Although it is sometimes possible, it is not always possible to relate a fictional timeline to the timeline of the real world. Different developments in society, technology, religion, and history can lead to all kinds of discrepancies. In contrast to fantasy series, there should be a connection between these series and the real world; this is especially frustrating with series that are obviously intended to be set in the real world. A good illustration of such a challenging environment to navigate is My Hero Academia.

The exact time that My Hero Academia is supposed to occur in relation to the timeline of the real world is unknown. Some claim that the time period of the series, which takes place in the year 221, is one in which robots and other scientific advances are commonplace. On the other hand, there are also allusions to elements of current pop culture. There must be a way to make these out-of-date inconsistencies work together to present audiences with a more complete picture. It would be much simpler to place My Hero Academia chronologically if they could.


Could My Hero Academia Be Set in the 21st Century?

My Hero Academia: When Exactly Is the Series Set?_0

League of Legends' presence in My Hero Academia is something that undermines the notion that it takes place in the late 21st century and beyond. In Chapter 371, "Together With Shji," Spinner made a reference to a discussion he had with Shigaraki, another gamer, during which he was recalling an incident from his past. One of the few times the series directly alludes to contemporary popular culture.

As popular as League of Legends is right now, it's hard to imagine how long its appeal will last. As much fun as retro games can be, not many people will go back to play retro games together online, despite the implied way Spinner and Shigaraki speak about it suggesting they've played it online a fair amount. This is to say nothing of whether the servers for the game would still be working in a few years, let alone a few decades. In all likelihood, this is meant to be a reference to the game as a modern classic rather than a retro one. This might imply that My Hero Academia is based around the same time as the real world—the beginning of the twenty-first century.

It's likely that Quirks and Heroes have had some indirect influence on all of the technological advancements. This frequently occurs in comic books, even in other manga, and is also noticeable in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Over time, scientific advancements based on the new form of power are introduced when a supernatural force first appears in a series.


What Kinds of Scientific Advancements Exist in My Hero Academia?

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The majority of scientific discoveries in My Hero Academia are focused on tools that the heroes and villains of the show use. This includes the various support tools used by the Heroes, such as Bakug's Strafe Panzer or Deku's Mid-Gauntlet, as well as other tools made by Detnerat. The Nomus and Quirk-Destroying Drugs are just two examples of the science that the villains use; Dr. Garaki's discoveries, in particular, are directly related to his study of quirks. Whatever the case, quirks undoubtedly contributed to the development and advancement of science much differently than they did in the real world. If so, the series could still be logically set in the early part of the twenty-first century.

It should be perfectly reasonable that set My Hero Academia in the year 2014 when the series first debuted. However, My Hero Academia's period is still unknown, as far as confirmation is concerned. It is unlikely that more will be said about this since it has little to no impact on the plot. However, it's still fun to search for and make assumptions about potential hints.