In the Fall 2022 anime season, Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! confronts its student characters in a way that has never been done before. The Harvest Festival competition pits each student against one another in a true survival test, evaluating their skills harshly. Iruma Suzuki intended to take a nice approach, but he regrettably lost some important time by giving up some of himself.

Iruma was correct to value stamina and patience over impulsive action, as evidenced by his meal-based strategy in previous episodes. However, Iruma goes too far in Episode 10, and he and Lead are now dangerously behind in terms of points. Iruma must be astute and aim for one-in-a-million odds; fortunately, this usually works out well for him.


Iruma's Brilliant Teamwork in His Darkest Hour

Welcome to Demon School! Prepares Iruma for His Final Jungle Challenge - Or Else_0

In Episode 10, Iruma understands too late that his endurance-based survival plan has failed. He and Lead got carried away and ate not just some, but all of their important ingredients, leaving them with 0 points on the second day of the Harvest Festival while other teams have hundreds. At least Iruma and Lead have plenty of stamina, as anticipated, so the lads attempt to keep their cool and devise a fresh scheme. After all, as Andro Jazz and Allocer Schneider demonstrated with their previous stunts, this Harvest Festival is about strategy and ingenuity, not physical power. Instead of deception or seduction, Iruma and Lead's next plan is based on trust and camaraderie, a perfect topic for a wholesome heroine like Iruma.

Lead uses his Controller genetic trait to listen to all the forest creatures and track them all back to the beast tamer Caim Kamui. Iruma and Lead follow the path of Caim and his sidekick Kerori, who act like forest kings. Iruma and Lead plead with Caim and Kerori to accompany them in their hunt for the Legend Leaf. Iruma's sole chance of winning is to get 100,000 points with that unusual plant, and even the high-ranking hindered Kerori is intrigued. She demands data on other competing teams in exchange for her help and even has Iruma and Lead do a funny devil dance to seal the deal. Kerori and Caim may assist Iruma.


With the Legend Leaf, What Challenges Will Iruma Face to Prove Her Ability?

Welcome to Demon School! Prepares Iruma for His Final Jungle Challenge - Or Else_1

Kerori and Caim assist Iruma not with their physical prowess but with a cryptic riddle. Caim's beasts sing a song, and a hard copy of the lyrics provides clues to the Legend Leaf's location and true nature. Iruma and Lead must decipher these bizarre lyrics and figure out how the Legend Leaf works, and it won't be as simple as yanking a plant out of the soil. Evidently, the Legend Leaf must be planted and nurtured, not merely found, and Iruma will have to act like a caring gardener to make the Legend Leaf a reality. It's not so much a treasure hunt as it is a project to plant a seed and help it bloom.

A brute-force demon student like Sabnock Sabro or even Garp Goemon would struggle with a mind-bending challenge like this, but Iruma is the perfect boy for the job. He relies on his clever, resourceful mind and his kindness to win the day, and he is used to seeing things from unique angles that other Babyls students never even consider. Iruma, therefore, stands a real chance of finding the seed of beginnings and the vase of endings and nourishing the Legend Leaf until it blooms, ready for harvest.

This is Iruma's last chance to win the Harvest Festival or even score any points at all, so he must use all his stamina and wits and give this his best shot. If he can pull it off, no doubt Sullivan, Bachiko the tsundere and even Naberius Kalego will be very impressed. Obtaining the Legend Leaf is supposed to be impossible, but as a clever human, Iruma can always make the impossible possible -- and he's got friends to back him up.