The next few paragraphs will give away details about the first and second episodes of Adult Swim's Housing Complex C.

The circumstance involving young Kimi has been one of the most fascinating parts of Housing Complex C. As a mystery entity stalks the apartment complex where she resides, she is at the heart of the narrative. In reality, it appears that the evil force is preying on the child in the anime. It might be a result of her cold demeanor, innocence, and immaturity, as well as any pain or trauma she could be trying to hide.

What makes Kimi even more interesting in the two episodes is how she's processing everything alone. Her dad is no longer around, with the anime hinting he's dead or left some time ago, but she has been seen speaking to her mother. Sadly, given the signs Kurosaki is a hub for something sinister, there's a chance Kimi's mom might actually be dead.


Rubel of Housing Complex C Leaves the Islamic Tribe

Housing Complex C's Xenophobic Arc Has a Bittersweet Ending_0

Episode 3, "The Wheel Comes Full Circle," has Kan being beaten by the locals, even after Wada comes to and starts being nice. Unfortunately, the immigrants need a scapegoat, so they pin what's seen as ritualistic animal sacrifices on Kan. They think once he's killed, the locals will get off their backs.

Rubel deciphers the lie but is further broken by Kan's kindness and how he's willing to be the fall guy to offer peace. In fact, even if he dies, once the immigrants are accepted and get a shot at paradise in this new foreign land, Kan will be happy. This benevolence and the betrayal by the others force Rubel to flee, as he can't stand the selfishness of either faction anymore. To make it worse, he abandons Kan, caring for himself and not a man he considered his brother.

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Kan's people are wiped out by Housing Complex C.

Housing Complex C's Xenophobic Arc Has a Bittersweet Ending_1

The finale, "The End of the Line," ends up revealing Kurosaki is a bubble Kimi created, as she's a god: Iyoyoloki Soyohosu. She's kept the place as a space-time pocket, stuck in 2000, for 20 years, hoping to create peace. However, the experiment was rocked when the Koshides brought the immigrants in under the guise of work. Secretly, the Koshides want to sow discord, as they think the animal and human sacrifices they're leaving behind will bring their god, Kuzululu, back.

When Kimi eventually murders the Koshides and resets the bubble, all the people are killed. Kan, however, survives, which is Kimi's gift to him. He's always been genuine to her, and she even left him a note on how to navigate things when she becomes this destroyer. Still, while it's nice to see Kan alive as the anime ends, it's manipulative knowing that the other immigrants are erased after getting caught up in someone else's game.

Ultimately, they were puppets used by the Koshides and reacted out of desperation, but no matter what, Kimi decides to exact revenge on them. It feels like punishment for betraying Kan, but still, they did what they had to, not realizing they were pawns. The fact that Rubel never returns to the story is also cold because now Kan is alone, and as the most selfless person in the show, he deserves a better ending than being thrown into this wilderness, with no one -- not even Kimi -- caring about how he adapts in a region that scorns him.