Internet Baffled After Woman Refuses to Give Up Plane Seat for Family of 5

May 21, 2024
Internet Baffled After Woman Refuses to Give Up Plane Seat for Family of 5


Holiday travel can create lasting memories, but the journey itself often comes with its own challenges.

This was the case for Reddit user Kitsune_chan29, who found herself in a contentious situation during a recent flight. She had pre-selected an aisle seat to ensure comfort on a long trip, but her plans were disrupted when another passenger asked her to switch seats.

In a post on the subreddit ‘Am I the [Jerk]?’, the woman recounted how she refused to move despite increasing pressure from other passengers. Here’s what happened...

“This was my second 8-hour flight on my way home from Africa via Dubai. I had booked an aisle seat so I could get up without bothering others and a special meal due to health requirements. I boarded the plane, found my seat, and settled in,” the woman wrote.

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A family of five boarded and, with limited English, requested she switch seats with one of their children so they could sit together. Noticing the father was seated separately from the rest of the family, she assumed they hadn’t booked seats in advance. Initially, she agreed, thinking it was a simple swap, but when she realized they wanted her to take a middle seat, she declined.

She continued: “Another passenger then suggested I move to a seat in the back, which I also refused. I explained that I had booked my seat and ordered a special meal, and there was no way I was moving to a middle seat. He then started loudly criticizing me, hoping I’d feel guilty for splitting up a family, which caught the crew's attention as it was delaying boarding.”

Eventually, the crew found another passenger willing to switch, but not before the woman endured a loud comment: “Do you understand what happened? She thought her seat was too special, so she wouldn’t let you sit together.”

To her surprise, the online community supported her stance. One Redditor commented: “I’m tired of entitled people thinking someone should sacrifice for them. If they wanted to be seated together, they should’ve booked seats together. Not your problem and good on you for standing your ground and not letting them bully you.”


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Another user added: “I really wish airlines wouldn’t allow people traveling with minors to leave it up to random seating. So many parents think they can save a few bucks by choosing this option and just making it everyone else’s problem once they get on the plane. You are always [not the a*****e] for staying in the seat you paid for. Those parents knew exactly what they were doing when they booked.”

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