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Aug 29, 2023
Gojo is getting overpowered by Sukuna but is ready to hit back in JJK chapter 234.
Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 234: What To Expect From The Chapter - Animeranku


  • Satoru presently finds himself in a disadvantageous position within his confrontation against Sukuna. His once-potent techniques are waning, and his adversary has adeptly adjusted to counter his maneuvers. The skirmish has transformed into a lopsided engagement, pitting three opponents against Satoru and amplifying the complexity of the circumstances.
  • In the impending chapter, Satoru's defensive stance will persist as he readies his ultimate technique. Anticipate scenes of him evading and leaping, all while building up the energy required for his impending technique. This sequence serves to underscore the profound challenges he faces during the ongoing struggle.
  • Satoru's optimal route to triumph rests in the adept utilization of his most potent techniques, with particular emphasis on the Unlimited Hollow Technique. This innovative maneuver amalgamates the characteristics of the Blue and Red infinities, showcasing the capacity to overcome his adversaries. The upcoming chapter will center around Satoru's meticulous preparation of this technique, coinciding with the decline of the shikigami forces. This progression will effectively restore the conflict to a one-on-one confrontation between Satoru and Sukuna.

Recently released was Jujutsu Kaisen 233, a chapter that further intensified fans' apprehension. In this installment, Satoru finds himself in a defensive position against Sukuna as their ongoing battle unfolds. This clash between the two has spanned several months, characterized by a balanced struggle. However, a significant shift in momentum now favors Sukuna, attributed to the utilization of the 10 Shadows Technique.

All attention is now directed towards the forthcoming Jujutsu Kaisen 234. Fans are left to hope that Gojo possesses an unforeseen solution to halt Sukuna's advances. Nevertheless, with the progression of each subsequent chapter, the likelihood of Gojo's defeat appears increasingly palpable. Whether this narrative will culminate in his downfall or surprise supporters is the query that the upcoming JJK chapter 234 is poised to resolve.

Not too distant in the past, fans bore witness to Mahoraga's blade cleaving across Gojo's chest, an event that redirected the trajectory of their clash. Despite his prior supremacy throughout most of this confrontation, Gojo now finds himself entangled in a defensive stance. His recent admission, as featured in the previous chapter, accentuates the diminishing impact of his techniques and the waning force of his overall prowess. In tandem, Mahoraga's assimilation of the Infinity technique impedes Gojo's capacity to parry assaults as he once could. To compound matters, Sukuna orchestrated the amalgamation of disparate entities in the preceding chapter, transforming the engagement into a multifaceted conflict. The prevailing outlook for Satoru is undoubtedly somber, yet fans nurture the hope of an eventual reversal.

With strong probability, JJK chapter 234 will witness Satoru reverting to a defensive posture. A declaration of determination in the prior installment underscores his resolve to harness his complete aptitude to rapidly overcome Mahoraga with a lone, decisive blow. To actualize this intention, he must place reliance upon his ultimate technique, a process that entails a requisite period of charging. Consequently, Gojo will persist in a defensive mode for a duration, marked by evasive maneuvers and aerial maneuvers as he accrues his technique's potency. The predominantly defensive demeanor assumed by Gojo from this juncture onward comes as no surprise, a circumstance that briefly nudged him to contemplate defeat in the preceding chapter. Jujutsu Kaisen 234 will probably amplify this aspect even further. However, fans may encounter astonishment, as the notion that Gojo will adeptly manage the assemblage of shikigami opposing him remains highly plausible.

The New Unlimited Hollow Technique

At the end of the previous chapter, Gojo came to the conclusion that he had no option left in this fight but to use his strongest techniques and take out his enemies in a single blow. That is precisely what JJK chapter 234 is going to focus on. Gojo is on the back foot now and his only way out is to use his strongest techniques. For one, Gojo knows for a fact that Curse Reversal: Red works on the shikigami. Mahoraga was seen taking damage in the previous chapter when Gojo hit him with Red. However, the damage certainly was not enough. At the same time, Gojo also concluded that the adaptation process is based on experience and is not binary, meaning that the more Gojo hits him with Red, the better chance he has at adapting to it.

This means the best chance for Gojo to win here is to take down his enemy in a single blow. To achieve that, he has to rely on his strongest techniques and fans know that Hollow Technique: Purple is his best bet here. After all, this powerful technique can wipe out nearly anyone from his path as it is a combination of the two infinities of Blue and Red. However, by the looks of it, Jujutsu Kaisen 234 might feature a completely new technique based on Purple. Gojo referred to it as the Unlimited Hollow Technique and that certainly has the fans excited. Perhaps, fans will see him pull out his strongest techniques so far to get rid of his enemies and for that, among all the other things, the next chapter is going to be extremely important.

The Fall Of The Shikigami

In the forthcoming Jujutsu Kaisen 234, a potential development may involve the downfall of the two shikigami that have currently placed Gojo in a defensive position. In the preceding chapter, the confrontation between Gojo and Sukuna transitioned from a one-on-one scenario to a more complex three-on-one dynamic. Naturally, the challenge of simultaneously contending with three formidable adversaries proves exceedingly arduous for Gojo. Despite his status as the mightiest of his era, confronting a trio of opponents presents a formidable task. This complexity is magnified further when one of the adversaries possesses the ability to adapt to Gojo's offensive tactics. Mahoraga has already displayed this adaptive prowess to the Infinity technique and is in the process of gradually assimilating other techniques within Gojo's arsenal. In order to avert this eventuality, Gojo must undoubtedly vanquish Mahoraga with a single decisive blow, thus necessitating the preparation of the Unlimited Hollow Technique.

A substantial portion of JJK chapter 234 is likely to depict Gojo's agile movements as he endeavors to ready his technique. Upon its completion, he will seek the opportune moment to unleash it, and with a stroke of fortune, potentially incapacitate both shikigami simultaneously. As a consequence of the shikigami's defeat, Gojo's output of Cursed Energy is anticipated to dwindle further. This anticipation is particularly valid given Gojo's utilization of his most formidable capability, a feat that unquestionably commands a substantial portion of his energy reserves. It's noteworthy, however, that fans are aware of Gojo's capacity to employ Cursed Technique Reversal for self-healing, as demonstrated in the preceding chapter. Furthermore, fans understand that Reverse Cursed Technique can gradually replenish depleted cursed energy. Despite the gradual nature of this process, Gojo's foremost recourse against Sukuna hinges upon swiftly relying on it once the shikigami are neutralized.

The Finale Of The Battle

Should Gojo successfully triumph over Mahoraga and Agito, the dynamic of the confrontation between these two characters would undergo significant simplification, reverting them to a foundational state. This achievement would also signify the culmination of round two in their battle and concurrently herald the commencement of the ultimate round. At this juncture, Gojo and Sukuna would be compelled to engage in a one-on-one showdown, thereby determining the definitive champion between them. Previous instances have demonstrated Gojo's pronounced advantage in solitary combat, spanning a diverse range of battle elements. While optimism leans toward Gojo's ascendancy, it remains plausible that Sukuna has yet to exhibit his full might, particularly considering his prior emphasis on adaptation through Mahoraga.

The upcoming Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 234 stands poised to unveil the forthcoming trajectory of this conflict. Should Gojo successfully vanquish the shikigami, the tide of battle might pivot favorably for him. Alternatively, a failure to do so could potentially result in his defeat, even despite his considerable strength. The fate of Gojo Satoru remains an enigma, awaiting revelation only with the passage of time. In the present moment, prospects may seem dim for him; however, buoyed by his ingenuity, fans can yet hold fast to the optimism that Gojo will ultimately emerge victorious from this tumultuous battle.

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