Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku has been accessible on Crunchyroll for a few months, with nine episodes available. The program has a diverse cast of fascinating and, at times, terrible characters. The show's incredible character development has rapidly earned these characters the fandom's love. Hell's Paradise Manga is currently available on MangaMonster.


The death-row inmates and their assigned Yamada Asaemon are on a mission to retrieve Shinsenky's Elixir of Life. The island is a perilous and unpredictable location that has already claimed the lives of countless cherished characters, including Tenza. In Shinsenky, both the criminals and the Yamada clan will confront their greatest nightmares, and fans can only pray that their favorite characters survive.

10 Fuchi

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Fuchi is a Yamada Asaemon character from Hell's Paradise. He is rated 9th in the Yamada Clan and has been tasked to keep an eye on Tamiya Gantetsusai, a skilled swordsman known as Blade Dragon. Fuchi and Blade Dragon have been journeying around Shinsenky on their own until the ninth episode of the anime, so viewers don't know much about them yet.

Fans don't want Fuchi to die before learning more about him because he's a cute and engaging guy. Despite his aloofness, this guy possesses a calm and intelligent attitude that makes him lovable. Furthermore, his aloof demeanor paired with Blade Dragon's boisterous and ferocious demeanor made them an excellent duo.

9 Senta

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Yamada Asaemon Senta was assigned to monitor the criminal Yuzuriha in Shinsenkyō. However, Senta mostly leaves her on her own. Both Senta and Yuzuriha joined forces with Gabimaru and Sagiri to up their chances of obtaining the Elixir of Life.


Senta is a funny, intelligent, and appealing character. Unlike the other characters in Hell's Paradise, Senta is very relatable. Despite being a comedy relief character most of the time, he also likes to analyze and observe situations before acting, and brings important insight to the team. The audience has quickly learned to love Senta, and it would be unfortunate if he were to die on the island.

8 Shion

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Yamada Asaemon Shion is ranked #4 in his clan. Shion clearly lost his eyesight in battle, as he has scars throughout his eyelids and cheeks, but he's an expert swordsman nonetheless. He was in charge of monitoring the criminal Akaginu, but he quickly killed her after she tried to seduce him. Shion stayed in Shinsenkyō as he didn't sense any current that would take him home safely.

Tenza's sensei was Shion. Tenza was found on the streets and invited to join the Yamada clan since he recognized enormous promise in him. Despite a difficult start, they quickly formed a close friendship that lasted until Tenza's terrible death. Shion is one of the most devoted anime characters, thus the audience was bound to fall in love with him. Fans would like to see Shion and Nurugai survive after Tenza sacrificed his life to defend them.

7 Nurugai

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Nurugai is by far the most likable criminal character in Shinsenky, owing to the fact that he isn't actually a criminal. She is a 12-year-old girl who was wrongfully convicted of capital murder. Nurugai was a member of the Sanka Mountain People, a village that rebelled against the Shogun. She unwittingly led a Shogun's warriors to her village, where they slaughtered the entire tribe and imprisoned her.


However, Tenza quickly realized that Nurugai wasn't a bad person, and he was determined to save her. They went together to Shinsekyō, but they couldn't escape the island. Tenza died fighting a Tensen, while Shion made sure to protect Nurugai. The great friendship between Nurugai and Tenza is very inspiring for the fandom, who hope Nurugai manages to survive the island and procure a nice and safe future for herself.

6 Yuzuriha

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Yuzuriha is one of the death-row criminals traveling to Shinsenkyō. She's clearly primarily interested in her own survival, and she's unwilling to help others unless it benefits her somehow. She only joined Gabimaru and Sagiri to have a better chance of returning with the Elixir of Life.

However, Yuzuriha is a carefree and lighthearted character. Furthermore, it's clear that there's more to Yuzuriha than meets the eye, and viewers can't wait to get a flashback from her. Yuzuriha adds humor to Hell's Paradise, but she could become so much more. It would be unwise for Hell's Paradise to kill a character with so much potential.

5 Mei

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Mei is a little girl Gabimaru, and the rest of the team encounter while exploring Shinsenkyō. Even though she's petite, she clearly has special powers, and her abilities and physique resemble that of a Tensen, which probably means Mei is a Tensen herself.

Even though Gabimaru was cruel to Mei initially, he quickly backpedaled and showed her kindness. This earned him the little girl's loyalty, who saved him from Zhu Jin in the ninth episode of Hell's Paradise. Despite her powers, Mei is a regular little girl, and she's quickly become one of the cutest anime characters. The fandom hopes Mei isn't killed by the Tensen, as seeing a charming and kind little kid die would be way too devastating.

4 Chōbei

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Chōbei is an extremely talented fighter with a powerful thirst for blood. When the Shogun commands the criminal to kill each other, Chōbei obeys without hesitation, as he clearly enjoys killing. However, Chōbei has a soft side that earned him the fandom's love.

In the Aza brothers' flashbacks, Chbei is seen as a small child who is fiercely protective of his brother. In truth, Chbei becomes King Bandit in order to defend himself and his brother when their parents die. Chbei is always trying to be strong for Tma, which is a ruthless facet of his personality. Chbei, on the other hand, deserves a second opportunity.

3 Tōma

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Chōbei's younger brother, Tōma, became an Asaemon of the Yamada clan to save his brother once incarcerated. However, the two of them had to travel to Shinsenkyō so Chōbei could obtain the Shogun's pardon, and Tōma didn't expose his real identity.

Tōma is more tame and intellectual than his brother, but equally talented (it's probably hard to infiltrate the Yamada clan the way Tōma did). These two characters had a difficult childhood but were determined to protect each other. Tōma loves and admires his older brother despite his flaws, and their relationship is one of the most heartwarming in anime. After both Tōma and Chōbei were thrown into the pit by Zhu Jin, fans hope they make it out okay.

2 Sagiri

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Yamada Asaemon Sagiri is the 12th-rank Asaemon of the Yamada clan. She's also the daughter of the Yamada clan leader. Because she's a woman, she's expected to follow her "female duties," such as reproduction, instead of following the Asaemon path.


Sagiri, on the other hand, believes in her job as a samurai and proves to be more than capable. Because of her compassion for Gabimaru, the character has grown in popularity. The strange bond between these two people is the show's emotional axis, and it would be tragic if one of them died on their trek through Shinsenky.

1 Gabimaru

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As the main character of Hell's Paradise, no one wants Gabimaru to die. Not only is he an interesting character with incredible powers, but he deserves a second chance in life. Gabimaru hasn't killed because he wants to, but because he was trained and forced by the Chief of Iwagakure.

Furthermore, Gabimaru's touching and caring relationship with his wife has moved the fandom to tears. Gabimaru's flashbacks with his wife are one of the best aspects of the series, and everyone wants Gabimaru to have a happy ending.

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