Hopeless romantics are people who, despite having negative experiences with love, still believe in it. They never lose hope that true love is still out there. Hopeless romantics fall in love easily and spend their time daydreaming about romance.

There are plenty of hopeless romantics in the world of anime. Whether they're from a romance anime or not, these characters pine after their love interests and have already imagined their happily ever after with them, regardless of whether they feel the same. Some characters are completely unabashed in their obsession with romance, while others keep it to themselves.

10 Nakamura Asked One Of His Classmates To Make A Manga About Him & Hirose (Go For It, Nakamura!)

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Go For It, Nakamura! is a boy's love rom-com about Okuto Nakamura, an introverted gay high schooler who loves octopi and Aiki Hirose, his crush. Unfortunately, he's never mustered the courage to confess to Hirose and often finds himself in hilariously unlucky situations.

He often fantasizes about getting into a relationship with Hirose like his life is a boy's love manga, often turning to his favorites for romantic advice. After discovering that his classmate Kawamura is a talented artist, he commissioned her to make a manga about him and Hirose, which he often re-reads to cope with his shortcomings.

9 Anasui Fell Instantly Fell In Love With Jolyne (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is home to some of the wackiest plot twists in anime, and Stone Ocean was certainly no exception. Fans were shocked when Anasui confessed to Foo Fighters that he'd do anything to protect Jolyne because he was in love with her. After all, the two never even had a full conversation and barely knew each other at that point.

Even Jolyne was shocked to find out that he was in love with her, especially since he confessed at such an inopportune time when Foo Fighters was fighting Kenzou's Dragon's Dream. Though Jolyne isn't interested in Anasui, he's convinced he'll eventually win her hand in marriage.

8 Hinata Has Always Loved Naruto (Naruto)

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Hinata Hyuga has always been infatuated with Naruto's titular protagonist. Even during their time at the ninja academy, Hinata would always look out for Naruto and quietly admire him from a distance.

Hinata always said that she really admired Naruto's confidence, optimism, and fighting spirit. She said that she wanted to be more like him and learn how to stand on her own two feet as a ninja. She finally confessed during Naruto's intense fight against Pain, during which she stepped in to defend him.

7 Haruki's Had Some Ups & Downs With Akihiko, But Still Loves Him (Given)

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Haruki and Akihiko starred in the Given movie. The film mainly revolved around their relationship, which had already been building in the main series. It was obvious from the jump that Haruki was infatuated with Akihiko, since he'd get flustered after talking to him and fanboy about him in the comfort of his own room.

They've had some ups and downs, and their relationship was nothing short of tumultuous at one point. Still, Haruki always believed in Akihiko. By the end of the Given movie, Akihiko confessed to Haruki and said that he makes him want to be a better person.

6 Boa Hancock Wasn't Much Of A Hopeless Romantic Until She Met Luffy (One Piece)

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Boa from One Piece comes off like a stereotypically spoiled rich girl who uses her good looks as an excuse to behave as horribly as possible. She's used to everybody falling head over heels for her as soon as they meet. However, she'd blow them all off and wouldn't really give them the time of day.

That changed after she met Luffy, who was seemingly immune to her charms. Boa was initially intimidated by Luffy, but she fell in love with him. Even though he doesn't reciprocate her feelings, Boa's crush isn't going away any time soon.

5 Nanami Was Stubborn In Her Pursuit Of Tomoe's Heart (Kamisama Kiss)

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Nanami from Kamisama Kiss initially wanted nothing to do with love. It's understandable, given that she witnessed her deadbeat father drain all of her mother's money without realizing that she was dying of a terminal illness. Nanami's mother even warned her that she should never get married since men are no good and untrustworthy.

Nanami fell in love with Tomoe after suddenly becoming the Mikage shrine's land god and getting to know him better. Tomoe initially didn't reciprocate her feelings and even threw her off a skyscraper after she confessed the first time. Still, Nanami was hopelessly in love with Tomoe and stopped at nothing to win his heart.

4 Hatsuharu Protects The People He Loves, Especially Rin & Yuki (Fruits Basket)

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Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket doesn't seem like it, but he is a romantic at heart. First, he said that he instantly fell for Yuki after seeing how he persevered, despite the entire Sohma family being against him. He even said that Yuki was his first love.

Then, he fell in love with Rin and stopped at nothing to protect her. Even when she was ready to break the curse and said she wanted nothing to do with him, Hatsuharu kept chasing after her because he realized she was just isolating herself.

3 Maki Oze Is The Force's Fiercest Fire Soldier But Is In Love With Romance (Fire Force)

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Maki Oze from Fire Force is one of the series' strongest fighters. She's loud, unafraid of speaking her mind, and driven to complete whatever mission is thrown her way. She can be pretty rough with others, earning her tons of ridicule from the other fire soldiers who call her the "gorilla cyclops."

However, beneath her rough exterior, Maki is in love with the idea of romance. She spends her free time daydreaming about romantic scenarios and wants to meet her one true love. In fact, she instantly fell in love with Shinra, and his presence allowed her mind to flow in all kinds of new directions.

2 Mitsuri Is The Love Hashira (Demon Slayer)

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As Demon Slayer's Love Hashira, it's not surprising that Mitsuri is a hopeless romantic. After all, she has a heart of gold and mentally compliments everybody she meets, even if everyone else thinks they have no redeeming qualities.

Fans especially appreciate her relationship with Obanai, though they met a tragic end at each other's sides. Her fate was one of Demon Slayer's saddest, but fans found it bittersweet that she and Obanai reunited in their next lives as they promised. Her attraction to the otherwise introverted and cold Serpent Hashira proves that opposites certainly attract in some cases.

1 Sasaki Instantly Fell For Miyano (Sasaki And Miyano)

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As one of the titular protagonists of Sasaki And Miyano, it's no surprise that Sasaki's feelings for Miyano are a major part of the series. Sasaki was immediately interested in Miayno after seeing him try to step in to save his friends from bullies. He thought his interest in boys' love manga was cool and wanted to know more about the genre.

They became friends, but it was obvious that Sasaki was attracted to Miyano from the start. Sasaki has a pretty blunt way of talking to everyone else, but he admits that he's kinder and more gentle with Miyano because he likes him. Sasaki confessed to Miyano first, but he was patient with the latter as he sorted out his feelings.

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