The cover art for Chainsaw Man Vol. 6 has been revised for the global release, removing the use of nudity.

The Indonesian edition of Vol. 6 will have an alternate cover that edits the illustration and puts the Bomb Devil Reze in clothing, according to Comic Book. The original image depicted the character completely naked, with tactful positioning that concealed her intimate body parts. This revised version, shown below, depicts the character wearing the blouse and skirt combo that she wears in the manga. M&C, the publishers in charge of bringing the manga to the country, provided this information.


The Manga of Chainsaw Man Often Include Nudity

Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man manga features nudity in its art. On the back of the first and second volumes, there are shirtless images of the main characters, Denji and Power, respectively. The series is notorious for its emphasis on sexual themes, with nudity and lewd behavior playing an important role in the product. A few commenters praised the designer and the art itself after the Twitter post revealing the redesigned cover.

The practice of censoring anime and manga is widespread; most recently, an Indian TV firm removed cleavage from series like To the Abandoned Holy Creatures. Even the outright cancellation of anime projects has happened frequently. Due to their representations of minors, games like Puni Puni Poemii and High School DxD were prohibited in New Zealand.


The manga's sixth volume follows the protagonist Denji as he is swept into the arms of a charming and sweet coffee shop worker named Reze. However, his uncertainty about preferring her over Makima is only the beginning of his troubles, as she has a dark secret connecting her to him and his Chainsaw Man form. The character briefly debuted in the anime adaptation's first season finale.

Season 2 of Chainsaw Man is Anticipated for 2023

The Chainsaw Man's Studio The "Katana vs. Chainsaw" episode of the Mappa-led TV anime marked the end of the first season on December 27, 2022. At the time of writing, Mappa had not yet made the renewal public. Despite this, the release of the second season is anticipated for 2023. The most recent Chainsaw Man chapters are also accessible on the Shonen Jump+ digital platform, and the manga can be purchased online. The animation is also available on Crunchyroll in Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Portuguese.