HT2. I Refuse to Dye My Gray Hair for My Wedding; I’ve Had It Since I Was 16

Jun 16, 2024
HT2. I Refuse to Dye My Gray Hair for My Wedding; I’ve Had It Since I Was 16

Confidence is key on a wedding day, and this bride radiated it in abundance. She challenges society’s perception head-on, using her wedding day as a platform to demonstrate that gray hair can be a striking and elegant feature to behold.

On July 2, a heartwarming moment captured the attention of millions when Miami makeup specialist, Tia Codrington, shared a TikTok video featuring her client, Kadeja Baker, radiating beauty as she embraced her natural gray hair on her wedding day.

In the accompanying caption, Codrington expressed her admiration, stating, “I loved my bride’s natural gray hair. She’s had it since she was 16.” Little did they know that this extraordinary display of self-acceptance would soon set the internet abuzz, amassing an astonishing 1.4 million views and over 170,000 likes.

“I initially didn’t have any expectations when posting the videos other than to share her beauty through my eyes,” Codrington said. “But witnessing how she embraced and embodied the beauty of her hair was something I felt compelled to share.”

Codrington added that it was “amazing” to know that Baker had the option to change her hair color for her wedding day, but chose to be herself and wear her natural hair color.Before her wedding planning process, Baker was not active on any social media platforms. In an interview, she admitted to feeling genuinely “shocked” by the overwhelming attention her video received, describing the response as “plentiful” and heartening.

Reflecting on the unexpected viral fame, Baker humbly shared, “I did not expect for the responses to be as plentiful as I look at myself in the mirror every day and did not think it was that big of a deal that I was embracing my natural hair and look.”

The 38-year-old bride expressed her surprise at the overwhelmingly positive comments on social media. Kadeja shared that it took her many years to fully appreciate her own hair after the onset of graying during her teenage years.

Despite her initial reservations, she was deeply moved by the support and inspiration her video brought to others. Grateful for the kind words, she humbly said, “They’re saying I’m embracing myself, but I would tell them, ‘Thank you for taking that on and seeing it that away and allowing it to inspire them. Thank you for embracing me.’”


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