Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is a third-season isekai action show that is taking each character's arc in novel and exciting new directions. The isekai "school life" story and shonen action elements of My Hero Academia are both present in this anime, which combines multiple genres simultaneously. For students like Asmodeus Alice in particular, the Harvest Festival in Season 3 is offering the ideal chance for development.

As Iruma's closest friend and steadfast protector for a number of episodes, Alice has grown complacent. He even gave up all of his ambitions to be content by Iruma's side while oblivious to the vacant demon king's throne. But now, Alice might develop a significant new opponent, which might inspire him to become much more than just a reliable ally.


How the Dorodoro Brothers and Alice & Sabnock Became Friends

Iruma-kun: Asmodeus Alice's New Rivalry Could Change Everything For Him_0

Season 3, Episode 10 of Iruma-kun concluded the fierce indirect battle between the Alice/Sabnock duo and the battle-hardened Dorodoro brothers, Ichiro and Nichiro. Alice even used magic pills to force his evil cycle to awaken, making him a new breed of "half-other" anime heroes in the process. That power won Alice the match, and the Dorodoro brothers graciously admitted defeat. However, the war is just beginning; rather than hold a grudge, the Dorodoro brothers now see Alice and Sabnock as worthy rivals and hope to compete with them more often in the future. It's a gruff friendship born in battle, a common occurrence in shonen anime.

This is a positive reflection on Alice, who warmly accepts the Dorodoro brothers as worthy opponents instead of shunning them. Since Alice is a high-born demon with a noble bloodline, he could act like a male himedere and just look down on everyone. That may have been something he or his family did in the past, but not right now.

Alice has learned from Iruma and Sabnock that a young demon won't dare scorn anyone just for losing to him and that friendship and healthy opponents help make a young demon's life worthwhile. Although Alice isn't quite as aggressive as the Dorodoro brothers, he is willing to accept their point of view. It is amusing to note that they also intend to fight over their "mutual" teacher. It's amazing that there aren't more rivalries developing in Iruma-kun with all the ambitious and competitive demon students present, so Alice's newfound rivalry is exactly what the anime needed.


How Alice Might Develop a Personal Identity Apart from Iruma

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In addition to making him stronger and smarter, Alice's new opponent with him may also benefit his character arc. This character's development may be hampered by Alice, who is one of those people whose relationship with another person almost entirely defines who they are. Similar things occur in other television shows as well, like with Juvia Lockser in Fairy Tail, who always speaks and acts in relation to her love interest, Gray Fullbuster. Both Ochaco Uraraka and Orihime Inoue from My Hero Academia and Bleach exhibit this trait. Although some of these characters' actions and speech can stand alone, their storylines still depend on the actions and speech of other characters.

It would be a real waste if a talented, high-born demon like Iruma-identity Kun's Alice's were solely based on his protective feelings for Iruma and his devoted friendship with him. That plot does Alice justice, but he needs to discover his identity outside of Iruma. His newfound friendship with Sabnock is a good beginning, and his opponent with Sabnock and the Dorodoro brothers gives Alice's character development yet another important boost.

Not only is Alice Iruma's guardian, but he is also a brave but independent young man who enjoys upholding the honor of his family by going to Plus Ultra. He helps round out his personality and keeps things grounded by displaying that kind, selfless side while he is guarding Iruma. As Season 3 of Welcome to Demon School! progresses, these two halves might contribute to Alice becoming a truly captivating Babyls student.