• Overhaul possesses a unique quirk in My Hero Academia that grants him control over matter by disassembling and reconstructing anything he touches.
  • This quirk exhibits remarkable versatility, enabling him to perform various actions like harm, heal, alter substances, steal quirks, merge them, and bestow quirks upon others.
  • Despite its potency, Overhaul's quirk has limitations, such as the need for physical contact and concentration, and he became unable to use it after losing his hands.

In the world of My Hero Academia, quirks are not just superpowers; they define each character and shape their destinies. One quirk that stands out for its enigmatic power and influence is Overhaul's. Overhaul, a figure of extraordinary strength within the My Hero Academia universe, bears the same name as his remarkable quirk.

Overhaul ranks among the most formidable adversaries that Deku has ever encountered. Notably, he once led the Yakuza organization. His incredibly versatile quirk endows him with the ability to disassemble and reassemble anything he touches, granting him mastery over matter. Whether it's causing harm, healing, or altering substances, Overhaul can perform these feats with ease, solidifying his status as a truly extraordinary quirk.

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The Power of Overhaul's Quirk


The remarkable potential of Overhaul's quirk is truly awe-inspiring. This quirk grants its wielder, Kai Chisaki, also known as Overhaul, the extraordinary ability to deconstruct and reconstruct anything upon physical contact. However, there is a crucial caveat: Overhaul can only exercise this power when he touches the target with his exposed hands.

This limitation doesn't diminish Overhaul's might; instead, it affords Kai a diverse array of capabilities. He can swiftly dispatch his adversaries or provide complete healing, showcasing a range of skills extending beyond pure offensive prowess. His capacity even extends to the biological elements of living beings, enabling him to mend injuries in both himself and others. While he may not always employ this power according to his intentions, he undeniably possesses the capacity to do so. Through his quirk, Overhaul can appropriate quirks from others, merge them, and even craft entirely new quirks, bestowing them upon individuals.

How Capable Is Overhaul's Quirk?


Overhaul's Quirk is renowned for its remarkable versatility. This formidable power affords a wide range of applications, spanning from harm to healing. As previously mentioned, his Quirk empowers him to manipulate the composition of anything he comes into contact with. Overhaul has demonstrated the use of his power on various targets, including himself, allies, foes, and even inanimate objects. His unyielding approach to life grants him the freedom to employ his abilities on anything or anyone he chooses. Chisaki displays shrewdness in employing his powers to conceal his actions, disassembling targets to acquire what he needs and then seamlessly reassembling them to erase any evidence of tampering. It's important to note that unlike the Decay Quirk, Overhaul's abilities do not extend beyond what he directly touches; his power solely operates through physical contact. The official My Hero Academia Ultra Analysis Book underscores that his strength isn't solely derived from his Quirk.

Additionally, this Quirk possesses a unique healing facet. Chisaki can utilize it to mend significant injuries, disassembling and reassembling himself as necessary. With added effort, he can extend this healing capability to others. Furthermore, Overhaul exhibits the capacity to enhance and even bestow new Quirks, or augment existing ones, within living beings. This extraordinary power aided Chisaki in assembling the formidable Shie Hassaikai, a group of Yakuza members with enhanced Quirks.

However, while Overhaul's Quirk is potent, it does come with specific limitations. Firstly, Kai Chisaki must make physical contact with the target to activate his power, rendering him vulnerable to long-range attackers. Nevertheless, he can engage in long-range combat by manipulating the composition of non-living objects around him. Secondly, utilizing Overhaul demands intense concentration, and distractions or lapses in focus can lead to Quirk malfunction. Finally, Overhaul necessitates brief intervals between uses, preventing consecutive utilization and affording his adversaries some recovery time.

Overhaul's Quirk was incapacitated when Tomura Shigaraki, the leader of the League of Villains, severed his hands. This occurred after Shigaraki obtained the specialized Quirk-Destroying bullets that Overhaul had created. Technically, he didn't lose his Quirk; he lost the ability to utilize it due to his severed hands. Given the requirement for physical touch, he retains his Quirk but is unable to utilize it. Deprived of his hands, Overhaul is unable to make physical contact with objects, rendering his Quirk effectively useless. There exists a slim possibility of regaining his Quirk and hand functionality through medical means, but this is far from guaranteed.

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