One of the biggest criticisms of the Naruto series has always been how Kakashi mentored the teens in Team 7. Many felt he wasn't as open and honest with Naruto and the power within him, while others thought he was unsympathetic towards Sasuke's own tragic history with the Uchiha clan. While he trusted their abilities, he didn't look after them on a human level -- an oversight which precipitated a huge, destructive rivalry.

Thankfully, the teens mended their feud, creating the Boruto era where Naruto is Hokage and Sasuke has become a Ranger helping to protect Konoha. Fans speculate that if Kakashi had simply shown more interest in his charges' personal lives and built a sense of camaraderie among them, peace could have been established sooner. Now, Kakashi is shown repairing his past foolish error in Naruto: Konoha's Story -- The Steam Ninja Scrolls.


Naruto's Steam Ninja Scrolls Transform Kakashi into a Vigilant Protector

When Mirai fights Ryuki in Chapter 14, Kakashi and Might Guy show up to help out against the Hidan cult. Mirai is shocked, as she thought she had managed to sneak away undetected. After all, she didn't want Kakashi knowing that she was trying to find Asuma's spirit in the afterlife. It turns out that Kakashi is keeping a close eye on her.

Sure, he likes Mirai as an apprentice and someone who could be the new Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, but he considers her a daughter, too( hence why he had one of his iconic dogs track her down). His actions honor his bond with Mirai's dad and shows that, at long last, he knows now how to be a guardian: the role is about having an emotional connection, while also knowing where your child is at mentally (without being too invasive, of course). Thankfully, this helps her defeat their Jashin enemies, and Kakashi and Guy are glad they were able to do right by Asuma, one of their closest friends.


Kakashi's Flaw is the Result of a Difficult Childhood


Before passing too harsh judgment on Kakashi, supporters should understand that he grew up alone, burdened with shame and sorrow. With no one to care for him emotionally, Kakashi parented himself. As a juvenile soldier, he became bitter and robotic, with no guilt when it came to murdering – a quality that propelled him to the top of the ANBU special operations squad. With no examples of love to learn from, he must have concluded that stern love, or self-reliance, was the best option. That's why he frequently left Naruto and Sasuke to their own devices, thinking they'd stick with him. However, this cognitive process is devoid of knowledge, warmth, light, or guidance. He also transferred that energy to Itachi, who, like Sasuke, became a horrible tragedy due to his loneliness.

Clearly, Kakashi's methods needed refining, but thankfully he's viewing Mirai more as family than a soldier or pawn. Ultimately, Kakashi is finally able to show how he has changed and grown in the years since his tenure as Team 7's mentor (rubbing off on Guy as well) by taking an active interest in Mirai's well-being.