Exploring the Differences and Similarities Between Mob Psycho 100's Anime and Manga

May 24, 2023
The anime adaptation of Mob Psycho 100 garnered immense praise from both fans and critics alike. However, many wondered just how closely it followed the source material. Let's delve into the key divergences and similarities between the hit anime and its manga counterpart.
Exploring the Differences and Similarities Between Mob Psycho 100's Anime and Manga

Recently concluding its third and final season, Mob Psycho 100 brought anime-only viewers up to speed with the manga's conclusion. Although the anime remained faithful to the manga for the most part, there were notable differences and additions that provided unique experiences for fans of both versions.

Expanding on the Manga: Anime's Unique Touch


While the Mob Psycho manga consists of 101 chapters, the anime took a condensed approach. With 12 episodes each in Seasons 1 and 3, and 13 episodes in Season 2, the anime managed to cover the majority of the manga's content. The only content missing were a few short extras and side stories, known as omakes, penned by the franchise creator, ONE.

A notable example of the anime deviating from the manga occurred in Season 3, Episode 8, titled "Transmission 2 ~ Encountering the Unknown~." This episode continued a subplot where Tome encounters a group of aliens. While the manga only briefly mentions a member of the Telepathy Club, Inukawa, being left behind on the spaceship with the aliens, the anime takes it a step further. It depicts Inukawa's full experience with the extraterrestrials. Although this expansion may be seen as unnecessary, it adds entertaining anime-only content while staying true to the original story.

Additionally, the anime treated fans to two separate OVAs. The first, titled "Mob Psycho 100 Reigen – the Miraculously Unknown Psychic," primarily recapped Season 1 as Reigen narrates while making Mob write his autobiography. The second OVA, humorously named "Mob Psycho 100: The Spirits and Such Consultation Office's First Company Outing A Healing Trip That Warms the Heart," showcases Reigen's paranoia during a group trip to an inn.

A Faithful Adaptation: Anime's Dedication to the Manga

The Mob Psycho 100 anime admirably stayed true to the manga, encompassing major arcs and plot points while also expanding upon less pivotal scenes. Fans rejoiced, particularly when Season 3 premiered in October 2022, as it remained faithful to its source material. Studio Bones invested considerable effort into crafting surreal visuals and animation, resulting in exceptional and fluid fight sequences.

However, the anime's dedication extended beyond visuals. The writers ensured that the character development depicted in the manga was faithfully portrayed in the anime. Throughout Season 3, viewers witnessed Mob's subtle yet impressive growth as he grappled with his true emotions. Additionally, the fan-favorite character Dimple received renewed prominence.

Given the story's similarity between the two mediums, manga readers had little to criticize regarding Mob Psycho 100's anime adaptation. The animation quality continued to garner praise long after the series concluded, cementing its status, akin to the manga, as a beloved series among shonen enthusiasts.



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