The Yonko, who control the waters in the New World, are the strongest characters in One Piece after the World Government. Even the most infamous pirates wouldn't dare pursue them or their crew because each one is so dreadfully powerful. Former Yonko Whitebeard possessed the power of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, one of the series' most potent Devil Fruits. He is the only person who can compete with Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, on an equal footing.

Blackbeard took the power of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit for himself after Whitebeard's terrible death. It is powerful enough to trigger earthquakes and tsunamis, which is a tremendously scary tool for an adversary to possess. The Tremor-Tremor Fruit and the skills it bestows upon its owner are described in length here. While the One Piece anime makes reference of the abilities of this Devil Fruit, it doesn't go into great detail to assist viewers understand such a complex ability.


The Tremor-Tremor Fruit from One Piece and the Abilities Its Users Have

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Also known as the "Quake-Quake Fruit," the Tremor-Tremor Fruit is the strongest paramecia-type Devil Fruit that makes its user a "Tremor Human." It has the usual swirl patterns around its blue body and a pear-like shape. The former Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, claims this fruit has the power to destroy the world. Furthermore, Tsuru claims that once Blackbeard fully utilizes his Devil Fruit's capabilities, there will be no place left for his opponents to run since the power can destroy the ground and ocean alike.

The Tremor-Tremor Fruit's destructive powers contributed greatly to Whitebeard earning the title of "strongest man alive" in One Piece. Once a Devil Fruit user dies, the fruit usually appears again somewhere around the world, waiting to be found. However, Blackbeard's mysterious methods allowed him to instantly transfer the Tremor-Tremor Fruit's abilities after Whitebeard's death, shocking the entire world. It is the first Devil Fruit known to have two users.

Whitebeard's signature technique, which he frequently uses in One Piece, is "Kashin," which literally means seaquake. He cracks the air with a punch, sending devastating shock waves in the sea's direction. The impact is so strong that it can damage almost any substance, tearing it apart. If the shock waves are sent to the ground, they would cause earthquakes strong enough to generate tsunamis. This technique is the most effective offense against numerous enemies.


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Kashin's user must directly crack the air in from their enemies, causing shock waves to directly pass through their bodies. This causes severe damage even to strong opponents like Akainu. Whitebeard can also use Kashin as a defensive measure by summoning vibrations around himself to block enemy attacks. "Shingen no Ichigeki," meaning hypocenter attack, allows Whitebeard to form a bubble by focusing the vibrations around his palm. Once the bubble is complete, it can be released to directly attack a target with enormous power.

"Kabutowari," or helmet splitter, is another strong offensive technique where Whitebeard crushes the head of his opponents. Whitebeard also uses this weapon to boost the power of his Tremor-Tremor Devil Fruit. The "Naginata Rasetsu," meaning mowing blade rakshasa, surrounds his naginata sword with a quake bubble to deal a devastating blow. His most terrifying technique, "Shima Yurashi" (island shaking) can shake the whole earth. Whitebeard uses it by grabbing and pulling the air in an entire area around him and shifting it. This technique was strong enough to tilt the entire island of Marineford and the surrounding sea.

Blackbeard uses a technique called "Gurash," which literally means quake break. He slams and cracks the air with his fist, sending shock waves around his enemies. Although it is fundamentally similar to Whitebeard's Gekishim technique, Blackbeard takes it to another level by using it as a long-range attack against multiple enemies. He can use all of these while also merging the power of his "Dark-Dark Fruit" to create even more powerful attacks.


Strengths and Drawbacks of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit

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One key strength of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit is that the shock waves the user creates can pass through virtually any object -- living or inanimate, tangible or intangible. Although this Devil Fruit has the power to destroy an island, it takes repeated usage to destroy one like Marineford. The shock waves are able to pass through nearly anything and can only be stopped if a sea prism stone blocks its way.

Because Marineford's walls are formed of sea prism, which prevented the shock waves from going through, Whitebeard was unable to completely destroy it. Kashin is not totally unbeatable either, as Marine Admirals have been seen working together to defeat it. Nonetheless, the fact that it took three senior Marines to repel a single attack from Whitebeard is evidence of his might.

In a drawn-out conflict, the Tremor-Tremor Fruit proves to be a double-edged blade. Despite its strong abilities, its severe damage might endanger the environment and the user's crewmates if they were caught in the crossfire. Because of this, Whitebeard tended to rely more on his Haki than his Devil Fruit powers. Along with these minor downsides, Tremor-Tremor Fruit users in One Piece share similarities with other Devil Fruit users in that they are vulnerable to seawater and sea prism stones.