading. Nishizono is probably the weakest character. Ao can also be pretty bland, because in many ways fe's supposed to be a foil for Momo's intensity.

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/futago-complex-m7k4mzmr

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

If you like to watch every seasonal cliche fantasy or isekai then this is for you. I see a lot of bad reviews on animes like these but I love them. I've seen a lot of bad anime before and this definitely isn't one of them. Don't start watching it and expecting it to the best anime ever, just relax and enjoy.

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear is a cute lighthearted run of the mill isekai fantasy anime. The main character is a lazy stay at home high school girl who is transported to the world of a game she plays. She is forced to wear a bear costume, all her magic is bear related spells and her summons are cute bears of course. The thing I like about Yuna the most is she is very relatable and honest. Although Yuna is able to do a lot of things through her magic she stills needs help from others and she builds many relationships along the way. I really recommend if you like lighthearted fantasy anime or slice of life. Its by no means a masterpiece but I love this show. Also as a bonus the ending song is really good. This was my first review and I am not very good at them but i tried.

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/kuma-kuma-kuma-bear-m7w3261m

Legend of Asura - The Venom Dragon

To start of this manhwa is very VERY good! unlike majority of other cultivation manhwa this is original and unique in its own way. In that it follows a MC that doesnt exactly gain insane OP strength from the get go or via non sensical means, instead his power is poison itself (or venom however you want to put it) he adaptapbly learns this very early on knowing that this is his core strength. And make no mistake he dam well puts it to good use!

At the start of the manwha the MC is what you would think of a child, While he might adapt extremely quickly he still makes silly mistakes as a child would, Further cementing how well the story is written. He will gain some training about early to mid way through (Current latest chapter being @ 38 right now) but only the basics, so the reliance is still there for his core strength. He methodically plans out attacks and strategizes for his targets in a very appealing way

Art is undeniably VERY good!

Overall if youre looking for a refreshing manhwa this could be it for you. However if all youre looking for is an insane power gaining manhwa, Then im sorry to say youd be better reading this elsewhere as i noticed quite a few people upset how he still lacks "Plot Power"

Also so as to not spoil to much. youl either love it or hate how good the main villian is in this. but i think its weird but enjoyable way for the MC to prograss as a character in a whole!

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/legend-of-asura-the-venom-dragon-m7ddw65m

Martial Peak

It was my secon manhwa after the tales of demons and gods. First it started rather dull but as the plot moved ahead it was really great. Not only is the manhwa full of action and adventure but also the twist of romance gives it's story a great pick. Middle of the portion is a bit boring due to repeated things like ascending to a higher world for better cultivation, Yang Kai passed so many worlds that it made it rather boring. But as I was thinking of leaving this manhwa mid way a tsundere character is introduced it gave it a new twist. His wives,  continuously increasing number. It may sound different but it was great, every wife's story with yang Kai. Also he don't leave them after finding another. He is really a talented person and kills his enemy without any fear. This manhwa is a daily schedule as everyday 3 to 4 chapters are released. 

read at: https://mangamonster.net/martial-peak-mqr8wlr0

Otherworldly Munchkin - Let's Speedrun the Dungeon with Only 1 HP!

A quick review, this is your average isekai but with a dnd twist, it is one of the most decent isekai in my opinion, not falling for op mc and other overseened trope, pretty good to pass time.

Read at: https://mangamonster.net/another-world-munchkin-mqm86623


This review is just my personal opinions. Thank you for reading!


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