With her wild introduction, Chainsaw Man's Power has swiftly emerged as one of the most adored characters in the series. She effectively smashes the stereotype of female shonen protagonists by trying to be as vulgar, unclean, and unlikeable as she can. Without Power, it would be hard to envision Chainsaw Man's core group. She is the only character in the plot who is exactly like her, which is impressive considering how many eccentric protagonists with usually troublesome characters there are in anime.

Being a blood fiend, Power is a devil who has taken control of a dead person. Every demon in Chainsaw Man has distinguishing physical characteristics, such as Denji's chest pull-string or Beam's shark-like features on his head. Design-wise, Power's horns are a little too obvious considering how frequently pop culture references devils with plain red horns. She has horns for a functional reason in the story, in addition to being Tatsuki Fujimoto's design decision.


Blood Consumption Strengthens the Development of Power

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Like all devils and fiends in Chainsaw Man, Power gets stronger by consuming more blood. Since she's the Blood Fiend, she regenerates quicker than other devils who consume blood when they're injured. Blood also enhances Power's strength more than other devils. When she goes overboard with drinking it, a single punch becomes a devastating blow. Power relies on having an immediate supply of blood -- if she runs out during a battle, she's basically anemic and unable to keep fighting.

Power's Blood Manipulation abilities will also grow stronger if she consumes a stronger devil's blood, like when she drank the Chainsaw Devil's. After that, Power had enough stamina to launch her strongest attack and remain immune to Makima's intense domination powers. Consuming excessive amounts of blood grants Power more strength -- but it also has a physical manifestation in her horns.


If Power Consumes Too Much Blood, Her Horns Will Grow

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Power's horns in Chainsaw Man aren't just a stylish headpiece -- they actually reflect how much blood she's consumed. If she goes overboard, the ones on top of her head grow larger with a more noticeable curve. If she consumes enough, she'll even sprout two thick, bull-like horns out from either side of her head. The only way Power can get rid of these oversized horns is by draining out all the excess blood, usually done by letting another devil like Denji drink her blood.

Although Chainsaw Man is filled with intricate and captivating designs, many odd modifications to a character's appearance really have a useful function in the plot. Without tugging the cord on his chest, Denji is unable to activate his Chainsaw Devil abilities. In addition to being hauntingly fashionable, Makima's eyes also serve as a symbol of her seductive nature and abilities. Power's horns are more than just an obvious reference to the devil in popular culture; they also show how much blood she's just consumed.