More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers came to a somewhat traditional end with plenty of room for a potential Season 2. Unfortunately, the show's final act lived up to expectations and Akari Watanabe was the only thing that saved it from being a cheesy dud. Without a clear resolution to end the love triangle once and for all, Episode 12 left viewers to their own devices. A few things were, however, clearly established by the show: Akari has now come to terms with her feelings for Jiro, and Jiro's unwavering devotion to Shiori is beginning to fray.

Jiro initially had no choice but to spend time with the person he had fallen in love with as a child, but as time passes, whenever Akari is present, he can't help but feel drawn to her. Additionally, it's not just him; Akari's character, the highlight of the show, has become a major love interest for the entire anime community. While Akari is unquestionably the best romance anime of 2022, More Than a Married Couple may not be among the top three.


Throughout the Entire Show, Akari Exudes Positivity

Akari Becomes the Best Thing About More Than a Married Couple and Its Indecisive End_0

Despite being portrayed as a gyaru and a constant subject of male attention because of her looks, Akari Watanabe is as good as they come. She is perhaps one of the best anime girls of 2022 who has won hearts through her purity and for that matter, her maturity. At no point in the show did she lose her cool and come out as a toxic rival to Shiori or any of the girls. She's a true team player who is "team female" all the way.

Her innocence is validated through Tenjin's revelation of knowing about her feelings all along just by the constant looks she gives him. Her positivity is outrageously contagious, and she can't help but charm everyone. If it weren't for her, More Than a Married Couple would have likely disappeared from anime fan discourse.


The Kind of Love Rival Akari Deserves for a Girl

Akari Becomes the Best Thing About More Than a Married Couple and Its Indecisive End_1

Since she became aware of her feelings for Jiro, Akari Watanabe has been extremely patient even though she is aware that Shiori has always been Jiro's preference. She made the choice to move at her own pace rather than getting swept up in the rivalry and hitting below the belt. She didn't try to impose her feelings on Jiro during the summer while they were apart. She was able to show Jiro another, softer side of her as they went out informally. She and Shiori eventually found themselves back where they had first met, but this time, their wishes were the same.

Being in love with the same guy hasn't changed Akari at all, and she seems to respect Shiori as much as she did before. For this reason, Akari is easily one of the best rom-com female protagonists to come out this year. One thing's for sure: Akari is not one to give up, and as she raced Shiori to the shrine, she knew she had a long road ahead of her -- but it will all be worth it if her journey ends with Jiro by her side.