The most significant character in My Hero Academia can be identified by their infamous One For All Quirk. Protagonist Izuku Midoriya is in the spotlight as its most recent wielding, but it has taken him some time to emerge and completely merit his position as the One For All hero. Midoriya has at last demonstrated that he alone was the perfect fit for the part following the most recent events of Season 6.

Despite his initial effort to distinguish himself as a hero, Deku finds himself entangled in a perilous war that he is responsible for ending. This is due to his secret link to One For All, which connects him to a history of conflict and, in particular, the heroes who gave their lives in the battle for the common good. Midoriya grows increasingly enthusiastic about helping everyone, even if it means sacrificing himself, as he learns more about the realities of his world and his newfound Quirk. The young hero devotes himself to his task, learning abilities far beyond the perception of most people. MHA may have skipped over his One For All training in Season 6, but it's clear that his most controversial trait was the key to his mastery.


Explained: The One For Everyone Quirk's Stockpiling

MHA: Deku's Worst Trait Makes Him the Best Choice for One For All_0

This almighty Quirk initially appeared to be a connection of great strength between the generations of One For All wielders. Possessing it gives the user a massive amount of power, as seen with All Might and Deku. However, it also comes with the dangerous responsibility of having to face the heinous antagonist All For One. Because the previous One For All wielders was unable to rid the world of this villain, the overwhelming responsibility has been left to Midoriya, the ninth wielder. In Season 6 of My Hero Academia, he officially accepts this responsibility from the former wielders as they meet in a metaphysical realm. He learns about each of their stories and even comes into possession of their powers.

As Midoriya learns about his predecessors -- as well as the history between One For All and All For One -- he begins to take ownership of multiple Quirks. He and the viewers come to realize that One For All is not just a connection of strength, but a stockpile of it. With Deku reaching his full capacity of stockpiled power -- which only worked because he was born without a Quirk of his own -- he trains to master each one with his predecessors' advice and his friends' support. With so many different powers to learn, each with pros and cons, it would take many years of training to master each Quirk. Thankfully, Midoriya's tendency to overthink gives him the analysis he needs in a short amount of time.


Midoriya's Natural Overthinking Ability in My Hero Academia

MHA: Deku's Worst Trait Makes Him the Best Choice for One For All_1

Overthinking everything is one of Deku's main personality traits in MHA. It's shown in his "Hero Analysis for the Future" notebooks, which he has been using since middle school to jot down every detail and possibility of all the Quirks he sees. Even when he isn't obsessing over heroes, he loses himself in overthinking and deep analysis. Early on in the anime, it made him more of a bystander in certain situations as he took so much time thinking that he lost the opportunity to take action. Though this doesn't happen too often, it has usually resulted in his lowest moments when it does. As relatable as his deep thinking is for those who struggle with overthinking, it is Deku's worst trait outside the humor it brings to a scene.

Much of Deku's hesitancy stems from his lack of confidence early in his hero journey. Whatever the case may be, it has made him impossible to see as MHA's protagonist. With more intriguing characters who are equally related to the story's fundamental themes, Midoriya's position as the protagonist has been called into question by the fans for some time.

Deku has now begun to earn his status as the main character, having grown more decisive in Season 6 and taken independent moves that highlight his heroic attributes. His most recent vigilante activities indicate how dedicated he is to doing the work of a hero, but more importantly, his improved fighting style has revealed that perhaps his overthinking wasn't a waste of time after all.


Deku's Overanalysis and One For All's Challenging Mastery Make a Surprisingly Excellent Combination

MHA: Deku's Worst Trait Makes Him the Best Choice for One For All_2

Mastering all the Quirks that comprise One For All requires the wielder to not only train their strength, but to have a complete understanding of the benefits and weaknesses of each individual one. This has taken years to fully master, but with Midoriya already having a strong grasp of One For All's physical powers, the only thing he needed was a thorough grasp of these Quirks.

Deku has proven to be the only one who can fully grasp One For All by quickly overthinking all the advantages and cons; no one else in My Hero Academia has the same level of mental analysis to manage so many diverse powers. Like he did for his pals during the USJ attack and subsequently at the Sports Festival, he already knows how to bring out the best in other Quirks. Hence, in addition to his capacity to finally take action and propel the plot along in Season 6, Midoriya is earning his status as both the main hero and One For All's ninth user thanks to his outstanding understanding of the accumulating Quirk's strength, balance, and statistics.