Given that the universe in which the series is situated is one in which pirates are allowed to roam at will, One Piece is fraught with conflict all the time. One faction, the Celestial Dragons, dominates the mayhem, though. At the top of society, these mysterious individuals hold positions of control and influence unmatched by any other group. Intriguing questions about their history, how they came to possess the authority they do, and the effects of their activities are raised by their apparent impunity and capacity to do as they like.


The Celestial Dragons have seized control of the World Government. In addition, they have command of the Marines. The Marines' fleet admiral cannot resist their instructions, and the three admirals are merely aides to them – all because of their bloodline.


The True Royalty of One Piece Is The Celestial Dragons


The influence wielded by the Celestial Dragons extends beyond their direct power. Their position of power is the result of their historical significance and their role in the creation of the World Government. They are the descendants of the 20 royal families who united to fight against the Great Kingdom over 800 years ago from the present-day timeline. After accomplishing such a feat, they established the World Government and ascended to Marijoa.

The same royal families that pledged upon the throne's empty seat each left a weapon on the ground. The empty throne and these weapons represent the equality of all the Celestial Dragon families, signifying that none of them are (in theory) superior to the others. However, only 19 of the original 20 families—who founded the World Government—actually call Marijoa home. The Nefeltari Family chose to withdraw from the pact and went back to Alabasta, where their heirs still hold power today.



The Celestial Dragons Do Not Have Their Own Power


The Celestial Dragons' hold on power stems from their unique status as descendants of the founders of the World Government. Their ancestry grants them privileges that far exceed those of ordinary citizens, cementing their position as the ruling elite. With their wealth and influence, they can exercise authority over the World Government and the Marines, effectively bending these institutions to their will. Of course, the fact that the Five Elders themselves are World Nobles further tightens their grip on the organization.

The World Government comprises the three great powers: the World Government itself, the Marines and the Shichibukai. However, the Seven Warlord system has recently been demolished. This triumvirate of authority ensures the Celestial Dragons' control over various aspects of governance and military might. They have the ability to issue orders and have them unquestioningly obeyed by the Marines, especially the three admirals, like when St. Jaygarcia Saturn tasked Kizaru with being his bodyguard as he sailed toward Egghead.

Such unchecked power has allowed the Celestial Dragons to engage in unimaginable acts of cruelty and oppression. They consider themselves above the law, using their authority to satisfy their whims and desires without facing any consequences. Their heinous actions often involve the abuse and mistreatment of individuals they deem beneath them, leaving a trail of suffering in the world of One Piece. Nonetheless, other than the Five Elders and Imu, the Celestial Dragons are yet to prove they have any battle prowess.