There's a new coming-of-age anime-original film on the block following a group of pre-teens lost at sea. However, their situation lacks a sense of urgency due to the reason they're lost in the first place not being fully explained.

Kosuke and the rest of the cast enter an abandoned building after the school year ends, only to find out that one of their friends, Natsume, is sleeping in the closet. They are followed by fellow classmates Reina and Juri, but their afternoon doesn't turn out the way they expected it to be. While Drifting Home can't be labeled as the next big anime movie of 2022, it's an emotional journey that feels too strained at times.

Stunning Visuals Add to the Experiencedrifting home natsume and kosuke

Of course, the animation, art, the and music are on point. The entire movie is beautiful to look at from the start till the end, especially the scenes at sea. Each scene is breathtaking, and applaudable.

Fans of Makoto Shinkai films like Your Name and Weathering With You will be delighted to see the visual flair offered by Drifting Home.

The Plot Is Stretched Too Thin:Drifting home Natsume crying

Drifting Home addresses many heavy themes throughout its runtime. It brings two estranged friends closer, and helps the group overcome their differences. It's also a deep journey about how the loss of a loved one so early in life can affect children in processing that grief.

The abandoned building somehow represents the decaying relationship between two friends, and how the search for something grander turns the rest into rust. Natsume is unable to move on from the building because it contains precious memories of her and Kosuke's childhood.

But, as the story progresses, it gets hard to focus on a single aspect. There are many concepts and plot threads introduced throughout the film that are unfortunately left as nothing more than loose threads by the time the credits begin to roll.

Drifting Home Is Far From Skippable

Netflix's Drifting Home May Be Beautiful, But It's a Journey "Too Long"_0

Drifting Home is emotional and gives the audience a lot to think about. If the story was fit in a lesser running time, it could've maintained its grip and depth. Viewers are left with many questions at the end because, besides a brief explanation from Natsume, there isn't much known as to the real reason these characters became lost.

Still, everything comes together in the end with important lessons learned. If not indulged in too deeply, the audience can find the movie enjoyable and worth their time.