HT4. She Bought Her Fiancé A PS5 For Christmas And Lost It When She Saw His Gift - S2

Jun 14, 2024
HT4. She Bought Her Fiancé A PS5 For Christmas And Lost It When She Saw His Gift - S2




It is difficult when you give someone everything you possibly can and they give you back very little in return. Even if they have the intention of making up for it later, it can be very hurtful.



That is the experience one woman had when she saved up and gave her fiance a PS5. Those gaming systems were not easy to come by and she had to really go all in to make sure he got the gift.

When she received her gift, she ended up losing it and his entire family was there to witness her pain. The problem was, they didn’t feel the pain along with her. She posted the following on Reddit to see if she was in the wrong.

I have been engaged to my fiancè M37 for 6 months. He is a pediatrician and I work as a hairstylist. For this year’s holidays I saved up for months and had a very difficult time buying my fiancè the gift he always wanted but never bothered to buy. I bought him a ps5 from a relative that cost +money since I couldn’t find it anywhere else. I can’t tell you how much of a struggle that was. My fiancè recently opened a private practice with his colleagues and his financial situation is better than it used to be.

This year he gifted his parents his old apartment (he didn’t tell me about that) and gave his brother his old Mercedes after spending money on customization. He got busy a few days before Christmas and didn’t ask what I wanted as a gift. I brought up the things that I might need/use and the possibility of getting them as a gift for this year. He was listening and understood what I was saying. At that point I thought that he got an idea. On Christmas day the family came to celebrate with us. Everyone got their gifts and I saw that he got me a pack of toothpicks . he handed it to me and I was so confused I asked him and he said it was for me. His younger sister started laughing quietly like it was funny. I blinked in astonishment. Like what is this? He acted like I was making it awkward. He looked serious and asked if I was going to accept it or wether he should just give it to his niece. I couldn’t believe he just said that. I asked if he was serious and he insisted that I just take it and thanked me for the ps5 I got him and told me he loved me. At that point I lost it I went to the bathroom while his family were giggling for some reason. And I felt so awful I almost cried.

He knocked on the door and told me that he was just messing with me. That it was just a prank. And that it was his sister’s idea. I lost it I started yelling at him and the whole family gathered near the bathroom and watched when I was yelling at him and calling him an a*shole for doing this to me. What’s worse is that his sister recorded my reaction for the lols so she could laugh about it later. I told him he was childish and insensitive he argued that it was no big deal when he embarrassed me infront of his parents like that. We argued and then I left to my mom’s house. He called me saying I overreacted and that he didn’t think this would be my response. His mom berated me for “ruining dinner and everyone’s mood and causing a scene” during a phone call saying I upset my fiancè by leaving all of a sudden. My mom thought they were all in the wrong for being part of this and I had no idea what the joke was honestly. The next day he showed up with my “actual” gift and started apologizing to me saying it was his sister who came up with this idea. And used it as an excuse.

This was not okay and I don’t think anyone would be okay with this.

Edit: to answer your question his sister is 23 she’s the youngest of four. He’s the oldest.

I’m a plant lover and my gift was something to do with Gardening. I grow a lot of plants in the backyard. It’s what I love to do.


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