The first season of Chainsaw Man stunned audiences with its superb animation, vicious action sequences, hilarious antihero characters, and dark, interesting themes, and fans can't get enough. Anime fans will have to wait a while longer, but manga fans of Chainsaw Man are already caught up on the tale and know exactly what Season 2 will bring.


Any manga reader will witness to the fact that despite its twisted violence and disturbing scenes, Chainsaw Man's first season is nothing more than a prelude to what is to come. Even the most seasoned anime fans won't be ready for what's in store when Season 2 premieres since brand-new villains, love tales, and even strange new devils will emerge.

Major Chainsaw Man manga spoilers are there in this article.

10  Soviet Union Will Become A Major International Player

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Chainsaw Man takes place entirely in Japan, but in this alternate 1990s setting, other nations will soon get involved in the fight over the gun devil's pieces and other conflicts. For example, the Soviet Union is still together as of 1997, and the Soviets will send several characters to Japan for some action.

This includes the lovely villain Reze, along with other international characters like Tolka, who is skilled with a bow and arrow. The Chainsaw Man series only lightly touches upon international politics, but anime fans may still look forward to some foreign characters with cool abilities.

9 Denji Has the Potential for True Love

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Even the main character Denji, who is known for acting like a typical teenage lad eager to pursue attractive women like Makima, is not always so conceited. With Power or Makima, Denji won't make much progress in Season 2, but Reze will be a completely other story.

Denji will form a more serious and meaningful bond with the mysterious Reze, and he will even fall in love with her and act accordingly. It will be amazing to witness this event in anime form as well. At one point, Denji was so concerned about Reze that he even intended to flee with her.

8 Reze Is The Bomb Destroyer

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Reze is a Soviet Union hybrid soldier, but Denji believes her to be a sweet young lady his own age. Reze epitomizes the fearsome bomb demon, meaning she can set off deadly explosions to attack her opponents, all while possessing a bomb-shaped head.

Once the mask is off, Reze and Chainsaw Man will battle since she has a mission to take down Chainsaw Man and she has specific orders to do so. Manga fans are eager to witness Reze's explosive abilities in action in the anime, which should surpass any battle they witnessed in Season 1.

7 Beam, Denji Will Be A Great Friend

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Chainsaw Man's first anime did feature the shark fiend Beam as an ally of Denji, so anime-only fans might be concerned that this new alliance will soon turn sour. Meanwhile, Beam will actually be one of Denji's most enduring and devoted allies, according to manga aficionados.

Denji is overdue to make a genuine friend who reliably supports him in more than one fight, and they know that Beam will deliver. They are like two peas in a pod, to the extent that Beam is Denji's personal fan and will enable Denji to ride his shark form into combat like odd cavalry.

6 Hell Itself Will Appear

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With so many devils appearing in the Chainsaw Man anime, fans must be wondering if Hell itself will appear, and they are right. Future story arcs will plunge the heroes into Hell, a strange location with a green field, strange astronauts, and a sky of limitless doors, as manga readers have experienced for themselves.

Hell was very odd and scary in Chainsaws Man's international assassins narrative, and if Season 2 is well-paced, this evil dimension will undoubtedly appear before the season is done. It will definitely be tricky to animate the sky door, but the end results will surely be worth it for anime fans everywhere.

5 Quanxi Is Going to Make Her Debut

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Chainsaw Man introduces a lot of characters compared to its length because characters in the manga frequently die. Manga readers can't wait to meet a range of new characters in future seasons, which will include the icy, aloof assassin Quanxi.

Coming from mainland China, Quanxi is a terrible warrior who travels with a squad of various female warriors, most of which have gruesome demon powers of their own. In a combat, Quanxi can more than hold her own, although Cosmo and other allies can be very useful.

4 Power Will Be Humbled

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Denji's arrogant, vivacious, and somewhat egotistical new partner, Power, was first introduced. Power enjoys looking down on people and the majority of other devils, but later in the manga, after the Hell war, she will be humiliated and felt completely rattled.

Power will come face to face with devils that are far more powerful and terrifying than she is late in Season 2 or perhaps even in Season 3, and she will be instantly humiliated. This will also have an impact on her day-to-day activities because Power is timid and depends on Denji for daily care, including assistance with bathing.

3 The Gun Devil Will Show Up

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One of the most powerful and notorious devils of all, the gun devil, can slaughter thousands of people in a matter of seconds anywhere in the world, feeding on humanity's intense fear of firearms and gun violence in all forms. It was mentioned in Chainsaw Man's first season when Makima discussed it, but it didn't appear.

The gun devil will likely make its first proper appearance in the anime's second season, and failing that, almost certainly in Season 3, should there be a Season 3. Anime fans will witness this engine of slaughter in action and see hundreds of victims' names appear as well.

2 Kobeni's Role Will Still Be Limited

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The dandere devil hunter Koni Higashiyama played a supporting role in Season 1 as a timid and fragile demon hunter. She has a ton of potential for development, and some Chainsaw Man anime fans might be anticipating her to glow up.

Manga lovers are aware that Kobeni won't actually have a comeback in next anime seasons. She may occasionally show up and develop a bit more, but her development is limited. Her supporters might be dissatisfied if she doesn't develop into the next Hinata Hyuga and get better and happier with age.

1 Katana Man Won't Do Much For Awhile

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Katana Man was Denji's bitter rival in the Chainsaw Man anime, and he fought tirelessly to avenge his father at all costs. Katana Man eventually lost and was captured, so anime fans might hope for his return in Season 2 to continue his arc.

Katana Man will indeed return for more action, but not right away. He will appear only briefly in the next two story arcs, meaning he will make his real return in a possible Season 3 when the control devil story arc gets underway.