The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting's creator, Feel, has a new animated series called Spy Classroom. Aspiring snoop Lily is sent, along with six other girls, to the mysterious Garmouth Seminary in the European-inspired Din Republic. She learns that the students—who are referred to as Lamplight as a group—are all viewed as failures by their respective spy academies. Sara, a classmate, speculates that they might have been rounded up as pawns for a risky upcoming "Impossible Mission" because of this.

Spy Classroom has the potential to be more than a high-concept comedy about a group of eccentric, bumbling spies. It could examine different types of intelligence that might not always be evident in classroom settings. For neurodivergent fans or anyone who has felt like their hard work has gone unappreciated, this may add new layers of meaning to the show. Although the purpose of Klaus' gathering these specific students is still unclear from the first episode, there is undoubtedly more to his choice than Sara had anticipated. He has the opportunity to learn just as much from them as they will from him, following the dubious tradition of teacher-student tales.


The "Impossible Mission" Was Not What the Spies Had Predicted.

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Klaus struggles to teach the students because everything he does as a spy comes naturally to him, so Lily invited him on a walk in Episode 1 to distract him. Lily earned her codename "Flower Garden" after taking a rowboat out on the lake and temporarily paralyzing Klaus with poison. Klaus retaliated by putting manacles on Lily's feet, forcing her to row to shore before the pair sank. The scene was fairly straightforward subterfuge, but it demonstrated that the series' spy thriller element will be more than just an unusual backdrop for conventional high school shenanigans.

Klaus foresaw Lily's trap, but he recognized the cleverness of it and applauded her efforts. While it is simple to see a student's growth when they succeed, Klaus' capacity to see Lily's ideas as having potential even when they fall flat suggests that he may be a better teacher than he first appears to be. When Lily claimed that the class was being used as sacrifice pawns, Klaus initially refused to correct her, but he later acknowledged that this was untrue and assured the class that he would keep them alive. Evidently, Klaus sees something special in these misfits; is it a characteristic that they share that will be revealed in later episodes, or does he believe that their flaws suggest a more distinct viewpoint than the academically successful spies?


The Lamplight Spies are Not a Bunch of Fools

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This does not imply that every pupil who experiences academic difficulty at a spy academy has been let down by their instructor. For instance, Lily's previous teacher seemed to be rather understanding and forgiving when she nearly failed a class. It makes sense that teachers might want to spare students who simply aren't capable of completing delicate and important missions in the Spy Classroom universe, where a World War I-like conflict has made undercover operations more crucial than ever. The message, which extends beyond the anime's exaggerated world of espionage and intrigue, is that the instructors should also be aware of more unconventional forms of intelligence that may prove invaluable in the field.

Monika, a Lamplight member, insisted, "For the record, I was half-assing it on purpose." Fans who have not read Tomari Takemachi's light novels and are discovering the story of Spy Classroom for the first time may wonder if Monika is telling the truth or if she is simply embarrassed about her poor performance. It makes sense for a potential spy to downplay their intelligence in certain situations as a ruse to make enemies drop their guard, but why would she be so quick to reveal it in a room full of strangers? Whether Monika is trying her hardest or not, it is now up to her and Klaus to bring out the best in her.

Every spy should learn a few things, and education and study are essential. But the Spy Classroom narrative shows that failing a class doesn't mean a person is a lost cause, especially if all they require is a great teacher with a fresh perspective. The unconventional and dramatic method that Klaus will use to teach his skills without having to explain them is outlined in his final words, "Defeat me." Whether Lamplight has what it takes to be a great spy and whether Klaus has what it takes to be a great teacher will undoubtedly be demonstrated in the next 11 episodes.

Spy Classroom is currently streaming on HIDIVE.