Loid Forger has made references to his work as a psychiatrist throughout Spy x Family in order to conceal the fact that he is actually an undercover spy. To safeguard his identity and goal, his cover must be reliable, but Episode 20 shows just how committed Loid is to upholding this charade.

Anya goes to her foster mother first when she receives a school project asking her to observe someone at work and write a report on their position. Yor initially seems like the most logical and apparent choice, but Anya's telepathy shows that what Yor has in mind could not be in line with Eden Academy's requirements. Yor envisions taking Anya along for an assassination instead of taking . Anya turns to Loid, who surprisingly shows no hesitation, revealing that he actually does work at the hospital as a psychiatrist.


Anya and Loid head to work

Spy x Family: Anya’s School Assignment Highlights Loid’s Commitment as a Spy_0

Loid takes Anya along with him to Berlint General Hospital, surprising fans with an inside look into the extent of his cover identity. Playing the role of Sherlock Holmes, Anya happily accompanies her adoptive father to investigate his job as a psychiatrist. As she is doted on by Loid's coworkers and gets carried away into her usual shenanigans by her curiosity, Anya uses her telepathy to get a better grasp of Loid's purpose for working at the hospital, even if she doesn't fully understand herself.

While Loid admits to himself that it would have been easier to fake his job as a psychiatrist, he recognizes the benefit of actually working at the hospital. Since many prominent politicians and businessmen frequent the hospital, working there provides Loid the ability to infiltrate their circles and gather intelligence. Some of his fellow operatives are also stationed at the hospital for this very reason. Equipped with the espionage opportunities and a secret passage used to sneak out for missions, Loid's job at Berlint General Hospital aligns perfectly with his mission as Agent Twilight.


Despite his dedication, Loid is overworked.

Spy x Family: Anya’s School Assignment Highlights Loid’s Commitment as a Spy_1

As any excellent spy would do, Loid goes to great lengths to maintain his cover and create opportunities to gather intelligence. Though he could easily have the resources to establish a cover without having to add unnecessary stress to his workload, Loid actually works at the hospital along with carrying out his mission and dedicating time to his family. Everything Loid does is in the name of Operation Strix. There is no feat too burdensome or insignificant that Loid would not overcome for the sake of maintaining peace between Ostania and Westalis.

However, Loid's dedication could easily lead to him being overworked, even if he doesn't show it. The burden of his life as a spy is already weighty, requiring him to live selflessly with the goal of completing his mission. He must discard any ambition and desire, shaping his life to meet the needs of Operation Strix. Along with carrying out missions, many of which are dangerous, Loid also dedicates himself to his family both to solidify his cover and to contribute to the end goal of Operation Strix. Episode 20 shows that Loid strains himself even further by actually working as a psychiatrist. The burden on Loid is a heavy one, but he proves time and time again just how capable he is as the world's greatest spy.

There's never been any doubt about Loid's dedication to his work as a spy. Nearly every episode of Spy x Family shows that his mission to maintain peace between Ostania and Westalis stays at the forefront of his mind as the primary motivator for everything he does. Though Loid may be juggling multiple roles and the burden of his mission, his dedication and desire for peace provide him with the strength to continue his work as a spy while maintaining cover and being an excellent father to Anya.