The following article contains spoilers for Episode 2 of Mob Psycho 100 Season 3, "Yokai Hunter Amakusa Haruaki Appears! ~The Threat of a Hundred Demons~", now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Mob Psycho 100 is kicking off the action early this season with an incredible episode of yokai hunting and spectacular performances from both Mob and Serizawa. Both characters are also looking to expand beyond the box of exorcism even as they beat back the worst that the yokai world has to offer with amazing animation from Studio BONES worthy of a season finale.

Tasked with coming up with costumes for his class's haunted house at the school fair, Kageyama Shigeo -- nicknamed Mob -- isn’t satisfied with his group’s easy solution of throwing white sheets over people’s heads, but when he tries to explain his ideas, it comes out a mumble. At the same time, Serizawa Katsuya is discussing taking night classes to further the education he missed out on as a shut-in. Reigen Arataka is supportive of the idea, which is when yokai hunter Amakusa Haruaki appears on the scene, offering a large sum of money for Reigen’s help.

A Supernatural Coming-Of-Age Dilemma

Mob Psycho 100: Mob and Serizawa Shine in an Action-Packed Episode_0

Mob shows up with the intention of asking for Reigen’s suggestions regarding the costumes, but Reigen brushes him off until after their current job. Amakusa does indeed lead the group to a building teeming with malevolent energy, and the entrance is blocked behind them, leaving Serizawa right in his element of an enclosed space and Mob thinking hard about how the creepy elements of the building could be incorporated into the haunted house.

When the yokai appear, Amakusa proves useless and Reigen’s signature Salt Splash has its usual no effect. This is where Mob and Serizawa show their worth, Mob taking on yokai as easily as he always deals with spirits and Serizawa proves once and for all that he was once in Claw’s upper echelon for a reason, umbrella not included.

Mob Psycho 100: Mob and Serizawa Shine in an Action-Packed Episode_1

Throughout the fight, Mob is distracted by drawing inspiration by how frightening the yokai appear, constantly speaking to himself even as he rips the yokai apart. When the Yokai King is defeated, Mob decides that he has his design and is able to tell Reigen that he solved his problem all on his own and doesn’t actually need advice. The news has the effect of a lightning bolt on Reigen, but he’s ultimately proud of his student for becoming more self-sufficient.

Mob is able to take charge of his group for the haunted house and convince them to put in more effort. Although their ultimate recreation of the Yokai King only receives middling responses, Mob’s teammates are proud of their creation and congratulate him. Seeing as the group was composed of outcasts who didn’t already have an assignment, being accepted and praised is an amazing feeling for Mob, who isn’t used to making casual friends who aren’t fellow psychics.

Revisiting Fellow Psychics in Season 3

Mob Psycho 100: Mob and Serizawa Shine in an Action-Packed Episode_2

Speaking of fellow psychics, a surprise appearance at the end of the show leads to the idea that the rest of the gang is probably soon to follow. Ritsu is in agony over his class’s choice to hold a cross-dressing café, and the last thing he needed was Suzuki Sho turning up out of the blue to see him in full maid attire.

This season may finally solve the question of just why Sho is so compelled by Ritsu and is convinced he is stronger than Mob, a mystery since the Season 1 finale. Another question is just what Dimple is up to, since he doesn’t make a single appearance the entire episode and Reigen mentions not seeing him for a while. It will also be interesting to see if yokai become a regular occurrence or a one-time occurrence. One thing is for sure, however: if the quality featured in this episode remains consistent, this season of Mob Psycho 100 is guaranteed to amaze.