Reincarnated as a Sword's cutest cat-girl Fran gets a step closer to achieving her goal in Episode 6 of the isekai anime. After getting ahead of the entire team and dealing with the monsters herself, Fran successfully manages to close the dungeon she discovered. The question now is: what exactly did she and Teacher get from the arduous endeavor?

Fran may seem like a simple young and innocent demihuman, and that's what she is. However, she also has a noble goal. She wants to achieve what her parents spent their lives trying to accomplish -- evolution. To do that, she requires strength and power. Her latest accomplishment brings her a tad closer to realizing her dream.


Reborn as a Sword: The Hardest Battle Fran Has Ever Fought

Reincarnated as a Sword: Fran Gets a Major Power Boost After Clearing Her First Dungeon_0

Even though the dungeon was teeming with a variety of monsters, Fran and Teacher didn't necessarily have a hard time. They breezed past the Goblins, getting experience and skills along the way. The duo even made short works of the Goblin King and Queen. However, their easy streak ended once they entered the final room; the dungeon master summoned a Greater Demon to do its bidding, and it was beyond anyone Fran had ever fought.

The moment Fran and Teacher entered the room, the Greater Demon barraged them with shadow attacks. It also hid within the cat-girl's shadow, waiting for an opportunity to attack. This strategy proved effective as their nemesis once managed to cut off Fran's hands and steal her sword skills. She was also kept on the defense for most of the fight.

Teacher and Fran only had a fighting chance after discovering the Greater Demon's weakness: the dungeon master. Once the master was killed, the Greater Demon would also vanish. As such, the mighty demon was forced to protect the feeble Goblin. Fran and Teacher took advantage of that and focused their attacks on the dungeon master. The moment the Greater Demon let down its guard, Teacher used Telekinesis to end the monster.


Fran And The Teacher Are Much Stronger Now Than Before

Reincarnated as a Sword: Fran Gets a Major Power Boost After Clearing Her First Dungeon_1

After fighting such an intense battle, it was only proper that Reincarnated as a Sword's two main characters receive bountiful rewards -- and that's what they get. Other than the typical monster carcasses and skills, Fran and Teacher also receive a few interesting items.

Fran cuts the dungeon master's wrist before the Goblin could use its Scapegoat Wristband. Although its function is yet to be revealed, it likely has something to do with teleporting to a fixed point or the outside of the dungeon. The cat-girl also obtained the Greater Demon's sword, whose mana sensitivity is just as strong as Teacher's.

The greater rewards, however, are the level-ups and skills. After clearing her first dungeon, Fran's level jumps from 12 to 25. The cat-girl's status also drastically changed, enough for Teacher to get excited about. Similarly, Teacher's Self-Evo skill also reaches level 8. Using his points, Teacher has upgraded some of their most useful skills to the max, including their newly-acquired Skill Taker. With the Greater Demon's skill, Teacher no longer has to destroy the monsters' crystals to obtain their skills. It also allows them to take skills from other living beings -- even those they consider their allies.