Focusing Too Much on Levity in Housing Complex C

Housing Complex C is Wasting Its Horror Potential_0

Housing Complex C's jokes are fine for setting the happy tone of the complex and its denizens before the paranormal activity, but once people start going missing, things should become serious. Instead, it's making Kimi and the likes of Taka come off so nonchalant, when they know they should be investigating the problem at hand with a bit more fury. Clues have been seeded out that something malevolent is around, so Kimi, in particular, needs to get past the folk song for the area and start tracking other clues down outside the fable and the dilemma with Kan and his people.

The fact that Taka, like so many others, gets killed off-screen and turned to moss already makes the series a bit underwhelming. Kimi should be using Yuri -- her best friend who recently moved in -- to get to the bottom of things by now. That they find a dog's head in the soup at the complex party is all the more reason they need to grow up, work with the patrol and shed insight into other breadcrumbs they found regarding the cave below. By sticking to the light mood, Housing Complex C is following the typical anime formula where comedy has to be forced in.


Housing complex C needs more blood and spiritual elements

Housing Complex C is Wasting Its Horror Potential_1

It's cerebral seeing moss left behind, which has folks thinking people are actually missing. But the fact remains that there are carcasses and remains around the camp, which creates mystery -- but also takes away from the severity and intimidation of the force. No one's asking for animal brutality or mutilation, but an artistic approach can be done to have the sinister presence using blood splashes and splatters, across walls or on the ground to show the police that something's amiss.

The disappointing part is that with all these moss-covered rooms, the cave and so many more environments to explore, the only macabre scenes come via flashbacks of the princess being killed by ancient soldiers centuries before, and with Kimi's mom, who isn't dead but turned into a plant-based creature. These sequences have an intimidating aura, nodding to Alfred Hitchcock, David Cronenberg and so on, but in three episodes, these are the only snippets that could be considered spine-tingling. Ultimately, Housing Complex C has mothballed into a quirky detective game set in daylight, which lacks the fear, terror, suspense and cerebral tension many viewers came for.