Spy x Family is teaming up with Uniqlo for a second collaborative mission that now includes the newest member of the Forger family.

Posted on Uniqlo Japan's Twitter account are five different Spy x Family designs in a variety of different color shirts. One has all of Anya's classic meme expressions with the phrase, "I like peanuts. I hate carrots," on it. A second design has Bond on the shirt pocket, and a third design takes inspiration from the ending song of the first cour with an illustration of an old-school TV featuring the Forgers in it. The fourth design spotlights the sweet relationship between Anya and Bond and the last design has the entire Forger family emblazoned on it.

Spy x Family Sets Second Uniqlo Clothing Collab for November_0
Spy x Family Sets Second Uniqlo Clothing Collab for November_1
Spy x Family Sets Second Uniqlo Clothing Collab for November_2
Spy x Family Sets Second Uniqlo Clothing Collab for November_3
Spy x Family Sets Second Uniqlo Clothing Collab for November_4

The Second Collab Includes Kids Tees

Designs #1, 2 and 3 in Uniqlo Japan's tweet are only available in kid's sizes, while the remaining four designs are unisex. The first time the hit anime collaborated with the clothing brand was earlier this year, with one of their designs featuring a smug Anya hiding in the shirt pocket. Uniqlo has previously partnered with other series such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Pokémon, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal and the Mobile Suit Gundam series. One of their upcoming partnerships includes One Piece Film: Red.

CloverWorks (The Promised Neverland and Horimiya) and Wit Studio (Ranking of Kings and Attack on Titan) collaborated on an anime adaptation of Spy x Family that premiered in April 2022 for 12 episodes. The series took a hiatus and resumed airing the second cour this fall, adapting the Doggy Crisis Arc, where a terrorist bombing attack threatens the peace between Westalis and Ostania, all while Anya is trying to find the perfect dog to adopt.

Created by Tatsuya Endo, Spy x Family combines comedy, adventure and heart in a story about a spy, assassin and a telepath. Twilight is an elite spy tasked with the all-important mission Operation Strix, the goal of which is to get close to Donovan Desmond, a figure who is intent on breaking a war between the East and the West. One of the things he needs to do is get a child admitted into Eden Academy, and to do so, Twilight dons on the identity of Loid Forger and adopts Anya and marries Yor. The three of them balance their lives of being ordinary, law-abiding citizens and their secret double identities, all the while discovering that their fake family is becoming more real as each day passes. The series became a huge bestseller and has over 26 million copies as of October.

Spy x Family is currently airing on Crunchyroll. The Spy x Family shirts are available in Uniqlo Japan nationwide and on their website on Friday, Nov. 11.

Source: Twitter