In anime, a villain's demise is usually grand, melodramatic, and brutal. This is to give them the "just desserts" for the many crimes and inequities they inflicted on other people. However, some villains die so at peace that it may even frustrate the hero.

Whether having accomplished their mission or realized a new quality about themselves, these antagonists passed away so soundly that it was almost like they were never villains to begin with. Through identifying them, it becomes easier to understand why they were able to find solace at the end of their wicked lives and if it was justified.

10 Bradley Was Calm Upon Death (Fullmetal Alchemist)

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King Bradley was one of the most formidable antagonists in Fullmetal Alchemist. Embodying the sin of Wrath itself, he waged war against Ishval and fought Scar with everything he had. However, Scar managed to capitalize on Bradley's existing injuries and used both hands of alchemy to defeat him.

Though Bradley perished in a massive puddle of his own blood, he found solace in the light of the moon. In his final words, he spoke about God, identity, and what his life meant to him. Even Scar was offset about how content he was in death.

9 Nagato Died With Jiraiya's Teachings In His Heart (Naruto)

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Having devastated the Leaf and massacred its denizens, Nagato caused more damage than any other Naruto villain. After being defeated, he was confronted with Jiraiya's principles and asked about where he lost his way.

Eventually, Nagato realized the extent of his mistake and what he must do to remedy it. Using the last of his strength, he resurrected the Leaf's population at the cost of his own life. In the end, Nagato died much more at rest than many other members of the Akatsuki such as Deidara and Kakuzu.

8 Meruem Died With His Humanity (Hunter X Hunter)

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Much of Meruem's quest revolved around finding his humanity, which made him one of Hunter x Hunter's most dynamic villains. After being fatally poisoned by Netero, he only had a few hours to live. Empowered by his royal guards, Meruem very easily could have avenged himself by massacring Netero's subordinates and even entire cities.

Instead, he chose to spend his final moments playing a board game with Komugi. He found solace in her presence, especially since she could challenge him in a productive and nonviolent way. However, his proximity to the girl guaranteed that she died with him.

7 Heathcliff Was Satisfied That His Game Was Finally Complete (Sword Art Online)

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Heathcliff had one of the most compelling deaths in Sword Art Online. Having constructed Aincrad to be an authentic virtual experience, he consensually abided the same rules as everyone else. That meant that if his character died, his NerveGear would kill him in real life.

When fighting Kirito on the 75th floor, he was at a major advantage. Nonetheless, Kirito depleted his health to zero, killing him seconds before everyone else was released from the virtual world. Regardless, Heathcliff perished with the satisfaction of knowing that his game was mostly experienced and completed.

6 Kenny Ackerman Died In The Company Of His Nephew (Attack On Titan)

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Despite being a materialistic and selfish man, Kenny's passing was one among the most poignant in Attack On Titan. Clinging to his mortality with a death grip, he considered using Rod Reiss' Titan serum so that he'd at least have a chance of becoming a shifter.

However, with Levi right next to him, he did not want to disgrace himself in such a grisly way. Instead, he spent his final moments answering his nephew's questions regardless of the rocky relationship that the two had in the past.

5 Wamuu Died Upholding His Honor (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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Wamuu was unlike most JoJo's Bizarre Adventure villains since he was not absurdly evil. To the contrary, he had a developed sense of honor that saved Joseph's life during their first encounter. After a fateful duel that resulted in his defeat, Wamuu teetered on the verge of death.

Nonetheless, when Kars' minions clamored to betray the terms of the fight by attacking Joseph, Wamuu used the last of his strength to protect his former enemy. Joseph paid his respects in return.

4 Gloxinia & Drole Died After Appointing Successors (Seven Deadly Sins)

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Drole and Gloxinia put King and Diane through a test to make sure they were worthy successors. They had them relive their lives, testing to see whether or not they'd join the Ten Commandments and become villains in the Seven Deadly Sins.

When King and Diane chose differently than they did, the two evildoers were compelled to imbue them with their power and change sides. Together, Gloxinia and Drole held back Chandler, but died in the process. Regardless, they were at peace with themselves, having appointed worthy new leaders of the giant and fairy clans.

3 Nui Died Empowering Her Mistress (Kill La Kill)

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Nui Harime was Ragyo's most loyal henchman in Kill La Kill. She enforced her mistress' will wherever called, taking gleeful delight in torment and murder. When the tide of battle began to turn against the life fibers, Nui sacrificed herself to protect Ragyo's plans.

She died laughing and with the knowledge that the last of her strength had been used to make Ryuko and Satsuki's lives more difficult. Her death may not have been gentle, though she enjoyed it until her last fleeting moments of consciousness.

2 Esdeath Died With Her Paramour In Her Arms (Akame Ga Kill!)

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The pseudo romance between Esdeath and Tatsumi had been developing shortly after Akame Ga Kill! began. Although disproportionately one-sided, Tatsumi couldn't help but to admire Esdeath's patient commitment.

When the final battle erupted, Tatsumi gave his life to save hundreds of people from the Emperor's falling colossus. Dealt fatal wounds and inflicted with Akame's ability, Esdeath used her last moments to isolate herself from the rest of the world. She clutched Tatsumi's corpse lovingly and in memory of the time they spent together.

1 Obito Died A Hero (Naruto)

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It took great convincing for Obito to change sides. Once he did, however, the man was an invaluable ally to Naruto and determined to repent however possible. During the final battle against Kaguya, Naruto and Sasuke were pinned down by intensified gravity.

Kaguya positioned two bone spears for each young man in an attempt to kill them. Heroically, Obito intercepted both projectiles by his kamui. This allowed Team Seven to continue the fight and seal their opponent away forever. As his body disintegrated, Obito couldn't help but to smile and bid Naruto well on fulfilling the dream that he personally was never able to live.

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