One Piece Theory: The D. Clan's History as Former Slaves of the Celestial Dragons

May 18, 2023
The enigmatic D. Clan in One Piece may have a profound connection to the Void Century and the World Government through their past as slaves, dating back 800 years.
One Piece Theory: The D. Clan's History as Former Slaves of the Celestial Dragons

The D. Clan in One Piece has always been a mysterious and intriguing aspect of the series, much like the legendary One Piece itself. Numerous characters bear the initial "D." in their names, and while not all of them are related by blood, such as the Monkey Family, Marshall D. Teach, Rocks D. Xebec, and Jaguar D. Saul, they all share a certain significance. The true meaning of the "D." initial has been kept from fans, with only subtle hints and brief explanations offered throughout the series.

Among the many theories surrounding the D. initial, the D. Clan, and the Will of D., one theory encompasses various themes present in One Piece. It delves into Monkey D. Luffy's driving force, the idea of order versus chaos, and Blackbeard's motives. This theory suggests that the "D." initial represents a group of individuals from the Void Century who stood against the Celestial Dragons, the ruling powers of that era, and the significance of this rebellion lies in the fact that they were once slaves.

One Piece's Foreshadowing of the D. Clan's Heritage

It is possible that Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, used the "D." initial to symbolize the Japanese word for "slave" (奴隷, dorei). This would imply that those who possess the Will of D. carry a constant reminder of what their ancestors endured as slaves, driving them to relentlessly pursue freedom. During the Void Century, these slaves revolted against the World Government and became enemies of the divine rulers. This theory would explain why the World Government remains wary of the D. Clan. The government once held them in chains, but they proved too formidable to be contained and broke free. The Will of D. has never forgotten the struggle for freedom, even after 800 years.

Furthermore, this theory could clarify why the "D." initial is not exclusive to a specific family or even distant relatives. "Dorei" refers to those who were in servitude, and once they achieved freedom from the World Government, the D. Clan likely spread far and wide. They may have even played a role in toppling the World Government during the Void Century. As time passed, the story of their liberation may have been lost, perhaps awaiting discovery on Laugh Tale, but their descendants continue to bear the initial "D." as a guiding force towards the conclusion of the One Piece saga.

The World Government's Caution Regarding the D. Clan

Naturally, those who possess knowledge of the World Government's weaknesses or have the ability to bring freedom to the world are perceived as enemies by the tyrannical ruling force. Anyone with the "D." initial is immediately considered a threat to their regime. Similar to how Spartacus pushed Rome into a corner, rallying thousands to his cause, those who were once slaves demonstrate that the World Government's control and power can be undermined.

However, the inclusion of characters like Monkey D. Garp and Saul, who aligned themselves with the World Government, suggests that the concept of absolute freedom is not universal within the Dorei. This implies that the World Government is prepared, or even willing, to assimilate those with the "D." into their ranks. Given that the D. Clan is likely as old, if not older, than many of the current Celestial Dragons, their presence on the world stage could be more advantageous to the World Government than simply eradicating


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