One Piece Chapter 1078 contains a number of significant revelations. Stussy keeps Sentomaru informed of the World Government's plans. She informs the young Marine that the World Government has declared Egghead to be a much greater threat than Ohara, prompting Sentomaru to order the evacuation of all Egghead residents. He warns them of the island's impending demise. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats are still engaged in battle with the Seraphim. Despite knowing the Seraphim's possible weakness, Luffy's group is having difficulty dealing with them.

There's also news about the traitor among Dr. Vegapunk's Satellites. In fact, Chapter 1078 reveals the traitor's face for the first time, shocking even Stella. The traitor is revealed to be the slacker York, who admits to Stella that she wishes to become a Celestial Dragon. The Stella, knowing that York has witnessed the Celestial Dragon's cruelty, cannot understand how the Satellite could make such a decision. York's reasoning, however, does not stop there. The female Satellite goes on to say that the world does not require multiple Vegapunks. It only requires one, and that would obviously be her.


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Chapter 1079 places the story just a few hours before the current timeline. It sees the traitor York conversing with the Seraphim. She's ranting about how the World Government's plan puts her life in danger. It appears to be acceptable if only Stella is targeted. However, because she is also on the hit list, she must carry out her own plans. She orders the Seraphim to use the downed Frontier Dome to clear the obstacles in her path. They are to kill everyone except her, Stella, and the people underground, a command that the Seraphim readily accepted.

York goes on to say that she doesn't want the others to know she's a traitor. She wishes to conceal her heinous actions, claiming that she lacks the strength to defeat the other Satellites. As a result, she orders S-Snake to frighten her in front of everyone. She is to undo her petrification once the others have turned away. Finally, she tells them which parts of the lab they must not destroy. She then lets them run free. The Seraphim begin their heinous hunt for the remaining Satellites and their allies. Meanwhile, Sentomaru is still desperately attempting to force Egghead's civilians to flee the island. He also sends the Pacifista to guard the evacuation.


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Back in Elbaph, the pirate captains sailing under the Red-Haired Pirates flag issue a stern warning to the Kid Pirates. The first to repel them are Frog-Toes Ribbitini, Frugar the Addenturer, and Pururu the Brr-Rave. Kid, on the other hand, isn't amused by their ridiculous appearances. He even questions their loyalty to the Red-Haired Pirates. Nonetheless, Killer cautions him not to underestimate their adversary. There are many notorious individuals among their ranks, and being sloppy could cost them a lot of money. Kid, on the other hand, assures his first mate that he has no intention of doing so, even if they are truly nobodies.

Meanwhile, Shanks has also arrived at the beach. His first order is to move all the ships that are in their way. The pirate captains under him express their dismay, especially since they haven't seen him in a long time. Nonetheless, Shanks insists that they move their ships. Surprisingly, Shanks then reminds them of their notoriety. He informs them that his affiliates, and thus them, are notorious for being weak. The others simply laugh it off.


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Shanks' main pirate crew is already getting ready to set sail. Lucky Roux also assures Shanks that they are capable of dealing with the young pirates. Shanks warns them not to underestimate the younger generation before going over Kid's history. He also inquires whether the Kid Pirates have recovered from their injuries in Wano, and Yasopp responds that they are ready to fight.

On Kid's ship, they've also ascertained their adversaries, Killer reports that there are nine ships blocking their path. Kid expresses his apathy and equips his signature Damned Punk. Shanks notices his movements and immediately issues his affiliates to scatter. He also instructs Dorry and Brogy to assume their positions.

Apparently, Shanks' Color of Observation Haki is powerful enough to already see into the future. And seeing a real nasty one, he immediately heads toward Kid. He doesn't hold back. His mere presence makes a few of Kid's underlings to collapse, then he directly uses his Divine Departure on the young pirate.


Shanks' attack not only causes significant damage to the Kid Pirates' ship, but it also effectively knocks out their captain. In addition, a large number of their crew members are sent flying. When the other Kid Pirates arrive to check on their captain, they discover that Killer was also caught up in the attack, as the first mate attempted to protect his captain. When the other members see how miserable they are, they decide to surrender. They give the Emperor all of their Road Poneglyphs and beg him not to kill their captain. Yasopp then alerts Shank to their location, allowing the Emperor to quickly depart the Kid Pirates' ship.

The fight, however, is far from over. The Kid Pirates are about to learn the hard way that their actions have consequences. Dorry and Brogy are more than happy to return the favor after Kid pointed his cannon-like ability at Elbaph. They draw their weapons and launch their signature attack, the Hakoku Sovereignty. It's the same attack they used to rescue the Straw Hat Pirates. They've effectively split the Kid Pirates' ship in half. It is then concluded that the three-billion-bounty Kid Pirates are destroyed at the War-Land Elbaph by the Emperor Red-Haired Shanks. Only future One Piece chapters will reveal whether or not any of them survived.