Cursed energy is essentially energy borne out of negative emotions that jujutsu sorcerers utilize to fuel their cursed methods. Cursed energy is the foundation of Jujutsu Kaisen's power system. A few sorcerers in the tale have the ability to convert their negative cursed energy into positive energy, enabling them to use the reverse version of their ingrained negative cursed technique in addition to other potent new skills.

The Reverse Cursed Technique and the sorcerers who have so far been shown employing it in Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen are covered in detail here.


What Does Jujutsu Kaisen's Reverse Cursed Technique Do?

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Even within the JJK universe, the Reverse Cursed Technique isn’t an easy concept to describe. Cursed energy is negative by definition; to convert it to its positive form, a jujutsu sorcerer multiplies negative cursed energy by another source of negative cursed energy. The resulting positive energy is used to power Reverse Cursed Techniques. Unlike negative energy, which can be volatile in its raw state and harmful to humans, positive energy can be used for healing.

The healing abilities of reverse cursed energy make it incredibly difficult to defeat sorcerers who have access to this coveted power in battle. The Reverse Cursed Technique can be used to regenerate whole limbs and body parts regardless of the injury’s severity. Unlike regular cursed energy -- which is produced in the gut -- reverse cursed energy is generated from a sorcerer’s brain. This makes targeting their head the most effective strategy against a sorcerer capable of using the Reverse Cursed Technique. If the brain suffers a significant enough injury, it will no longer be able to synthesize positive cursed energy.


Limitless and Infinity are Empowered by Gojo Satoru's Reverse Cursed Technique

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To this point in Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo Satoru is the only sorcerer who has used positive energy to power his cursed technique. In its neutral state, Limitless places an infinity between Gojo and any object attempting to make contact with him. When Limitless is imbued with negative cursed energy, it creates a strong core of attractive force known as the Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue.

Upon being imbued with positive energy, Limitless manifests the opposite effect. It creates a core of repelling force instead that has more than double the power of Blue. The Reverse Cursed Technique has become second nature to Gojo, as he constantly has positive energy circulating his body to counteract the effects of Limitless. His Infinity’s perpetually active state would wreak havoc on his brain if it wasn’t always being healed by Reverse Cursed Technique.


Reverse Cursed Energy Can Be Projected By Ryomen Sukuna, Yuta Okkotsu, and Shouko Ieri

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Most sorcerers with the ability to use a Reversed Cursed Technique can only apply its effects to themselves, but an even more select few are capable of projecting it outside themselves. Shouko Ieri, Suguru Geto and Gojo’s former teammate, is one of Jujutsu High’s most valuable sorcerers because of her innate ability to output reverse cursed energy. Although she doesn’t possess a cursed technique herself, her ability to heal others with reversed cursed energy cannot be matched by any other sorcerer.

Yuta Okkotsu possesses a similar healing ability to Shouko, but shines best using reversed cursed energy offensively in battle. Since curses are formed entirely of negative energy made manifest, positive energy is deathly toxic to them. Yuta managed to destroy the Special Grade Cockroach Cursed Spirit Kurourushi by pouring reverse cursed energy directly into its body via a kiss. Even more impressive, he once channeled reverse cursed energy through his katana to deal a blow that sliced through Itadori Yuji’s heart and immediately healed its own injury. If applied to a cursed spirit, this exact move would shred through its skin as easily as paper.

Ryomen Sukuna's use of the Reverse Cursed Technique is amazing, much like his mastery over every other jujutsu art. Sukuna can easily heal himself or the body he occupies; he was able to revive Itadori even after doctors declared him dead by replacing the young sorcerer's heart. During the Shibuya Incident, Sukuna accomplished a similar act of resurrection on Fushiguro Megumi after she had been attacked by his own shikigami.


Without being aware of it, Hakari Kinji is Capable of Controlling Reverse Cursed Energy

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One of the most capable individuals at Jujutsu High and a suspended third-year is Kinji Hakari. Whereas a jackpot in Hakari's Domain is practically a sure victory, the Idle Death Gamble in Hakari's Domain Expansion is purely probability-based. When he hits the jackpot, Hakari has unlimited access to cursed energy, which floods every area of his body and increases his physical strength.

The amount of cursed energy interacting with itself inside his body means it is perpetually flooded with reverse cursed energy in this state. Even though Hakari doesn’t consciously control it, his body automatically repairs any injury he sustains.


The Healing Power of Reverse Cursed Energy is Weaponized by Hazenoki Iori's Cursed Technique

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Hazenoki Iori, one of Jujutsu Kaisen's reincarnated Culling Game players, possesses a particularly gory cursed technique. He has the ability to convert his body parts into powerful explosives, and savagely rips off smaller parts like his teeth and eyes in combat to create makeshift projectiles. Hazenoki restores these lost body parts with the Reverse Cursed Technique and, since he doesn’t have any qualms about hurting himself for ammunition, can keep fighting for an indefinite period of time. He can also heal injuries inflicted by other sorcerers with relative ease, making him a tricky customer indeed.


Kenjaku, Uraume, and Yuki Tsukumo Are Skilled Users of the Reverse Cursed Technique

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As two of Jujtusu Kaisen's top-ranked Special Grade sorcerers, Reverse Cursed Technique seemed a given for Yuki Tsukumo and Kenjaku. Their fateful battle saw the two powerhouses confirm their proficiency beyond all doubt. Before its conclusion, both parties managed to inflict wounds on each other that would have been fatal for lesser sorcerers.

Very little is known about the curse user Uraume past their allegiance to two of the series’ major antagonists, Kenjaku and Sukuna. They possess a mysterious cursed technique that allows them to manipulate ice and enough control over their cursed energy to use Reverse Cursed Technique. Uraume hasn’t been featured in combat much, but when Choso managed to injure their arm near the end of the Shibuya Incident, they were able to heal it easily in the blink of an eye.