Fans always ask, "Twi-Yor kiss when?" Although a kiss is still a long way away from showing Loid and Yor's not-fake lovey-dovey side, a talented Spy x Family fan created an accurate depiction of what might happen in a painfully hilarious series of illustrations.

Cj (@/ceejurs) has created a perfect what-if scenario for a Twi-Yor kiss, Twilight and Yor's fandom names. Yor makes the first move, grabbing Loid and kissing him, which he immediately returns. Loid gets rather handsy as he deepens the kiss, pushing the fan art into steamy PG-13 territory. Yor, flustered, realizes she has reached her emotional breaking point. Instead of pushing him away, she kicks Loid in the face in true Yor fashion. Yor flees immediately, but not before thanking Loid. Despite the blood gushing from his mouth, Loid appears unaffected and only bemusedly bids his wife goodnight.


Loid went to great lengths in the anime to create the illusion that he and his actually fake wife Yor were not fake, even setting up various "lovey-dovey" accessories to show how deeply in love the two of them were, such as matching toothbrushes and wash cups, romantic photographs of them hugging and almost-kissing that do not appear Photoshopped, and a pink bedspread on their marriage bed with frilly "Yes-Yes" pillows at the top. Spy x Family came the closest to showing a Twilight and Yor kiss in Episode 9 when Yor's brother, Yuri, came to visit. Drunk, jealous and upset that his sister had gotten married without telling him, Yuri demanded that the two kiss right there, right now, in front of his eyes to prove that they were, indeed, a happily-married couple.

Loid Forger's Forgotten Kiss With Yor

Similarly, Yor had to drink half a bottle of wine before he felt brave enough to push Loid down on the sofa for a kiss. Yor lost her nerve at the last second, which was unfortunate for the fans but fortunate for Yuri, and she instinctively reacted by attempting to smack Loid. Fortunately for Loid, the spy avoided it in time for her hand to land squarely on her brother's cheek, sending him flying across the room — so close, yet so far. Loid and Yor haven't shown that level of PDA since, except when Loid tried to propose to Yor again, only for her to reject him with a powerful kick to the chin.

Spy x Family, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo, is one of the best-selling manga series, having sold over 29 million copies as of December 2022. Spy x Family, which revolves around a fictitious family comprised of a spy father, assassin mother, and telepath four-year-old, has won hearts with its hilarious antics and heartfelt storytelling. The series received awards and nominations at the French Babelio Readers' Awards, Eisner Award, Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, and Japan Expo Awards. After much fan speculation, the series received an anime adaptation courtesy of Wit Studio and CloverWorks, with the first season premiering in split-cour fashion in April 2022, before going on to become one of the most pirated anime of the year in the United States.  According to Tetsuya Nakatake, one of the co-founders of Wit Studio, he hopes the second season and movie will release sometime in the fall of this year.

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