My Hero Academia chapter 396 spoilers and raw scans: All Might’s overpowers All for One in a way no one guessed

Aug 02, 2023
Being situated in between breaks, My Hero Academia chapter 396 had too many answers to deliver, and the spoilers released today did just that with a shift in the point of view and switching over to All Might.
My Hero Academia chapter 396 spoilers and raw scans: All Might’s overpowers All for One in a way no one guessed

My Hero Academia chapter 396 arrives amidst the anticipation of a break, and it leaves readers with numerous revelations. Today's leaked spoilers take an intriguing shift in perspective, focusing on All Might. Fans can expect the official English translation to be released in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 36 on Monday, August 7, at 12 am JST.

In the previous chapter, Toga comes to a harrowing realization that Ochako's life is at risk due to excessive blood loss. To save her friend, Toga transforms into Ochako and initiates a daring blood transfusion, selflessly giving her own blood to Ochako. The chapter concludes with a poignant suggestion that Toga may have met her end while saving Ochako in this courageous act.

(Note: This article contains spoilers from My Hero Academia chapter 396.)

My Hero Academia chapter 396 spoilers show that a quirkless All Might is equally effective against AFO

In the upcoming chapter titled "A Quirkless Fight," My Hero Academia takes readers back 20 minutes before the clones in Gunga vanish, shifting the focus to All Might. All Might recalls Nighteye's words and contemplates if the villain he foresaw is truly All For One (AFO). He summons his car, Hercules, which remarkably transforms into full body armor, resembling his iconic costume with striking accuracy. The hero's mouth remains uncovered, a symbol of his belief in the importance of maintaining a smiling demeanor.

With determination in his eyes, All Might instruct Hercules to record the fight, a broadcast eagerly started by La Brava. However, Tsukauchi intervenes, realizing that this battle will likely be All Might's last, and urges her to stop the live stream, sparing the public from witnessing their hero's painful demise.

Returning to the battlefield, AFO and All Might engage in an intense fight. All Might call for "Red," enabling Hercules to create a shield that safeguards him from AFO's electric attack. Hercules warns that he wouldn't survive another such strike. In response, All Might unleash his own unique attacks, including "Black Whip," "Chargebolt," and "Cellophane," demonstrating his fierce fighting spirit even without a quirk.

The battle intensifies as more parts of Hercules come into play, designed by David and Melissa Shield. Watching the war on television, Melissa remains engaged in the events unfolding before her. Unwavering, All Might reaffirms to Tsukauchi that he never enters a battle with the thought of defeat in his mind.

The chapter concludes with an intense moment as All Might delivers a powerful "Shooting Style Smash," striking AFO with all his might.

My Hero Academia chapter 396 spoilers also confirm that the manga will be on a break next week due to Obon.

For fans seeking more anime news and manga updates, stay tuned as the series continues to progress. For the precise release date and time of My Hero Academia chapter 396, refer to the detailed list available.

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