There's no denying that an anime villainess' attractiveness stems from her impeccable sense of personal style or her quick-witted comebacks. Falling in love with a villain may mean the end of one's life, but the risk is sometimes worth it.


The best villains elicit adoration from their devotees. That magnetism can sometimes attract both heroes and anime fans, tempting them to the dark side. Even if their actions put them beyond redemption, their flair and style earn them a place in the waifu pantheon. However, if a villain has a hint of a redemption arc, their appeal multiplies tenfold.

10 Yana (Record Of Grancrest War)

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Yana of Record of Grancrest War serves Queen of Darkness looks with her needle-thin eyebrows, long flowing hair, stately evening gown, and spiderweb choker. This is fitting as her alias is The Black Witch.

Yana, true to form, rides through the air on a broom, all the better to look down her regal nose at her adversaries. Yana is a vehicle for evil and chaos, and her long list of victims keeps her from redemption. She mocks everything good and seizes every opportunity to be unapologetically evil.

9 Odelia (Sleeping Beauty)

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Sleeping Beauty is a vintage mid-'90s anime based on the same-named Grimms' Fairy Tale. Because of its age and obscurity, it is frequently overlooked, but it contains one of the most beautiful villains, Odelia. She is similar to the anime version of the Evil Queen in Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.


Odelia's forest green hair contrasts with her yellow and black geometric-patterned gown, indicating her jealousy. The fairy witch despises the young princess Felicity, but her envy is unfounded because she is equally beautiful.

8  Lady Eboshi (Princess Mononoke)

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The people of Irontown love Lady Eboshi, the central antagonist of Princess Mononoke. The sentiment of the town is understandable, as Lady Eboshi has done much to improve the lives of people who are often dismissed and hurt by society, like women and people who are disabled.

San, Lady Eboshi's heroine counterpart, is regarded as wild and unrelatable. It just goes to show that appearances aren't always what they appear to be. Though Eboshi is capable of kindness, it is always with ulterior motives. However, it's clear why she's so adored.

7 Arachne Gorgon (Soul Eater)

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Soul Eater's Arachne Gorgon is a gothic beauty who doesn't need a web to capture the hearts of fanboys and fangirls. She lulls people in with her genteel manner, demure expression, and delicate, aristocratic looks.

Arachne's abilities, on the other hand, are far from delicate. The spider witch is a highly intelligent being with the ability to drive people insane by sussing out their weaknesses with skillful precision. Her spiderwebs are more than just a pretty addition to her wardrobe; they're also conduits for her destructive magic.

6 Raynare (High School DxD)

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The fallen angel Raynare is the first antagonist of High School DxD. Unlike most unabashed evil villains, Raynare has a charming, cute personality. But beneath her pleasant facade lies a cruel and violent tyrant. When she reveals her true nature, she transforms from a benign schoolgirl into a being with cold violet eyes and majestic black wings.

Raynare, as a fallen angel, has the ability to manipulate humans by entering their minds and directing their will with malice. Despite being exiled from paradise, she retains the beauty of a heavenly being.

5 Petz (Sailor Moon)

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Petz, the eldest of the Spectre Sisters, enters the scene in the Black Moon Arc of Sailor Moon. She keeps her long emerald hair twisted up in an elegant chignon and wears minimal makeup apart from mascara and a red lip.


Petz prefers a more avant-garde style of dress, as do the majority of Sailor Moon villains. She, like Sailor Jupiter, has the ability to summon thunder and lightning. She also owns a cosmetics shop, which makes sense. Anyone who sees her would want to buy makeup from her.

4 Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

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Most beautiful anime villains are self-conscious about their appearance, but Lust isn't in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. At best, she sees her attractive appearance and seductive charm as a means to an end. Her sin is rooted in her desire for violence and dominance rather than her desire to seduce.

Lust despises humanity, and her cold calculation dominates her personality. She'd rather eat someone's heart than fall in love, but that doesn't stop her from being a fan favorite villain.

3 Yura (InuYasha)

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Yura is a minor antagonist who first appears in InuYasha. She's as beautiful as she is creepy. Her spirit is housed in a cursed comb, and she weaves a web of the dead's hair, drawing in her victims and incorporating their bodies into her heinous weaponry.

Yura's hair magic enables her to manipulate people, allowing her to use them as pawns against Inuyasha. She dances like an evil ballerina on her strands. Her outfit even has a leotard-like appearance to it. The scarlet accents in her costume (her hair ribbon and red eyeshadow) allude to the location of her power — a red skull.

2 Striga (Castlevania)

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Striga first appears in Castlevania Season 3 alongside the rest of Carmilla's vampire council. Striga embodies brawn, brains, and beauty in equal measure. With her height and muscle, she towers over most men and has strong, androgynous facial features.

Striga's beauty and accented voice aren't the only things that make her appealing. Striga loves so much that she will forego winning a war, despite her superior military skills, to keep the woman she loves safe. She may be evil, but many people admire a dark knight in shining armor.

1 The Witch Queen (Black Clover)

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The Witch Queen of Black Clover has a style that fans of Resident Evil's Lady Dimitrescu would adore. She wears her pink hair tied up under a huge conical witch's hat, the brim of which slants cheekily over her teal eyes.

The Witch Queen's skirt pattern is inspired by the plumage of a peacock, which is appropriate given that she is both beautiful and terrifying. Her outfit also foreshadows her bird magic, in which she employs blackbirds as minions. The Witch Queen, like many beautiful villains, is extremely vain. She is decked out in jewels and worships perfection.

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