Those who are left behind after someone passes away have the responsibility of dealing with their emotions and finding a way to move on. Many people believe that one of the most fundamental aspects of being human is having the capacity to grieve for the loss of someone close to us and to feel profound regret for the past. Chainsaw Man Episode 10 takes a profound and perceptive look into this most gloomy of circumstances, in contrast to the high-flung action that has been at the forefront of the series. This raises the question of whether it's possible to lose one's humanity while also examining the plight of those who experience survivor's guilt.

In episode 10, Denji and the rest of Special Division 4 were still recovering from the brutal ambush that Samurai Sword and Sawatari had led. Even though they were able to repel them and compel a retreat, the conflict wasn't without a price; the attack claimed the lives of a resounding majority of Public Safety's Special Division Devil Hunters. Himeno, a longtime partner of Aki Hayakawa, was the most notable casualty. In the episode, Aki struggled with her passing and the associated feelings, including his growing desire to avenge her.


Effects of Himeno on the Other Cast Members

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Aki was left the most hurt by the attack out of everyone because she was the most human of the main cast in many ways. He is currently recuperating in the hospital after sustaining critical injuries during the fight. It broke him when he finally realized that his dear friend and comrade Himeno had died, having sacrificed her life to ensure their survival. Aki was visited by Himeno's sister, who brought letters that Himeno had written to her, many of which detailed her feelings for Aki, to further compound the hurt. This happened in between moments with his fellow Devil Hunters.

It is unclear whether Himeno's sister gave Aki the letters with good or bad intentions given how frequently the relatives of deceased Devil Hunters have been depicted blaming their deceased loved one's living teammates. However, it is clear how profoundly they affected him, driving him to take all available measures to exact retribution on her killers. Even though he has broken his agreement with the Fox Devil and has only two years left to live as a result of his deal with the Curse Devil, Aki's desire for vengeance is so strong that he ends the episode by jeopardizing his safety in order to gain the authority of the Future Devil.


In contrast, the episode also featured Denji doubting his own capacity for feeling sorrow after seeing Aki in such a terrible state. He was puzzled by his lack of dejection over her death given that he and Himeno had developed a friendship, even though it had only been for a brief period of time. He quickly rejects the notion because he doesn't want to think about anything depressing for too long, but it makes him consider whether fusing with Pochita caused him to lose some important aspect of his humanity.

A Devil's Guide to Mortality and Morality

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Denji does not appear to be acting entirely alone in this situation either, as Power, a Fiend, exhibited little to no emotion in response to the deaths of her coworkers. This is something that Kishibe, the seasoned Devil Hunter, intended to train the pair about in order to distinguish them as nonhuman. As Power and Denji spend a significant portion of the episode being broken and killed, respectively, before recovering relatively quickly, it must be acknowledged that there appears to be some truth to this.


The distinction between Denji, Power, and Aki's reactions to death is evident, suggesting that there is a phenomenon that can be used to define humanity: the ability to feel devastation after someone passes away. Power and Denji both feel numbness whereas others might feel sorrow because they are Devils in human form and Devils fused with humans, respectively. Although neither of them would be complete without such emotions, the fact that they were both left feeling hopeless after losing their pets Meowy and Pochita may suggest that they each have enough of that nature to contribute to something.

The Position of Makima in Current and Future Events

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Furthermore, Power and Denji didn't have a lot of history with the people who were lost, which gave them some room for personal distance to lessen the effects on them. The most unsettling aspect, though, is Makima's total lack of sadness, despite the fact that she appeared to have known the deceased Division members for a long time. The only significant role she plays in the episode is introducing Power and Denji to Kishibe, but despite this, she seemed unfazed by the deaths of her subordinates and to be going about her business as usual. A question about Madoka's identity is raised by the fact that she thinks she knew something about the attack before it happened, as well as by how she managed to survive and stop the attack.

Leaving that aside, the tragedies that will eventually befall the survivors of Special Division 4 may only be a small sample. Denji and the company are certain to come to an agreement with new teammates as they hunt down the attackers because the other Special Divisions are about to merge under Makima's command. The body count will undoubtedly continue to rise because it seems like this is just the beginning of the hunt for the Gun Devil. To survive until the end, those who are left behind may need to steel themselves and their remaining humanity.